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Chapter 673: 673

Rhode reacted as though he didn’t hear the insults and he shot a glance to the sky . Then, he clapped his hands .

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“Alright, you guys must be tired after a long day . We should head back for our meals and take a break . I’ll bring you to another place later on . Even though it’s interesting to look at the monkey show here, you’ll still feel sick of it after awhile, won’t you?”

The group revealed playful smiles and followed Rhode’s lead as they ignored the clamor behind them . Anne looked around curiously and also followed Rhode obediently .

That voice became louder after it was ignored .

“Hah . Why aren’t you bunch of degenerate lackeys who have abandoned your prides willing to talk? Could it be that you know that you’re the disgrace of all Humans?”

“Lize, what do you wanna eat?”

“I want to have something light… The food here is too greasy…”

“Me too . The food isn’t too healthy here…”

“Anne feels that the food is decent . All the big chunks of meat are quite delicious . ”

“Anne, you should be more cautious . Eating too much meat is bad for your skin . ”

“Eh? Is that so, Sister Marlene?”

As the group faded into the distance, none of them turned around to see who uttered those hateful words . That sharp, annoying voice became even more agitated .

“Hey! You bastards, I’m talking to you! Bastard! Stay there!”

Of course, Rhode wouldn’t stop as he knew what the other party was plotting . If he were to obediently stop, wouldn’t it mean that they were indeed the ‘Prostitute Angel’s lackeys’ and ‘Bastards’? Only an idiot would take a general comment as a personal attack, which was why nobody bothered with the idiot at the back . However, Rhode found it strange that even Anne was able to keep calm . Perhaps she really didn’t know that the idiot was speaking about them, judging from her inquisitive glancing about .

Natural foolishness was rather useful at times .

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But the other party apparently wasn’t convinced to give up just yet . Rhode heard a burst of hurried footsteps behind him . He slowed down his pace and rolled up a smile on his face while placing his hand on his sword hilt hanging by his waist . The sword wasn’t one of the Holy Sword Cards . Instead, it was just an ordinary sword . As a noble, a sword was also a symbol of one’s identity at times .

Rhode looked sideways and shortly after, a young man just over 20 years old with freckles across his whole face and wearing an expensive-looking attire rushed over to block Rhode’s group .

“Bastard, I told you to stop! Who do you think you are to not obey my words! Listen here, lackeys . This is our land, the Country of Light! We don’t welcome you . Get lost to your doghouse! You have no right to be here!”

“I guess you’ve mistaken, Mister . ”

Rhode twitched his brows and stroked the hilt gently . At the same time, he revealed a gentle smile while narrowing his eyes .

“I have to correct you . This piece of land here belongs to the Light Dragon Soul . You’re nothing more than its people, just like us . Therefore, you have no rights to make us leave . ”

Even though Rhode spoke in a collected tone and without any obscenity . It left the young man before him in an ashen expression because he had mentioned exactly the weakest spot in the hearts of the Country of Light’s people! Although the Country of Light people believed that they were the true owner of this country, the Light Dragon Soul was the one and only ruler of the Country of Light regardless of legal principles or procedures!

This was a taboo among the Country of Light’s people . It humiliated them whenever an outsider spoke about it before them as they, Humans, were most proud of their achievements in snatching authority in ruling the nation from the hands of the Creator Dragon Soul . This was the Country of Light’s people’s biggest pride and the source of confidence that they had to look down on other countries . Undead Creatures who were born to follow orders in the Country of Darkness were completely worthless in their eyes . The Dark Dragon was a sinister and horrifying presence of darkness and a nation of death wouldn’t have a bright future . On the other hand, the Elves of Country of Law were rigid, bound by convention, and lacked the courage to change . The Dwarves who hid in the mountains all day led backward, barbaric underground lives were meaningless . Only the Country of Light—only them, Humans—could overthrow the tyrannical rule of the Creator Dragon Soul . This was Country of Light’s eternal pride and was something that they were proud of over the other nations and races!


There was an absolute flaw in their pride . It wasn’t identified this way in terms of jurisprudence and order . In fact, in the records belonging to every country, the Country of Light’s ruler was the Light Dragon Soul, and it had always been this way .

This left the Country of Light’s people stamping with fury . They felt that the other nations were just jealous of them .  Grow some eyes to see for your pitiful selves! It’s the Light Parliament that is ruling and managing the Country of Light! The Light Parliament established by us Humans! How is it possible that the Country of Light belongs to that Creator Dragon Soul?!

Their reasons were fairly simple . The day that the Light Parliament was established was the day that it had become one of the affiliates of the Light Dragon Soul . This was why there were no issues with recording the Light Dragon Soul as the ruler of Country of Light, which left the Country of Light’s people fuming in rage . They couldn’t do anything to change this fact that was recorded in historical accounts belonging to other nations . They had sacrificed their blood, sweat, and lives in exchange for everything . But they weren’t recognized for their efforts, which was unacceptable for them . It was due to this that the Country of Light’s people would fly into a rage immediately whenever this topic was mentioned before them .

And now, this was what Rhode was plotting .

“What did you say!?”

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The young man blew his top . He widened his mouth with a flushed expression and pointed at Rhode’s group . But suddenly, his face turned incredibly pale . The reddish radiance on his complexion turned into a ghastly whiteness in the blink of an eye . Not only that, but his eyes had also widened so much that they almost popped out of his eye sockets . He shuddered and shrunk his extended right hand, clutching his neck as though a beached fish gasping for air .

Rhode squinted and gazed at the man with a gentle smile . But no one noticed that Rhode’s thumb was slowly drawing out the sword from its sheath inch by inch . At that moment, their conflict had garnered curious gazes and crowd . Marlene and Lize stood quietly behind Rhode because they knew that Rhode wouldn’t let off anyone who found trouble at his feet .

The scene was exceptionally strange to the gathered crowd . They naturally couldn’t bear the sight of Rhode’s group after knowing that they hailed from the Munn Kingdom and they gloated over their predicament after witnessing the young man pointing to their noses and shouted curses . Then, many of them gritted their teeth after Rhode completely shattered their pride as the Country of Light’s people . They couldn’t wait to teach his pretty boy a tough lesson with their clenched fists . Some of them even looked up to the freckled young man to represent them in chewing out this bunch of bastards .

But they were disappointed that the highly arrogant young man had become so miserable as though he was drowning in water .  What exactly is happening to him?!

No one knew what happened to him and he was the only one who knew . He saw the glint in Rhode’s eyes and instantly felt an ice-cold, invisible sword piercing into his throat . Even though he knew that this was just a misconception, the sensation felt so real as though the razor-sharp blade was sliding down his throat inch by inch and could split him into two in the blink of an eye . If it wasn’t for the fact that he saw nothing penetrating his mouth, he was bound to believe that a sword had indeed been plunged into his throat!

“Argh… Argh…”

The young man breathed painfully . He clutched his throat and put up a meaningless resistance . Rhode watched him quietly with a graceful smile . But at this moment, the crowd realized that something was amiss and the place gradually quietened into completely stillness . They gazed forward worriedly, not knowing what to say .

“… Ah… . Ah… Ah…”

The pitiful young man couldn’t utter a word and his eyes rolled .

“What’s wrong, Mister? You blocked our way and now you’re not speaking? What do you want exactly? It seems that you’re not feeling too well?”

“Stop right now . ”

A stern voice sounded . A man in military attire separated the crowd and stepped forth with a team of fully-armored soldiers behind him . The soldiers rushed in and surrounded Rhode’s group while the leading man in military attire went up to Rhode . The smile on Rhode’s face remain unchanged .

“What exactly is going on here?!”

“Just as you’ve seen, this man here is blocking our way . It seems like he wants to speak, but for unknown reasons, he can’t speak a word at all…” The corner of Rhode’s lips perked up . He shrugged . “… That’s interesting . Even though I want to hear what he has to say to us, it’s a pity that w have to head back for lunch . If it’s possible, can you please make way for us?”

The man in military attire didn’t answer immediately . He stared at Rhode silently . At this moment, the freckled young man staggered to his side as though seeking for help .

“… He… Hel… Help…”

The man in military attire stepped aside and made way for Rhode’s group .

“I’m sorry to hold you back, you guys may leave now . ”

“Thanks a lot . ”

Rhode nodded and beckoned to his group . When Rhode’s shoulder brushed the freckled young man, the latter said grudgingly into Rhode’s ear with lowered voice .

“This is the Country of Light’s territory . I hope you Munn Kingdom lackeys will look out for yourselves . Stop strolling around because you won’t be that lucky every time . ”

Rhode didn’t answer . Instead, he lifted his head and looked at the man with a smile . At the same time, he pushed the sword hilt down with his right hand . The razor-sharp blade slid back into its sheath, letting out a crisp sound from their collision .


The freckled young man widened his mouth abruptly and spurted out fresh blood . The crowd shrieked in horror and hurriedly stepped back to avoid him . The freckled young man had lost his mind out of fear . He spread his arms wide in despair as though seeking for help . However, more crimson blood gushed out of his mouth as soon as he started talking . Then, his eyes rolled and he collapsed to his death .

This scene had caused a stir instantly . The crowd screamed and stepped back fearfully while the soldiers hurriedly maintained order to prevent any accidents . The man in military attire sulked . He extended his arm to command his subordinates and at this moment, Rhode’s voice sounded beside his ear .

“You get what you deserve . Some idiots will never understand this… What a pity . ”

The man in military attire turned around furiously, but Rhode had disappeared into the crowd . This left the man’s expression incomparably gloomy . He glared into the crowd and clenched his fists .

“I didn’t expect that guy to be here . ”

The group restored their playful mentalities after getting away from the center of the turmoil . Derick came to Rhode’s side with a smile and said with some regrets .

“Frankly speaking, Earl Rhode, I thought that things were about to take a terrible turn when that man walked up to you . I didn’t expect him to let you off so easily… But please be careful . He isn’t easy to deal with . ”

“Mr . Derick, you know him?”

Rhode twitched his brows curiously . In fact, he had realized that something wasn’t quite right with the man in military attire . Even though the man was as disgusted with Rhode as the other Country of Light people, Rhode sensed a burning wrath and murderous intent in his eyes . Those emotions weren’t imaginary, but were true detest and loathe instead . Even though Rhode didn’t know where he had offended him before, he knew that this man wouldn’t be easy to deal with due to the fact that he held back his anger on the spot .

Derick was stupefied . He shook his head and let out a bitter laugh .

“Earl Rhode, you actually don’t know who he is? But come to think of it… Hahaha . If that guy knows about this, he will surely be angered to his death . ”

A few question marks emerged in Rhode’s mind . In the game, Rhode had clearly remembered the threats in the Country of Light . But he couldn’t recall a man like him at all . As a player, who would care about an NPC who wouldn’t drop exclusive items when he was killed? But judging from Derick’s reactions, should I know this man?

“Please pardon my rudeness . ”

Derick thought that he was behaving rather inappropriately . He kept the smile on his face .

“His name is Kramer Belson . I guess you must be very familiar with his grandfather because he’s the grandson of the Mist Sword Saint, Daviet . ”

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