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Chapter 562

“Next matter?” Rhode was taken aback .

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He thought that Lydia’s summon was for him to report on the situations in the Grosso and Fiat regions only . But, it seemed that Lydia had something else on her mind .

“That’s right . ” Lydia revealed a cheeky smile and leaned back with her fingers interlocked before her chest . She gazed at Rhode and let out a cute chuckle . “I hope you can join me in the Dragon Soul Ceremony…”

Lydia paused and shot Rhode a playful look . “Because Her Majesty is very much interested in you . ”

Rhode couldn’t hold in his emotions any longer . He widened his eyes unbelievably . He wasn’t acting . He was truly astonished… He knew that the Dragon Soul Ceremony was an annual celebration that left the Country of Light’s Parliament extremely powerless and furious . The Country of Light’s Parliament resented this ceremony and only the core members of the Munn Kingdom could participate . Since Lydia had personally invited Rhode, it showed his position in her mind . Not only that, there was only one being in this entire continent that Lydia would call ‘Her Majesty’—the heir of the Light Dragon Soul—the current Light Dragon Soul in the Country of Light .

In the game, this Light Dragon had always been a mystery to the players and was recognized as the most worthless character among the Five Creator Dragons . Before Rhode’s Starlight rose abruptly, the Dark Dragon was dominant while the Judgement & Ruling Twin Dragons of the Country of Law played a critical role in its position on the entire continent . The Void Dragon that had disappeared in the history revived in the Deepest Labyrinth and swept the world with the invincible BOSS .

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But, what about the Light Dragon?

As a head of a dominant country that conquered one-third of the continent, the Light Dragon was nothing more than a puppet! Not only that, it had never shown itself to anyone and everyone had only heard its voice . Even though the Munn Kingdom offered gold to the Light Dragon every year, the hand-over ceremony wasn’t open to the public . It could be said that no one apart from the NPCs had seen the Light Dragon’s true identity . Although players had tried to sneak in and take a peek, they were instantly blasted to bits by the Archangels surrounding the Light Dragon . The only conclusion that could be drawn was that the heir of the Light Dragon was a female . If not, the Light Parliament wouldn’t have pleased the Dark Dragon by offering her… Unless the Dark Dragon preferred males?

Just look at it . Even the players had to guess the gender of the Light Dragon heir based on the Light Parliament’s movements . This went to show how mysterious the Light Dragon’s identity was and even after the Country of Light had been thoroughly destroyed, the players didn’t find out anything about her . How could the players who loved to dig secrets of the game endure this torture! Got to admit, although the Light Parliament acted foolishly in many aspects, they did great in maintaining their authority because not any organization could keep the secrets of the Light Dragon to this extent .

And now, Rhode actually had the chance to see the Light Dragon personally?

However, it wasn’t all joyous after this surprise . Instead, it was complicated dissatisfactions and hatred .

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It might be seen as a pure interest toward the mystery of the Light Dragon for the players of other countries . However, it wasn’t all fun and games for the players of the Munn Kingdom . Players didn’t have too much sense of belonging in the countries of the game . The players of the Munn Kingdom adored Lydia, but they lacked favorable impressions on the Light Dragon that they had never seen before . Although Lydia was respectful toward the Light Dragon, the players’ first reaction was to stick out their middle finger and curse the crap out of the useless Light Dragon .

The Munn Kingdom had done so much for the Light Dragon, but this damn heir did nothing in return and in the end, she even looked on as the Light Parliament backstabbed them .  That’s right . You, Light Dragon, are just a useless puppet . Will it cost your life to speak up?

To the players of the Munn Kingdom, the Light Dragon was similar to Liu Chan of the Three Kingdoms Period; a worthless character . The players had curiously discussed on the forums as to why the Light Dragon didn’t show up even in such critical junctures . Was it because her forces were too weak? The Munn Kingdom stayed faithful and true to her and the three Archangels were widely-known powerful presences on the continent . But why didn’t she step up when the Munn Kingdom was backstabbed and when the Country of Darkness attacked?

Some players suspected that the Light Dragon was an astute and circumspect conspirator who manipulated the three Archangels to achieve her hidden goals and even controlled the Light Parliament to slaughter in order to capture statuses . Got to say, this conspiracy was widely accepted by the players . After all, everyone loved plot twists to high-level conspiracies…

But after the Munn Kingdom collapsed and the Country of Light offered the Light Dragon to seek peace from the Country of Darkness, the players finally realized — The Light Dragon was literally as useless as a decorative item without any purpose at all!

This was something that Rhode and the players of the Munn Kingdom couldn’t accept . They would accept it if Lydia and the Munn Kingdom had fallen into the hands of the conspiracy . However, they failed due to one’s incompetence!

It was far more difficult to accept failure due to one’s incompetence rather than to conspiracy . If the Light Dragon wasn’t devoured by the Dark Dragon in the end, Rhode would have led his Guild to slaughter that worthless fella . But she was lucky that the Dark Dragon had made the first move and Rhode had no choice but to fulfill his ‘Nation-saving’ desire by annihilating the Dark Dragon .

But now… The Light Dragon wants to meet me?

Rhode had mixed emotions . It felt as though a person was reborn as Zhao Yun and he discovered that he was carrying a future disaster in his arm . Was he better off abandoning the disaster before it happened or keep it with him safely?

Lydia had no opinions about the Light Dragon, even until the very end . She wasn’t resentful for the Light Dragon abandoning her . However, Rhode couldn’t accept it . The Light Dragon had caused the most trouble for Rhode . Facing such an incompetent Light Dragon… Frankly speaking, he wasn’t interested in meeting such trash . He didn’t feel that he had anything good to talk about with the puppet of the Light Parliament . Besides, he didn’t feel comfortable whenever he thought about the disaster caused by this worthless puppet and the consequences of the Munn Kingdom and its players .

Moreover, he felt strange about the Light Dragon’s invitation . He was sure that this wasn’t a part of a system mission . If it were in the past, there were many players with high reputation in the Munn Kingdom and there weren’t any invitations sent out to them from the Light Dragon .  But now, she has gotten Lydia to invite me? What’s going? Although I’ve indeed accomplished some reputable missions, these missions only made me popular in the Munn Kingdom . So why would the Light Dragon of the Country of Light know anything about me?

Rhode gazed at Lydia silently while Lydia revealed a surprised and curious expression . She wasn’t aware that Rhode disliked the Light Dragon and this was why she felt strange as to how Rhode calmed down in mere seconds . Although he didn’t feel good about the Light Dragon one bit, this invitation was, after all, asked by Lydia and he couldn’t possibly reject her…

I shall treat this as fulfilling my wish as a player to observe clearly for myself the exact body measurements of this Light Dragon .

Not only that, but Rhode had also sensed a message from Lydia’s words . The Dragon Soul Ceremony would be held at the end of the year and it was apparent that Lydia had intended to end the war surrounding the Munn Kingdom within the next three months!

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