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Chapter 671: 671

Chapter 671: Between Light & Light (IX)

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The next two days were considered the final two days for many people .

If one were to look over the entire situation from above, one would discover that secret documents containing all sorts of information were rapidly being delivered to every corner of the continent using teleportation spells . Even though Casabianca appeared to be in a state of tranquility, the signs of peacefulness gave rise to more fear . What left the people hopeless was that no matter if it was the Light Parliament or Munn Kingdom, after the clash, neither of them had privately dispatched their men to engage in communications with each other! This meant that both sides had no intentions of weakening the possible crisis and were determined to remain tough to the end!

That was the way with politics; one could say anything as long as one was willing to talk . One would only be afraid if the other party wasn’t willing to because this meant that there was no more room for negotiation . The development of the situation was extremely critical . Some people tried to persuade both sides to calm down, but the representative team of the Munn Kingdom expressed that Lydia was getting ready for the Dragon Soul Ceremony and wasn’t convenient to meet anyone . On the other hand, the Light Parliament was also busy with preparations and refused to meet anyone . This meant that they weren’t willing to listen to any advice at all .

In an instant, this situation sunk the other territories into the mourns of despair . Not an inch on them was willing to get sucked into this large-scale conflict . But the problem was that the fuse wasn’t in their hands . The two parties holding onto torches and could light the fuse weren’t willing to step away . Perhaps those people felt unlucky, as though they were trapped beside a time bomb and apart from watching the clock run down, there was nothing they could do . Even though they were only ‘pitiful onlookers affected by the unknown truth’, who would give a hoot about them?

Compared to other chaos, this conflict was unprecedentedly peaceful as they didn’t need to make a choice . They had no alternatives and could only just follow . It was due to this that the representative teams of both parties weren’t as busy as others . Rhode suggested to take a tour since he was idling around anyway and Lydia was frequently missing, so he couldn’t discuss anything to prepare for the negotiations with the Light Parliament . But… Rhode had neglected something when he raised this suggestion…

“Mr . Derick?”

Rhode gazed helplessly at the man who displayed an elegant smile, standing in front of a large group of people .

“What’s going on?”

“This was what happened, Earl Rhode,” Derick said .

“I heard that you have plans to bring Miss Marlene and the others for a stroll outside, so we came here . If we aren’t disrupting you, can you bring us along for the tour in the city? We aren’t familiar with this place; after all, and we will easily stir trouble if we head out alone . But with you leading us around, everyone feels much more assured . After all, you seem to be more familiar with this country and city than us . ”

“What does Mage Amund think about this?”

Rhode let out an inward sigh . Even though the group was young and talented, they were young people with playful mentalities, after all . They had great self-control to restrain themselves from leaving the imperial residence, but they couldn’t control themselves after hearing Rhode’s words . Have I already become the fella to lead their way in running the red light?

“Grand Mage Amund has agreed to our request . It will be fine as long as we return before night . ”

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They sure are prepared for this…

Rhode couldn’t help but roll his eyes . He gazed at the group before him and didn’t feel like he was an Earl at all . He looked more like a tour guide to them . Where’s my yellow flag printed with ‘Munn Kingdom Tour Group’ that I need to wave later when we’re on the streets?

Suddenly, an idea cropped up in his mind . A small plot had been shaped . This might be a great idea…

“No problem . ”

Rhode nodded . He looked sternly at the group .

“But before that, I will need to put some things up front . I hope everyone has realized that the people here aren’t friendly to us . Also, be prepared to face hostile speech and commotions . When that happens, I hope that you’ll remain calm and not get into any conflict with them . If we are to get ourselves into trouble, the Light Parliament will be sure to use this chance in making us suffer . This is their territory, after all, so I hope you’ll promise to never leave my side, not get into conflict with the people around us, and not disclose your identity as the Munn Kingdom’s diplomatic envoys… If you can fulfill these three points, I will bring you along . ”

“But… Earl Rhode?”

The lady scholar pushed up her spectacles worriedly .

“There were so many of them when we stepped down from the warship… Even if we don’t disclose our identities, they will also recognize us, isn’t it? Should we disguise ourselves…?”

“Don’t worry about that, Miss . ”

Rhode gazed at the young lady .

“Dogs will always bark at anyone who isn’t their owner . ”

The ‘Munn Kingdom Tour Group’ had been confirmed . There were a total of 18 people, including Marlene and the other young ladies, who were willing to join Rhode in touring Casabianca . But Rhode wouldn’t be bringing them to view the historical sites and scenic spots .

He had his own plans .

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Got to say, Rhode’s opinion was correct . They didn’t attract too much attention after they sneaked out of the imperial residence and arrived on the streets of Casabianca . Rhode had warned them to be low-profile in the Country of Light and not dress up too elegantly . Such elegant costumes would only be suitable for upper class balls and it would be insane to roam streets in them . The group donned their plain, basic attire . Marlene and Lize followed closely behind Rhode while Anne was sandwiched between them—just in case .

Although there weren’t many problems with their attire, their group eventually garnered a lot of attention . After all, most of them had striking appearances and fortunately, foreigners were common in Casabianca due to the Dragon Soul Temple .

As the ‘tour guide’ of the ‘Munn Kingdom Tour Group’, Rhode had led them to the most ‘popular’ venue in the heart of Casabianca: Freedom Square . It could easily accommodate 100,000 people, but Rhode didn’t bring them here to admire the view . They were here to enjoy watching a bustling scene .

“What is that, Mr . Rhode?”

Lize blinked curiously . Although this public square was huge, it looked mediocre without any beautiful sculptures or famous scenic spots . There were some stone platforms present and a man stood on one of them, appearing to be doing something in front of the crowd gathered below him .

“Is he a poet?”

The group squinted for afar and one of the young men asked with knitted brows . But his companion denied the possibilities .

“How is that possible? I don’t hear any music . Besides, I guess we can’t hear his performance with the clamor around . ”

Most of the people were curious while the minority who had come here before displayed rather gloomy expressions . They puckered their brows at the man on the platform and didn’t hide their disgusted expressions . Then, Rhode revealed the answer .

“They’re giving a speech . ”


“That’s right . I guess you’re aware that the quadrennial election is coming up . They are giving a speech to win the favor of the people in order to be selected as the new parliament chairman . Unlike the Munn Kingdom, the leaders of the Country of Light are voted by the people and as long as they can keep the people happy, they will have a big chance of winning . ”

As Rhode’s group spoke, they approached one of the stone platforms . Shortly after, they heard the impassioned speech from the man above .

“I promise you, my dearest people! I know the dangers which the Country of Light is facing now . We’ve lost what we should have had and our lives are getting tougher with many of us losing our jobs! I know where the source of the problem is! This isn’t your fault, my people!

“In order to bring us back to our blissful days of life, I will reduce your taxes! I promise that I will lower the taxes by half! Not only that, but I will also give you stable jobs . I assure you with my reputation! The jobs will be full of rewards, safe, and have reasonable working hours . Besides, you won’t be working under the arrogant and naive people from the Munn Kingdom! Your salary will increase multi-folds! Everyone, the nation ruled by that evil Angel dictator is a sinister monster . We will not be bullied and humiliated by it! I promise you that once I’ve taken over as the new parliament chairman, I will do my best to make that evil country disappear from this continent! This Light Mainland doesn’t need those tyrannic dictators . Their times are long over! Now is the time for us, Humans, to make the call! No matter the Elves, Dwarves, or Angels—they have no right to criticize our decisions and fate . My people, open your eyes wide, and don’t be fooled by their friendly appearance . They are no different from the Undead Creatures of the Country of Darkness . They are our eternal enemies! They are an obstacle and threat to all Humans on the continent! I will instill our Human values and make everyone aware that we, the Country of Light, are the final and most perfect hope on the entire continent . My people, let’s stand together and face the challenges with me . The path ahead may be tough, but with your support and trust, we will overcome it together . We have never forgotten this truth: our fate and justice isn’t decided by the heavens . It is within our grasp instead .

“So I earnestly request for you to write a great, new chapter with me . Not only will we win this election if you vote for me, but we will also reshape this country and continent together!”

“Oh my goodness . ”

Many in Rhode’s group sucked in a deep cold hair . The young lady standing beside Derick looked with an ashen expression . She gazed worriedly at the impassioned man above and couldn’t believe her ears .

“Are they announcing war against the Munn Kingdom?”

“This means nothing . ”

Rhode displayed an incomparably calm expression . He shrugged and curled his lips .

“Destroying the Munn Kingdom has always been the standard catchphrase of every parliament candidate . The elderly man who knelt down before Royal Highness Lydia yesterday once said that he would raze the Munn Kingdom to the ground within three years of his service . And now, eight years have already passed . ”


A young man in a thick-framed glasses knitted his brows .

“This man must be quite capable, isn’t it? The financial deficit of the Country of Light isn’t small and they can’t even support themselves without help from the Munn Kingdom . Now he’s even suggesting cutting down taxes and promising them rewarding jobs…”

“Those are just empty promises . ”

Rhode waved his hands and interrupted . The group widened their eyes in astonishment .

“Empty promises?”

“That’s right . Everyone, perhaps you’re unaware that there’s a saying in the Country of Light: I may not be able to fulfill my promise, but if I don’t make a promise, I won’t even have a chance to fulfill it… The Light Parliament elections have been going on for years and almost every candidate has expressed that they can make the Country of Light stronger and better . If everyone did as they promised, there would be no sightings of Dwarves, Elves, Angels, Undead Creatures, Demons, Devils and others anymore . But now…”

“But this is deceiving their people!”

Another man shook his head and expressed a look of disbelief .

“The people aren’t fools either . What will they do if they realized that the things they were promised can’t be fulfilled?”

“Simple . Just elect another one . ”

Rhode provided a short and sweet answer that left the group flabbergasted . Then, Lize gazed anxiously at Rhode .

“But, Mr . Rhode… Even if they elect another chairman… Wouldn’t the… four years be wasted?”

Rhode twitched his brows and turned to her .

“Remember, Lize . They have the privilege to be silly while we don’t have the right to stop their idiocy . ”

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