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Chapter 589

Lize turned the doorknob slowly and pushed the door as lightly as possible . Then, she heard deep, hastened breaths before she peeked through the gap . Lize froze to the spot . Although she was born in the Royal Family, she had met with several incidents after joining mercenary groups . Even though mercenaries didn’t dare to engage in such ‘activities’ before Lize, she had also witnessed her companions supporting a drunk female dancer up the stairs to the rooms . From the start, Lize didn’t really understand what exactly happened . However, she slowly understood the meaning of it after spending a long time in mercenary groups .

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But she didn’t expect to hear such voices in this place .

Lize almost ran off because Canary’s gasp was like an iron hammer pounding on her heart, leaving her breathless . Rhode was a man and he had the same needs as all other men, which wasn’t strange . However, Lize felt that she couldn’t accept it . She stood at the same spot and gazed at the door blankly . She felt as though her body had been ripped apart, but she didn’t understand why . In the past, she had accidentally faced such situations, but she would usually feel awkward and turn around immediately . But it was entirely different now . Lize felt as though her soul had been snatched and she had fallen into a dark eternal abyss through the solid ground beneath her feet . Fear, uncertainty, sadness, and pain . All the complicated emotions poured out of her heart . She had never felt this unbearable mix of emotions before .

Lize wished she could run off and burst into tears at a corner . However, her body went against her will and kneeled itself to the edge of the door and peered into the room .

What am I doing? Go! I don’t want to witness anything!

Although Lize yelled loudly in her heart, her stubborn eyes continued to gaze through the gap . And she was stunned .

It was a scene where Lize had never imagined . No matter if it was a situation that was happening before her or the two main characters involved, the shock came like a bolt from the blue for Lize . Canary had spread her legs apart on the table and wrapped her arms around Rhode . Her flawlessly fair body bounced under his violent thrusts . Canary was no longer the gentle, elegant young lady in Lize’s mind . Instead, she had become a fierce, obscene beast who had lost its rationality and indulged in its lust . Canary’s eyes wandered and a thin, silver thread dripped from the corner of her soft lips . The entire study room was filled with an unbreathable desire, so intense that it could make one vomit .

However, Lize didn’t feel disgusted or furious . Instead, she widened her eyes and took in everything in her sight, as though she had been deeply attracted .

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“Mm… Rhode…” Canary murmured softly .

Rhode responded to her thirst with a quickened pace and his voice became deeper and wilder . In the end, Rhode came to an abrupt stop and Canary let out a long, satisfied moan that filled the entire room . Lize felt her body trembling and warming up . She gaped like a fish that had come to shore and struggled to catch its breath . Lize sensed that the intense atmosphere had as though wrapped her entire body where an unprecedented heat struck her and she couldn’t find the strength to lift a finger… as though she had been caught up in the situation .

“Huah… What a good sleep,” Anne stretched her arms and yawned her way down the stairs .

This was one of Anne’s habits . Every afternoon, she would run up to the roof of the Fortress and find a comfortable spot under the sun . It was no different today . Anne tottered to the corridor and squinted her eyes to enjoy the cooling breeze from the window . She raised her arms and gave a satisfied stretch again . At the same time, her ears twitched and she turned around curiously to find a person who she couldn’t be more familiar with at the other end of the corridor . “Lize?”

Anne muttered dubiously because Lize was half-kneeling on the ground and peering through the gap of the room door sneakily . Besides, Anne had also heard the voices in the room with her sharp hearing .

That should be Leader’s room . Why is Lize kneeling and peeking from there?

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Anne felt curious because Lize had always been a steady and mature person . But now, she was actually peeping like a little child .  What is Leader doing? Judging from the sound, is he taming some dangerous wild animal?

Anne playfully sneaked up behind Lize and tapped her shoulder . “Lize, what are you doing?”

“Waaa!” The defenseless Lize let out a shriek as soon as Anne’s lively voice rang in her ears . Not only that, but she also jumped and crashed her head into the solid door .

Bang! The door sprung open and Lize fell flatly into the room .

Rhode and Canary were just recovering from their climaxes and they were shocked and caught unprepared by the widening door . They gazed at the door together and saw Lize falling to her stomach and Anne standing by the door .

The entire room fell into an awkward silence . Canary sat on the table half-naked with her hands around Rhode’s arms while the latter leaned forward with his hands pressed against the tabletop . Lize lifted her head clumsily and widened her mouth as soon as she spotted both of them . Anne’s curious eyes spun and sized up everything before her . “Leader? Sister Canary? What are you two doing?”


Lize returned to her senses as though she had been released from a binding curse . She jumped up and stuttered like a child embarrassingly like a child who had just discovered her parent’s secret . “S-Sorry! Mr . Rhode, Miss Canary! I didn’t see anything at all! Sorry, I didn’t mean to do it! Sorry, I’m really sorry…”

Lize freaked out completely . Her head was in a blank and she didn’t know what else to say apart from apologizing . The despair and pain in her mind had as though been flung to another world . She wished that there was a hole she could jump into immediately and never climb out of forever . “S-Sorry, I really didn’t see anything! Sorry…!”

Lize hurriedly turned around and bolted out of the room . She slammed the door shut and dragged Anne away .

“…” Rhode and Canary exchanged a bitter smile and shook their heads . “What should we do, Rhode? Should we chase after her? This must’ve been too thrilling for Lize, I guess . ”

“Forget it, let her calm down first . Perhaps there are no women who can stay calm after looking at this scene…”

“… Are you reminded of the incident where my classmate found out about us along the corridor together?”

“Hmm…” Rhode’s expression stiffened and he let out a soft grunt . “Ultimately, isn’t it always because you want to satisfy your bad little habit everytime and everywhere? If you weren’t that impatient back then, perhaps we wouldn’t have been caught up in that awkward situation…”

“It’s fine to let it happen occasionally, isn’t it?” Canary’s smile remained unremorseful . “I feel even more thrilled to be seen by someone . ”

“… I’m not sure what your mother will think about you if she knew you were a perverted exhibitionist . ”

“Isn’t it you who made me this way, Rhode?” Canary chuckled and bound her arms around Rhode’s neck . “What should we do next? Shall we do it again? I hope you are still capable of it after this small little hiccup . ”

“… Of course . But this time, I need to lock the door first . ”

“… Hmph… That’ll spoil all the fun, Rhode . ”

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