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Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Gap in the Heart

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“The Reformist Party is done for . ” Rhode read the final line of the intelligence report and muttered under his breath .

It was yesterday when the core figure of the Reformist Party, also known as the Chairman of the Southern Parliament, committed suicide by consuming poison . This news caused an uproar in the entire Reformist Party and their internal department had broken out into complete chaos with some of them considering whether they should raise a white flag to the King’s Party . However, some of them insisted to hang on because the King’s Party army hadn’t engaged in any large-scale attacks yet, apart from putting up a show . Those who insisted hoped to drag it out as long as possible .

Rhode understood the reasons for such thoughts . The Royal Fleet had sealed off the Strait of Light and cut the Southern Parliament’s final lifeline . There were no doubts that they would be hung up on the gibbet by Lydia if they surrendered . Since the King’s Party didn’t attack, it meant that they still had some glimmer of hope . Although most of the parliament members had agreed to surrender, Rhode knew that they couldn’t influence the decision-making of the Reformist Party . This was because they were mainly external figures and if Lydia wished to settle scores at a later date, they wouldn’t be punished as severely . However, the consequences were different for the Southern Parliament . Once they surrendered, every single member in the Southern Parliament would be slaughtered and used to nourish the Golden City’s forest as fertilizers . Therefore, they definitely wouldn’t raise the white flag . They tried searching for a way of retreat, even though they had no choices left .

Rhode wasn’t worried that the Southern Parliament would be driven into desperate actions because there weren’t any more actions left . In the game, the Munn Royal Family was pestered beyond endurance by the South as they were bent on facing the threat from the Country of Darkness . But now, the border regions of the Country of Darkness was peaceful and the King’s Party could mobilize their trump card, the Royal Fleet, to block off the entire Strait of Light . Under such a situation, the Reformist Party would be blasted to bits if they tried to escape via ship . The other choice they had was to escape to the border regions and associate themselves with the Barbarians . However, Rhode couldn’t imagine these prideful ‘lords’ tolerating the banishment . Instead of suffering in those places, they were better off dying honorably .

“The problems that you’ve been worried about has finally come to an end . ” A sweet voice sounded behind Rhode .

He turned back and Canary’s adorable face came into view . The young lady leaned on the chair armrest beside him and read the report in his hand with her usual smile .

“That’s right, Canary . The Reformist Party is done for . There shouldn’t be anything serious happening in Munn anytime soon . ” Rhode let out a long sigh .

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Although Rhode appeared calm and unaffected, he was actually really nervous deep down . Even though his arrival in this world had foiled several attempts of the Light Parliament in the Munn Kingdom and changed their fate and future, Rhode was still concerned . Although his familiarity with the game allowed him to have a unique and wide field of view of this continent, history, after all, had been altered and what presented before him now was a brand new, unknown start . Would the situation develop in the direction he had hoped for, or would the fixed story missions stay the same as the game? No matter which he chose, would it still end in the same way?

Such worries had been bugging his mind and he finally let them go now . He didn’t need to worry about the leader-less Reformist Party anymore . Lydia wasn’t facing any foreign aggression, and it seemed that she had clear ideas and goals in dealing with internal problems . The only possible way for the Reformist Party to turn over the tide was if they fled to the Deepest Labyrinth, awakened the Void Dragon, surrendered at its feet, and led the Void Dragon’s army back to the continent .

Rhode instantly felt a sense of relief at this thought . He scrutinized the beautiful young lady beside him and wrapped his right arm around her slender waist . His playful hand slid down nimbly to her upper thighs . Canary flushed and gasped for air faintly . Her soft, alluring body leaned onto Rhode’s embrace . Then, she pressed her lips gently on Rhode’s and her agile little tongue slithered through, craving for his . “Mm… Mm…”

Muffled, yet sensual kisses resounded in the quiet study room . After a few seconds, they separated and a thread of saliva slipped from the corner of their lips . Canary unrolled an enticing smile and placed a finger on his chest . “We haven’t done it for a long time, Rhode . You must’ve accumulated a lot since Miss Marlene isn’t around, eh? I’ve worked myself to death for you, so it’s about time for my reward . As my boss, you must treat your subordinate well to receive your reward too . ”

Canary knelt on the ground between his legs and teased with her fingers . Rhode’s full load of desire rose skyward and agreed on his behalf .

“What an unbeatable holy sword . ” Canary sized up the rock-hard presence before her with a crafty smile and let out a chuckle . Then, she tugged her hair behind her ear . “Alright then…”

“Mm…” Rhode let out deep moans as he felt Canary’s soft, gentle lips .

As though taking that as encouragement, she strengthened her suction increasingly . In an instant, the study room was in complete stillness . Rhode shut his eyes and enjoyed her gentle strokes and warm sensation…

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Knock knock knock .

Suddenly, someone visited and the door opened slowly with Lize entering the room .

“Mr . Rhode, are you there? I have something to report to you… Mr . Rhode?” Lize looked curiously at Rhode sitting behind the table .

At this moment, Rhode’s face was slightly flushed and he awkwardly tidied his messy clothes before sitting straight up with his expressionless face . “Lize, is anything the matter?” Rhode said and swept a glance at his legs—Canary was kneeling between his legs under the table, teasing him with her adorable winks and cunning smile .

She must be doing it on purpose .

Rhode let out a cough and turned his attention away from her ‘little tricks’ . At this moment, his only thought was to settle the situation with Lize and make her leave . Then, he would punish Canary for her mischievous behavior .

“Mr . Rhode, the Clerics and I have discussed regarding the Blackblade Guards . They weren’t willing to leave the Guild and go on operations with the private soldiers . I don’t have too great of a solution for it too… What do you think I should do about it…” said Lize .

“No problem . If they aren’t willing to, then leave them be . Don’t worry about it, Lize . This isn’t too surprising because they were born mercenaries, after all . Although they have gotten used to battles, wars and battles are entirely different . Besides, they aren’t familiar with my private soldiers yet and it is normal for them to be reluctant . That’s about all for this matter . I will get Bubble to see if we can recruit more manpower from the Church . After all, the Church has sought our help to train a team of Clerics who can coordinate in battles . This perhaps may be a great opportunity… Mm…” Rhode had a change in expression and he returned to normal in a split second .

“… Mr . Rhode, is anything wrong?” Lize sharply detected Rhode’s peculiar behavior . Not only that, but Lize also felt that the atmosphere of the study room was a little different from usual as soon as she stepped in . She couldn’t explain the specific difference, but the atmosphere made her heart pump faster and a strange nervousness emerged inside her as though she was about to face or reject something .

“It’s nothing, Lize . I’m feeling a little unwell . I’ll be fine after a rest . ”

“Unwell? Mr . Rhode, let me diagnose your illness . If you fall ill as a Guild Leader…” Lize walked forward but before she arrived at his side, he waved his arm and interrupted .

“It’s fine, Lize . I understand my body the best . It’s just a lack of sleep and I’ll recover after a good sleep… Mm…” Rhode laid his right hand down . The current situation was exhilarating . Canary had quickened her head motion while Lize was only two steps away from taking in the whole scene at once . Not only that, but Rhode could also see the smear of red across Canary’s fair, tender cheeks . It was apparent that she was also stimulated by this unprecedented situation .

“Mr . Rhode, do you really not require my help?” Lize was a little hesitant . She instinctively felt that Rhode was acting a little strange, but she couldn’t put a finger to it . And now, Rhode felt that Lize’s favorable, meticulous care had become the biggest problem . It would be awesome if she was as easy as Anne to get rid of . “There’s no need, Lize . You can get on to work . I have something else to… handle…”

“… Okay, Mr . Rhode,” Lize revealed a slightly disappointed expression . Then, she nodded and left the study room .

Up until this moment, the stimulation that Canary had been pumping on reached its climax .

“Mm…!” Rhode groaned and clutched the young lady’s head deep down, gushing out a burst of lust in full .

After a few moments, Rhode released his grip and Canary licked the remains at the corner of her lips gently, adding a few seductive charms to the pure, innocent-looking young lady . Then, she got up on her feet and sat on Rhode’s thighs with her legs spread apart . “Don’t tell me this is all, Rhode?”

“Of course not . This is just the start,” Rhode said evilly and thrust forward mercilessly .

“Ah…!” Canary moaned uncontrollably and embraced the man before her . She enjoyed the pleasurable pounding . “Haa…”

Lize ambled along the corridor with a rather gloomy expression . Mr . Rhode didn’t look too great and yet, he wasn’t willing to let me help… Could it be that Mr Rhode hates me? If not, why didn’t he allow me to check on his condition? Isn’t now the best time for a Cleric like me to come into good use?

A glint flashed in Lize’s eyes .

That’s right . I received a snack from before that can relieve fatigue . With this snack…

Lize walked back to the study room and when she was about to knock, she hesitated . Mr . Rhode might be asleep by now . Maybe I shouldn’t disturb him . I might as well take a peek and if Mr . Rhode is asleep, I will leave him alone .

The young lady opened a slight gap in the door .

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