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Published at 2nd of February 2020 06:00:07 PM
Chapter 626: 626

Chapter 626: Saint Monastery (VII)

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“Who are the ones breaking into the Saint Monastery!?”

A tall figure rushed out of the monastery entrance and shook the ground with his heavy footsteps . It was a man clad in steel armor from head to toe, clasping an enormous flail in his hands . There were two dazzling dots of radiance illuminating from the pitch-black helmet . Even though he didn’t move an inch, the imposing aura emanating from him spread wildly like a towering mountain . In an instant, the spacious plaza fell into total silence as though a transparent curtain had muffled everything . This was the symbol of a power being in the Legendary Stage .

But this meant nothing for Mini Bubble Gum .

“Hmph . Worthless trash . ”

Mini Bubble Gum let out a snort of disgust and it was this remark that sent the man shuddering as though an invisible punch had landed an uppercut on his chin, forcing him half a step back . The man’s reaction forced exclamations out of the Saint Knights lined behind him . The man was Sister Helen’s bodyguard and one of the strongest knights here . But now, he actually lost to this young girl in presence!

The man secured his footing and sucked in a deep breath before gazing at Mini Bubble Gum with a stern expression . He thought he could use his imposing presence to probe her strength . However, he didn’t expect that it would surpass his expectations . The little girl’s snort to his pressurizing presence felt as though a hot knife through butter, shattering his mighty presence!

In this instant, he thought his heart had stopped beating, which stunned him to the spot . He thought that Mini Bubble Gum was only an ordinary Battle Angel . But her imposing presence was shoulder to shoulder to the three Archangels!


The man knitted his brows in suspicions . To the legendary presences, their imposing presence were the product of their character and vigor . However, he didn’t sense any holiness and dignity of the Angels in the young girl’s aura . Instead, it felt as though fury waves that were full of arrogance and disdain . It could also be said that he didn’t feel anything related to the Angels on the young girl . On the contrary, there were qualities that resembled the Demons—the extremely arrogant attitude treating the Saint Knights as though they were even lower than ants .

If it wasn’t for the genuine pair of golden wings behind her, perhaps the man would’ve suspected if she was a Demon disguised as an Angel .

But he wouldn’t back off!

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“O Holy Guardians, disciples of destruction, and representatives of death! Respond to my summons! We shall be victorious before your gaze . All the destruction and all the honor shall belong to you . Please give us the powers to destroy the enemies!”

The man raised the flail in his hand high and glared fiercely at Mini Bubble Gum . The enormous flail emanated a glaring radiance and shortly after, a golden hammer emerged above him out of thin air . Vibrant colors illuminated from the flat ground, enveloping the man and the group of Saint Knights in a dazzling light . The Saint Knights were no longer afraid . They raised their weapons mightily and took large strides forward with the man!

“There will be a whole chunk of EXP in this bunch of trash…”

Mini Bubble Gum twitched her brow and a delightful glint flashed in her eyes . Although the man before her was a presence in the Legendary Stage and the other Saint Knights had their strength boosted under the holy blessing, they were truly nothing more than a colony of ants . Even though a dense mass of ants appeared terrifying, they would scatter as long as one stomped one’s foot on them . And now, she couldn’t wait to relieve the joy of stomping and crushing hundreds of knights under her feet .

The young girl swung the pike in her hand and gazed at the crowd proudly . But before she struck out, a soft hand held onto her shoulder .

“Bubble, it’ll be faster if you leave them to me . Besides, we know the loots too . ”

“… Alright then, Big Sister . ”

Mini Bubble Gum pouted in discontentment before taking two steps back and returning to Rhode’s side . Then, the golden armor and wings vanished to reveal her usual attire while Canary stepped forward leisurely with a plain smile .

What’s this situation?

The Saint Knights looked blankly, but they didn’t give up just yet . They clutched their weapons and the man standing before all of them raised his flail . He looked at the young girl in silence .

Unlike the petite young girl, he couldn’t feel any imposing presence from this young lady who was stepping forward . She appeared like an ordinary Human and wasn’t as arrogant and mighty as the young girl . But for some unknown reasons, he sensed that this young lady was much more threatening!

“Those guys are in for a bad time . ”

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Mini Bubble Gum pouted as she gazed at Canary . This scene was too cruel for them… On the other side of the plaza, the hundred fully-armored, buffed knights were facing a thin, innocent-looking young lady . She ambled along slowly to the bold and powerful knights as though she were a sacrificial offering for the legendary beast . But now, in the eyes of Mini Bubble Gum, the sequence and roles of the legendary beast and offering had swapped around completely…

Canary was usually a gentle and submissive person . But Rhode and Mini Bubble Gum knew that that was only how she appeared . The truth was that she possessed a fiery side, but she would only present that side on the Internet . In reality, anyone who saw Canary would have the impression that she was an obedient, quiet, and beautiful campus belle . Therefore, there were many times when people couldn’t link Canary to her image on the Internet . If Rhode and Mini Bubble Gum were to evaluate her, they definitely wouldn’t assess her as a gentle person like a ‘skylark’ or ‘kitten’ . Canary was more like a ‘lioness’ in Rhode’s opinion .

In the animal world, the lioness was responsible for hunting . No matter how much weaker a lioness appeared than the lion, it was always the lioness who hunted in the territory .

And now, the lioness had spotted its prey . She stooped over and stepped closer to the herd of sheep, flashing its menacing claws .


The immense pressure grew increasingly as the young lady closed the distance between them . The man felt his heart pumping violently . The sense of danger would rarely be a misconception for powerful presences like them and since his body had reacted honestly by expressing fear and foreboding, it went to show how dangerous this young lady was!

The man let out a snarl and charged forward with his raised flail . The Saint Knights behind him yelled out in unison and stomped forward . Canary came to a stop gradually and displayed a calm, gentle smile as though the sea of enemies flooding toward her weren’t worth a mention .

At this moment, the distance between both sides was less than 200 meters . In the blink of an eye, the Saint Knights, who were boosted by the buff of the legendary weapon, covered the distance between them and brandished their weapon to crush their enemy to bits .

But this wasn’t the case .

The Saint Knights had strange difficulties charging forward as though time had slowed down drastically . No matter how much they pushed forward, they couldn’t close in to her . The blessings of the legendary weapon were still present, but they felt exhausted . They widened their mouths and panted, but…


A Saint Knight collapsed to the ground with widened eyes and ashen expression, clutching his shield and weapon . But there was no luster of life in his eyes . Not only him, but the other Saint Knights also collapsed one by one as though a domino effect . None of them stood back on their feet!

Same went for the one who led the pack .

Why? Why!?

The man widened his mouth and breathed heavily through his thick helmet . He had never felt this powerless . The powers of the legendary weapon flowed in his body, boosting him with unprecedented strength . However, he had never felt this drained . He gazed at the figure closing in and his footsteps became increasingly slower . As a being in the Legendary Stage, he shouldn’t be feeling this at all . But now, his hands and legs were as though cuffed by heavy steel chains and couldn’t move freely . The young lady came to a halt and smiled at him . Although she didn’t seem to have done anything, the nonchalant smile plastered on her face affirmed the man that it was all her doing!

Stomp! Stomp!

He finally arrived before her with heavy feet, panting and lifting his flail . The distance between them was less than four steps and as long as he brandished his weapon, he could easily crush her skull to fragments . But, even so, Canary continued to smile at him .

The man clutched the flail in his hands and suddenly, his knees weakened .


His collapse resounded in the silent plaza . He stubbornly lifted his head and gazed at the young lady in disbelief . Then, his head plunged to the ground uncontrollably .

At this moment, a sharp scream pierced their ears .

“No! My beloved!”

A glaring red radiance flashed in the entrance . Then, a woman donned in a scarlet robe rushed out . Her dignified expression distorted to her furious emotions .

“Renault! My beloved! You can’t leave me alone here! Have you forgotten about our promise?!”

The woman lifted her scepter high .

“Stand up, my beloved . Do it for our eternal promise and fight for me!”

Suddenly, the thick, black armor on his body sparkled in countless magical runes . Then, the man’s lifeless eyes sprung open and he stood up abruptly!

“I’ll fight for you! My…”

Before the man finished his dramatic confession, Canary extended her fingers and flicked lightly .

The man’s heavy armor cracked to the pressure and ripped apart as though it was made of paper . The man let out a blood-curdling screech as the immense force blasted him away and fresh blood spurted from the cracks of his armor . It was apparent that it wasn’t only the armor that Canary had twisted .

Sister Helen screamed mournfully and she was blasted back into the pitch-black entrance as though a battering ram had rammed into her body .

Canary clapped the dust off her palms . She turned around with her unchanged smile .

“All done, Rhode . ”

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