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Chapter 679

Many people turned to Rhode . They knew that this was a signal of retaliation from the Country of Light to the Munn Kingdom . However, this wasn’t too surprising . Ever since the start of the Dragon Soul Ceremony, the Light Parliament had been suffering before the Munn Kingdom and they had even suffered a double loss in the end . If they didn’t retaliate at all, others would think that the Light Parliament was nothing more than a hooting paper tiger . They would be asking for death if they were to taunt Lydia . So, the only choice left in the representative team of the Munn Kingdom was Rhode .

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Many people had done their research about Rhode . Even though he had risen in popularity in the Munn Kingdom within a short period of time, there were no lack of grudges between him and the Light Parliament . In just a year, the Light Parliament had fallen under his hands several times . Not only that, but he had also crippled the Mist Sword Saint and made the Cyan Goshawk leave the Munn Kingdom with his tail between his legs . Two of the five Peak Legendary beings in the Light Parliament had been taken down by him mercilessly . As long as one had a brain, one could definitely tell that he was a member of the Anti-Parliament party .

With such a hostile relationship in place and in addition to his ridicule and refute to the Light Parliament in public earlier, Rhode had gained many more enemies . This was why it wasn’t too surprising that the Light Parliament had targeted him .

But even though this was the case, many people were still curious . They gazed at Rhode passionately, hoping that he would take up the challenge . It was no wonder that the people had such thoughts . Although it was an intense juncture, they couldn’t wait to witness Rhode’s strength .

This was because his strength was still a mystery on the entire continent .

The only time that they had witnessed Rhode’s strength was through his battle with Barter in the Midsummer Festival . Back then, the strength that he had displayed was only in the early Legendary Stage . Even though he was just over 20 years old in age and it was incredible that he possessed the strength of the early Legendary Stage, it was still mostly acceptable as the people merely treated him as young and promising .

However, they couldn’t understand his display of strength thereafter . The Mist Sword Saint was in the Intermediate Legendary Stage and yet he was crippled by Rhode’s subordinate . The Mist Sword Saint was currently laying in bed without the ability to move or take care of his urination and defecation . Even though many couldn’t accept this reality, the state of the Mist Sword Saint was more than sufficient to change their minds of how powerful Rhode was .

But if one could argue that the Mist Sword Saint was crippled by Rhode’s subordinate, then the retreat of the Cyan Goshawk was the doing of Rhode alone . After the clash between Rhode and the Cyan Goshawk, several forces had heard of the details in battle . The Cyan Goshawk had been famous for a long time and almost reached the peak of all mortals—the Peak Legendary Stage . The fact that he had to retreat with his tail between his legs before Rhode piqued a whole lot of curiosity in the people .  Is he really in the Basic Legendary Stage only? If that’s the case, how did he defeat the Cyan Goshawk? Did he rely on his dirty tricks? But the Cyan Goshawk is a presence in the Peak Legendary Stage . Wouldn’t the Peak Legendary Stage be too worthless if he was able to be defeated by some just dirty tricks?

Seeing was believing . No matter where they heard the news from, it was more or less twisted and exaggerated . They wouldn’t let this chance to witness Rhode’s true strength off because this wasn’t as simple as watching a great show . They were clear of how this formidable young man could change the situation before them . In an instant, everyone turned around and fixated their gazes at Rhode, waiting anxiously for his response . The Parliament camp hoped to expose Rhode’s cheap tricks with this opportunity and prove that his victory was nothing more than just luck . On the other hand, the Anti-Parliament camp wished to witness Rhode’s true strength . If Rhode was truly as powerful as the exaggerated rumors, it would mean that they would have a formidable force in their hands . Not only that, but they would also rope him in with hopes of gaining more benefits from this young man with a bright future .

Rhode stood to his feet . However, he didn’t agree immediately . Instead, he revealed a difficult look and bitter smile to the elderly chairman .

“Sir Chairman, that won’t be too nice . ”

Almost everyone was taken aback . They opened their eyes wide because they couldn’t believe that he would show his softer side in front of everybody .  Hasn’t he figured out the situation? Wouldn’t it mean that the Munn Kingdom is lowering their heads before the Light Parliament if he shows weakness? This isn’t his style, isn’t it?

In an instant, the Anti-Parliament camp was left dumbfounded . On the other hand, the parliament supporters gazed at Rhode with mocking smiles .  I knew it! The ridiculous rumors about this guy is nothing more than made-up lies! He isn’t powerful at all!

“Is anything the problem? Mr . Rhode?”

The elderly chairman’s pathetic face instantly transformed into a smiling one . He didn’t expect that Rhode would take it lying down . It would be enough if he could save some grace for the Light Parliament before the widened eyes of the crowd .

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“Of course there’s a problem, Sir Chairman . ”

Rhode spread his arms apart helplessly and revealed a difficult expression with the slight trace a of smile .

“There are no eyes on the blades . It wouldn’t be nice for either of us if I accidentally killed someone in such an occasion, isn’t it? Although I don’t really mind, it would be too inappropriate for Her Majesty if it becomes too bloody . So…” Rhode shrugged and ended with a hanging sentence . At that moment, everyone knew clearly what he meant . But,this appeared to be more like an excuse to them .

“Oh? That isn’t right, Mr . Rhode . I’ve heard countless times about you dueling against others in the Munn Kingdom . Why have you become so careful in here?”

One of the parliament members laughed grimly while Rhode twitched his brows without speaking a word . He gazed at the elderly chairman silently and the crowd on the tall platform burst into discussions . The parliament supporters ridiculed Rhode for avoiding the challenge while Marlene, Lize, and the others who understood Rhode’s personality kept quiet . They knew clearly that nine out of ten times there wouldn’t be anything great coming out from the smile on his face when he revealed it to anyone else other than Christie .


Even though Rhode appeared to be showing weakness, the elderly chairman couldn’t help but mutter to himself irresolutely . Although he could continue to push Rhode into accepting the challenge, it would be too obvious . Besides, even though the situation was in a deadlock, it would be an entirely different matter if blood were to be spilled . Moreover, the Magician Knights were the elites of the Light Parliament . If they were to stir up trouble with Rhode…


The Commander of the Magician Knights lifted his pike high and showed a serious expression .

“We’re soldiers and soldiers display their honor on the battlefield! We will not fear any threats . We will never back down no matter what because we’re carrying the expectation and glory of our people! We will not be afraid even in the face of death threats!”

Several people among the crowd in the tall platform applauded .

“Well said! That’s the pride of our Country of Light!”

“Yes! There are no cowards in the Country of Light! We will never back down even in the face of death threats!”

“Hahaha . ”

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The elderly chairman laughed heartily before turning to Rhode and spreading his arms apart helplessly .

“You’ve seen it for yourself, Mr . Rhode . ”

“Since that’s the case…”

Rhode revealed a grin . But, for unknown reasons, the elderly chairman sensed a chill ran down his spine as though a viper had fixated its sinister eyes on him . He uttered but nothing came out of his throat . All he could do was to look at Rhode nodding to him .

“… I don’t mind embarrassing myself then, Sir Chairman . Please accept my deepest condolences . ”


The elderly chairman was taken aback . But, before he figured out what Rhode meant, Rhode had turned to the young lady beside him .

“Anne, want to have some fun with me down there?”


Anne, who was bored stiff and sandwiched between Marlene and Lize, instantly sprung up and widened her eyes as though a puppy craving for a bone from its owner .

“Leader, are you really asking Anne to join you?”

“Mr . Rhode, should we also…”

Marlene and Lize stood up vigilantly after hearing Rhode calling out Anne’s name . After being Rhode’s subordinates for a long time, they had already cultivated this habit . But this time, Rhode had no intention of bringing them along . No matter what, they had unique identities and it wouldn’t be easy to pick up the pieces if the Light Parliament were to deal with them harshly . Moreover, Rhode had observed from the military exercise that the Magician Knights were clad in Mage Equipment that were high in magical resistance . Marlene and Lize wouldn’t be too useful in the battle . He firmly shook his finger .

“There’s no need, Marlene, Lize . Weak scum like them aren’t worth your effort . Just let Anne and I have some fun .

Rhode beckoned to Anne before leaping off the platform nimbly . The latter excitedly jumped up and followed closely behind him .

Their actions caused an uproar among the crowd . Although the platform wasn’t too tall, it was still four to five meters in height . The crowd was surprised that both of them simply leapt off without any hesitations . Some of the timid young ladies shrieked in horror and turned around with their eyes shut while some of the guys whistled in cheers . Some of the crowd members even stood to their feet and gazed at the plaza below with grave expressions . This wasn’t just any simple performance! This was a battle that would determine their fate!

Such a height couldn’t deal any damage to Rhode and Anne at all . Rhode landed on the ground as light as a feather . On the other hand, Anne crashed into the ground with a loud ‘boom’ like an artillery shell that descended from the sky . This impact left the crowd thinking if she was dead on the spot . Then, Anne sprung up in high spirits and cleared their doubts .

In an instant, Anne captured everyone’s attention .

Everyone was extremely familiar with Rhode, but most of them didn’t know who she was . Moreover, not only did she have a lively personality and slender body, but her splendid blonde hair and round, beautiful emerald eyes were exceptionally attractive . Even though Anne wasn’t the type who was devastatingly beautiful like a Goddess, her youthful character, innocent temperament, and sweet-looking face brought about a celebrity-like charm . Furthermore, unlike Marlene and Lize who were born as nobles, Anne wore a skintight white armor which revealed her long, jade-like legs and smooth arms . There was a strong contrast to this beauty who was complemented by the enormous shield on her back . When Anne jumped down with the shield on her back, many of them were worried that her slender waist would crack under the pressure .

The Magician Knights instantly sulked after spotting the young lady beside Rhode . Their Commander stared at Rhode with a grim expression . After a few moments, he let out a cough .

“It seems that Mr . Rhode is really confident in yourself . Alright then, allow me to pick the few stronger ones in my team…”

“No no on, there’s no need to, Mr . Andre . ”

Rhode brought on a smile . It was apparent that Andre hadn’t realized that Rhode was the ‘Miss Miranda’ from before . But this was fine too . Rhode had a strong premonition that Andre would become a thorn in his side ever since they met and there was nothing more important than nipping the danger in the bud .

Rhode shook his finger to Andre’s words with an airy gesture .

“We hate being the strong who bullies the weak . Since the Magician Knights is a team as a whole, it’s only right that every one of you take both of us on . ”

Rhode’s remarks left the crowd stunned . Not only did the crowd stared blankly at Rhode, but even Andre and his troops also sulked with ashen expressions . Even though Rhode appeared seemingly casual and polite in his tone, everyone clearly heard his insult to the Magician Knights behind those words! He only brought one other companion and wished to take on the entire team of Magician Knights!

The crowd had witnessed the formidable strength of the Magician Knights in the military exercise previously . Even though there were only a hundred of them, the might that they displayed was nothing weaker than a thousand Cavalrymen . Moreover, they were donned in Mage Equipment and riding on Alchemy Warhorses . They were a group of powerful existence that couldn’t be ignored no matter where they were . But now, Rhode declared that he had totally disregarded them!

In an instant, the crowd jumped to their feet and gazed at the tense commotion with distinct emotions . They widened their eyes while awaiting the start of the battle .

“Mr . Rhode, you seem to look down on the strength of us Magician Knights . ”

Since both sides were on the battlefield already, there was no need for them to mince their words anymore . Andre gritted his teeth and glared at Rhode fiercely . On the other side, Rhode lifted his head and welcomed his stares with a warm smile .

“Mr . Andre, it’s important for one to have accurate self-assessment and not utter nonsense . Since you’re asking for it, I don’t mind sending you to your deathbed . ”


Andre couldn’t keep his wrath in any longer . He abruptly swung the pike in his hand .

“Alright then . Show me the true strength of the Mercenary Overlord! Assault Formation! Get ready!”

The Magician Knights behind Andre immediately got into positions . In the blink of an eye, they formed their attack formation as swiftly as flowing water and pointed their razor-sharp pikes at Anne and Rhode on the other side . In an instant, the entire plaza was filled with an aura of murderous intent . The cheers and applause on the tall platform had also weakened significantly . However, Anne and Rhode remain unfazed . They grinned widely as though it wasn’t a team of fully-equipped Magician Knights before them, but a group of clowns instead .


Andre roared at the top of his lungs . The Magician Knights urged on their warhorses and charged toward Anne and Rhode!

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