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Chapter 664: 664

“Hi there, Miss Gaya . Long time no see . ”

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Rhode let out an inward bitter smile after witnessing Gaya’s resentful eyes . He knew what she was discontent with him about . During the Paphield battle, Rhode made her help them through Lydia in order to ensure that Lize could accomplish her mission smoothly . Thereafter, Gaya had been dissatisfied with him, but since he didn’t have much interaction with her, he wasn’t too worried about it .

But honestly speaking, Rhode was actually rather fearful of Gaya .

The reason was simple . Gaya was a native born in the Eastern Plain and she knew the place like it was her own backyard . The Eastern Plain had been relatively sealed off from the outside world . Rhode was able to fool outsiders with the identity that he was born in the Eastern Plain, where even Marlene and Lize had never suspected him .

On the contrary, it was due to this enclosed region that the people inside it were extremely familiar with one another . The outsiders might not know anything about the people of the Eastern Plain, but the people of the Eastern Plain knew even the gender of their neighbor’s newborn puppy . Under such an environment, it was tough for Rhode to fabricate anything before Gaya .

This problem had given Rhode a headache . The reason why he was able to put up a strong front before others was that they misunderstood that he had a mysterious and massive family backing . Anyone would think twice before getting into a conflict with him, who had such a ‘fictional’ background as his backing . Besides, Rhode indeed had the capital to fabricate this feint with his current strength and companions . But the situation was different with Gaya around .

Gaya was stronger than him and Lydia trusted her much more . Rhode knew that Lydia had perhaps guessed that he wasn’t from the Eastern Plain (although Rhode didn’t mention it before), but even so, she was still willing to entrust him with important duties . Even though Rhode didn’t know what Lydia had up her sleeves, it wouldn’t be a problem if he dominated the forces under him well no matter if she was making use of him or cultivating him .

But Rhode wasn’t afraid of Lydia because he knew that she was a smart person who knew what she should or shouldn’t speak about and she wouldn’t publicize her doubts about Rhode’s identity . However, Gaya was different . She had firmly called Rhode out as a ‘liar’ the first time they had met and this went to show how unfavorable her impression was of him . Besides, compared to Lydia, Gaya had much lesser scruples . It would surely cause a huge headache for Rhode if she were to speak out about her doubts on his identity and background because he couldn’t possibly come up with the name of a mysterious and powerful family in the Eastern Plain to be his shield . Besides, he had no other way around her if she were to expose his secret . Without discussing if he was capable of defeating her, she, as Lydia’s trusted aide and the identity of the Court Musician—he wouldn’t be able to do anything to her . Therefore, Rhode had always been basically avoiding Gaya in order to avoid trouble . But he didn’t expect to meet her here .

Gaya rolled her eyes before glaring fiercely at Rhode . Then, she shifted her gaze to the young ladies around him and nodded .

“Royal Highness is waiting for you; please come with me . ”

Gaya turned around and headed to the wide corridor on the left . Rhode shrugged and entered the corridor with the group .

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The deeper they entered, the stranger Rhode felt . He had been immersed in the game for years and it could be said that he understood the style of every force . However, the architectural style of Purple Lily City was extremely unique, where he had never seen similar designs before . This was something abnormal because, in the Munn Kingdom, most of the architectural styles had been influenced by the Archangel . Many of the fortresses followed the style of the Angels: sacred and glorious . Even the luxurious Golden City also adhered to the design, but had some additional magnificent effects on top of the sacred, glorious style of the Angels .

But the architectural style of Purple Lily City consisted of a variety of styles .

Judging from its overall structure, it was as though designed by the Dwarves while in the interior structure, it was a mixture of Angels and Elves . Not only that, but the castle interior used the designs of alchemical structures . Looking upward, one could see golden circular pipes extend from both sides of the dome . On both sides of the corridor, one could see round, polished magic crystals lined up and emanating brilliant rays to brighten the path . Moreover, the entrance door of this castle was entirely different from other places . It was made of heavy steel as though a weird design of cross-biting gears while the doors of other places were made of mixed stone and metal . It gave one a feeling of being a science fiction movie in a single glance .

If this was in the game, perhaps Rhode would have immediately taken a screenshot and uploaded it to the forums to discuss if this was the 51 district of the alien world . Could it be that this Archangel had dug up flying saucers or some sort? If that was the truth, this world-view was too amazing…

Of course, that was only exaggerating . In fact, Rhode had vaguely guessed the purpose of this place .

As everyone knew, the Munn Kingdom was known for its magical technology . Although Lydia’s powerful strength had been the shelter to the rainy storm for the Munn Kingdom, its magical technology was the reason the Munn Kingdom had a footing on the Dragon Soul Continent . On this continent, the Munn Kingdom’s magical technology was only second to the Country of Light’s and the Country of Darkness’s, where they were even stronger than the Alchemist Association . The floating boats that worked under tempests and the magic cannons were well-known among them . The emergence of floating boats had directly established the Munn Kingdom’s position . Even though the floating boats could only be used to transport vessels using the strong wind element of the tempests and soar freely in the air, the Country of Darkness’ Gargoyle Army was unmatchable to the Munn Kingdom’s Magic Warships if they were to compare their air forces . Of course, it was another story for presences like the Four Legendary Generals and Dark Dragon .

It was due to this that in terms of magical technology, the Munn Kingdom was considered a strong nation on the continent . However, since the Archangel and her Battle Angel Army had been stealing the limelight and the Magic Warships had rarely appeared, there were misconceptions among the people on their perception of the Munn Kingdom’s strength . The people thought that the Munn Kingdom was powerful only because of magical weapons and the Battle Angel Army and they neglected the most fundamental elements that made all this up .

The architectural style of Purple Lily City was built with alchemy and magical construction techniques, which made Rhode’s heart skip a beat because he had almost figured out the essence of this castle . But what had this castle have to do with them, even if it was the same as he had imagined? They arrived here with Lydia’s invitation to participate in the Dragon Soul Ceremony in the Country of Light and not come to this mysterious place… What was the Archangel up to?

At this moment, Gaya came to a halt before a five meters tall metal gates . She extended her hand and the ring on her finger emitted a glaring magical radiance . Then, the enormous metal gates squeaked as it opened gradually to both sides .


Chilly wind sneaked through the gap between the gates caught the group unprepared . Rhode narrowed his eyes and gazed at the scenery behind the huge metal gates . Lize shuddered while Marlene and Anne looked on curiously .

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“Please come in . ”

Gaya turned around to face the astonished group . She led the group through the gates and they were instantly stunned .

It wasn’t a luxurious hall that they had imagined . Instead, an endless abyss presented itself before them! Two towering mountains made way to form an entrance of more than hundred meters . The group stood on the sleek black slate and looked up at the precipitous mountain walls that had rushed into the clouds . The whizzing snow from the other side fluttered wildly and brought about a bone-chilling sensation .

“This is awesome…”

Anne stared unbelievably while Marlene sucked in a deep breath of air as she placed her hands on her chest . The supernaturally fine craft of nature had presented its optimal sight . The Humans experienced for themselves just how tiny they were while standing before the two towering mountains . No matter how formidable their strength was or how high their statuses, they felt like tiny sand that wasn’t worth a mention at all . However, the various metallic devices installed all around and between the two mountains left them emotional as though the tiniest of lives were proving their values in conquering the world .

“Welcome to Purple Lily City . ”

Lydia’s crisp voice rang and pulled everyone back to reality . Rhode turned around and spotted the Archangel in her unfitting outfit for this harsh season . Winter in the Munn Kingdom was extremely cold and due to this, everyone was donned in their winter clothes for this trip . Rhode and Lize wore a thick fur coat to resist the cold . Marlene wore an elegant fur robe to keep herself warm . As for Anne, she had also obediently clad on a thick armor and cloak to keep out the cold .

On the contrary, Lydia wore a skin-tight, snowy, thin long dress made from top quality silk, which accentuated her slender curves . The dress stitched with golden lace draped to the ground and surprisingly, it wasn’t stained with any filthy dust . Flawlessly white elbow gloves wrapped her lustrous arms and her attire was one that would instantly attract everyone’s attention in a ball or banquet . Not only that, but the pair of wings emanating golden radiance behind her back was majestically compelling . In addition to her unmatched beauty, she was the perfect masterpiece of glamor to all living things .

But… considering the countless fluttering snow behind her and the bone-piercing chill striking their skin, this gorgeous view looked more like the best portrayal of ‘torturous elegance’ .

Your Highness… Do you really love to show off this much?

Rhode rolled his eyes . Of course . He knew that Lydia, as an Archangel, wouldn’t fall sick to the cold . But she must also be considerate of the mortals, right? Even Anne, who has the warm blood of a Demonic Beast flowing in her, has wrapped herself up, so could you please not brag to us as though you’re saying “Look at me . I’m not afraid of cold at all . Are you green with envy?” — Forget it . She’s like this, to begin with .

But Rhode only cursed inwardly . He stepped forth hurriedly and bowed to Lydia .

“Sir Rhode, you’re finally here . I was still worried that you were gonna arrive too late . The snowstorm out there is huge . If you came any later, you would miss the amazing show . ”

The snowstorm out there is huge?

Rhode lifted his head and gazed at the whizzing snowstorm on the other side . He knew that he would surely lose if he roasted her for it, so he let out a cough and ignored her words before shifting the topic .

“Your Highness . If I recall correctly, we should be participating in the Dragon Soul Ceremony, right?”

“That’s right, Sir Rhode . ”

Lydia winked wittily and said with a smile .

“I’ve invited everyone here because we’ll be heading into the Country of Light from here . I guess you are prepared for the journey, right?”

“From here?”

Rhode gazed at Lydia with a curious glint . He recalled that there were only two routes that led from the Munn Kingdom to the Country of Light . One of the routes was through the Southern Port by sea, leading into the Country of Light’s port . They would need to board a chariot thereafter in order to reach the capital . The other route was through the Northern Sacred Dragon Path, where they had to board a chariot that headed to the Country of Light’s border and enter the capital . But now, they were in neither of them . It would still be possible if they gathered at Golden City and headed out from there . However, Lydia had gotten them to come all the way to Purple Lily City… She was always acting unexpectedly .

“That’s right . From here . ”

After answering Rhode’s question, Lydia tilted her head slightly as though she had heard something . Then, she revealed a delightful smile .

“It seems that the time is just right . ”


Suddenly, everyone heard a deep horn that sounded from the snowstorm .

Another deep, loud horn sounded . But, this time, a massive figure slowly emerged from the snowstorm… An enormous magic warship appeared before their eyes!

The magic warship sailed forth silently and steadily slid through the from between the mountains before coming to a halt . The berserk storm did no damage to the massive metallic warship at all, not even to the five highly erected masts with the spotlessly white sails . The flowing magical radiance resonated with the metallic luster . Magic crystals were arranged irregularly with charming effect, emanating brilliant rays continuously . The sculpture on the ship’s bow was a beautiful Angel young lady with her arms crossed on her chest, praying devoutly to the heavens . A glorious pair of wings expanded grandly behind her .

Rhode widened his eyes in astonishment . He knew what it was, but he didn’t expect to see it at this moment .

Heavenly Class Magic Warship—Saint Lady Vessel .

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