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Chapter 668: 668

Chapter 668: Between Light & Light (VI)

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As elite talents who could enter the representative team, these young rising stars were not to be trifled with . They felt relatively flabbergasted by the ‘overwhelming support’ from the people of the Country of Light . However, they quickly returned to their senses under Rhode’s lead, descending the ramp and stepping on the solid ground with calm, collected expressions . They lifted their heads and fixated their gaze forward . Just as Rhode had mentioned, they were nobles, while the crowd was composed of civilians . They didn’t need to lower themselves to their levels . Some of the nobles even mimicked Rhode in waving back to the civilians ‘passionately’, and, of course, they stirred up yet another wave of curses and criticisms . However, it sounded like rumbles in their ears as the place was overly noisy . Even though it got under their skin, the nobles couldn’t hear the buzz clearly as though a swarm of houseflies were dancing around their ears .

Lydia led the way and it went without saying that she had garnered the most hatred among them . If it weren’t for the soldiers maintaining the order, perhaps the civilians would have encircled her . However, Lydia wasn’t in the least bit concerned . She strode forward and waved her hands to the two rows of civilians lined along the passageway . It was apparent that she was used to such treatment .

“Your Highness, you’re finally here . ”

Carl wiped the sweat beads off his forehead before bowing deeply to Lydia . At that moment, a soldier in a straightly-ironed attire walked forward in large strides and gave the Country of Light’s military salute to Lydia .

“Greetings, Your Highness Lydia . I’m the 3rd Guard’s Commander of the Light Dragon Soul . I’m abiding by the Light Parliament’s orders to receive you . The chariots are ready . Please follow me . ”

The soldier revealed a smile .

“I apologize for this unsightly scene . This is spontaneously organized by the civilians . All we could do was to maintain order . Please don’t take offense . ”

“It’s fine . I know the people of the Country of Light have always been passionate . ”

Lydia said with an unchanged expression . She nodded slightly after sweeping a glance to the civilians .

The distance from the ramp to the chariot wasn’t far and the process was smooth without hiccups, except for the annoying verbal abuse, humiliating written slogans, and insulting portraits . Yes . Everything was smooth .

“This is ridiculous!”

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Marlene exploded in wrath as soon as she board the chariot .

“They’re too much! This is the solemn and sacred Dragon Soul Ceremony . How can the Light Parliament shame us this brazenly!”


Lize let out a long, subtle sigh . Her exhausted expression said it all .

“Anne feels that it’s quite fun to see them screaming from behind the soldiers and they didn’t dare to pick a fight with us . It’s interesting to infuriate them to death . ”

Rhode wasn’t surprised by their reactions at all . Even though the Dragon Soul Ceremony was held in the Light Capital, all the duchies and territories under the Light Dragon Soul protection would also participate in it as it was closely related to the Light Dragon Soul .

However, not every territories and duchies shared the same pair of trousers . Even though they were equally under the Light Dragon Soul protection, there were several conflicts between the Country of Light and other territories . The Country of Light always made use of the Light Dragon Soul presence and they believed that they should be the dominator of all the territories under the Light Dragon Soul’s protection . This left the overlords resentful . It was mentioned previously that many regions of the continent were enveloped in Chaos and had lost their Order . In order to receive one’s territory, one had to penetrate deeply into it and awaken the slumbering Dragon Soul’s powers . Thus, according to the treaty, one would gain the rights to receive the territory after fulfilling the requirements . Apart from the Country of Light, several overlords had taken great pains and sacrificed countless men to awaken the Dragon Soul power and receive their territories . They didn’t receive a single bit of help from the Country of Light . After the overlords built their nation, the Country of Light emerged before them like a savior and told them that they should respect the Light Dragon since it was due to the Light Dragon Soul’s protection that their territories were in a stable condition . Of course, there must be substantive representation to their respects… And everyone knew that .

The overlords were naturally dissatisfied with this attitude . They fought hard for their territories and not only did the Country of Light not assist them, but they also demanded for their service? Just because the Light Dragon Soul was in the Country of Light? Alright then . Retract the Light Dragon Soul’s protection if you’re capable and we shall see if it listens to you .

Therefore, there were plenty of conflicts between the Country of Light and several territories . However, even though the overlords were furious, they didn’t dare speak about it . Some of them had even turned to the Country of Light and became one of their protected members, while some had chosen the other path: joining the Anti-Country of Light Alliance .

And the Munn Kingdom was the head of this ‘Anti-Country of Light Alliance’ . Even though this alliance didn’t officially exist, there were indeed presences of this alliance . Although the Munn Kingdom and the other territories had vastly different goals and weren’t as determined as Lydia in restoring the Light Dragon Soul’s dignity and status, they had the same enemy: the Light Parliament .

Lydia was determined to weaken the authority of the Light Parliament while strengthening the dignity of the Light Dragon Soul . On the other hand, the overlords were mostly looking to weaken the Light Parliament’s forces and stop them from their criticisms . It would be more justifiable for the Munn Kingdom to take the lead . Lydia, as one of the three Archangels and a subordinate of the Light Dragon Soul, would be easily accepted by others . But it would most probably be deemed as mortals attempting to disobey the gods if the overlords opposed the Country of Light instead . Perhaps their people wouldn’t even dare imagine such a terrifying future . As a result, the only choice the Anti-Country of Light Alliance had was to follow the Munn Kingdom’s lead under Lydia’s flag to reach their goals .

With this level of relationship, it wasn’t hard to see that the Light Parliament and the Munn Kingdom was as incompatible as fire and water . If it weren’t for Country of Darkness eyeing territory covetously and the Light Parliament not being foolish enough to snatch the Light Dragon Soul’s authority and position, both sides would have erupted into a huge war a long time ago .

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The Munn Kingdom had expectations to bring order out of chaos and allow the Light Dragon Soul to regain its deserved authority and position .

The various overlords hoped to diminish the strong, imperialism influence that the Light Parliament had on this continent .

On the contrary, the Light Parliament hoped to remove the Light Dragon Soul entirely, turn the Country of Light into a true master of their own affairs, and not entrust their lives and hopes on nations ruled by other races .

Unless one party gave way, conflicts were inevitable .

But none of the parties would give way .

It was only right that Lydia, as an Archangel, treated the Light Dragon Soul as her main priority . A parliament that tried to snatch the Light Dragon Soul’s authority away wasn’t necessary .

The various overlords were naturally more concerned about their territories . If their territories had been squeezed dry by Country of Light, their roles as overlords wouldn’t last long .

The Light Parliament had established in the hearts of their people through years of propaganda that they were heroic Humans who went against the pressure and resistance from other races . They definitely couldn’t lower their heads before the Light Dragon Soul as this would destroy their authority, wealth, position—everything . This was why they had to suppress the Munn Kingdom and hold down the Light Dragon Soul’s most powerful assistant forever . If not, they weren’t sure if the Light Dragon Soul would borrow the strength of the Munn Kingdom in overthrowing the Light Parliament .

There shouldn’t be any emotions involved in a fight for authority, just like how there would only be one winner standing at the end of a war . There could only be one side with the most authority . With their background and standpoint, there wouldn’t be a chance for other parties to share the authority . Either you or I will live in the end .

This was a zero-sum game .

The chariot slowly moved ahead as the soldiers in front cleared the road of the protesting civilians . Not only that, but perhaps civilians had also realized that their disorganized protest wasn’t effective . They lined up neatly and yelled out in unison .

“Get out of our land of freedom! You bloody butcher!”

“Even though you’ve killed our people, you can’t kill their freedom-seeking hearts!”

“Release the brave warriors of the Reformist Party and oppressed civilians under you!”

“You lackeys of the Angel betrayed yourselves for authority! You lackeys aren’t fit to be Humans!”

“The Country of Light isn’t a place for a tyrant like you who devours the flesh and blood of your people to enjoy luxury!”

The objections got louder and clearer . Marlene put up a gloomy expression as she clutched the handle beside her . Lize covered her ears and closed her ears in her lowered head, rejecting everything that was booming at them . On the other side, Anne looked on listlessly as the chariot traveled at a snail’s pace as though she were a criminal trapped in a prison car and humiliated on a street show .

“I’m really sorry, Your Highness Lydia . ”

The soldier once again emerged by the chariot door and presented a fitting smile . But it was obvious that his smile wasn’t genuine .

“We’re doing our best . But there are too many of them, so we can only travel slowly…”

“Sure . No problem . ”

Lydia’s smile was still as wide as before . She admired the view as though she was unfazed by the curses and insults . On the other side, Grand Mage Amund had closed his eyes to attain his mental composure while Gaya suddenly opened her eyes wide . She displayed an emotionless face and pressed her hand against her precious harp .

“Cover your ears!”

Rhode sat up with knitted brows and yelled out hurriedly .

In an instant, the clamors were gone .

The yelling civilians instantly felt as though their voices had materialized . A strong, invisible force had as though plunged into their mouths, followed by a hammer that crashed down onto their throats .

The choking pain was simply unimaginable . In an instant, the crowd around the chariot rolled their eyes and plummeted to the ground with their wide-open mouths were like desperate, beached fish gasping for air . The civilians who were blocking the way ahead also lost their enthusiasm . They held their throats and scattered in retreat . Those who were less fortunate either sat down or leaned on the walls weakly . The high-raised banners and portraits had fallen to the ground and submerged in the collapsing crowd .

The chariot picked up speed and dashed forward .

Gaya put down her slender right hand and turned to the annoying crowd that was suffering in pain . She let out a soft grunt as a glint of disdain flashed in her eyes . Then, she shifted her gaze back before shutting her eyes for a rest .

“A group of lowly maggots . ”

The black-haired young lady said in an ice-cold tone .

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