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Chapter 557: 557

John didn’t respond immediately . Instead, he scrutinized Rhode with a trusting expression . “This is about me and the Rockefeller Family, Mr . Alander . I don’t think you need to intervene . Besides… I don’t see the reason why . ”

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That’s true .

If Rhode didn’t know the value of this man, he definitely wouldn’t do it . Although the Rockefeller Family had waned in the North, they, after all, were a traditional noble family . The difference between traditional nobles and emerging nobles was that not only was the former representing their family, they also represented the interest of a social class . Any abuses hurled on traditional nobles would be seen as a confrontation to the entire class which affected the dignity of the ruling class . If Rhode acted on his own accord, he might become an unpopular figure in the King’s Party . Therefore, it was logical for John to have such a doubt . If Rhode was an emerging noble in the South, it wouldn’t be strange that he proposed such a deal . The emerging nobles had always expected to overthrow the rule of the traditional nobles and replace their position . However, Rhode was different . He lived in the North and had always been a supporter of the King’s Party . Although the Rockefeller Family wasn’t powerful or reputable in the North, it would equal Rhode digging his own grave by doing so .

Besides, everyone in the South was aware that Rhode and the Senia Family had a close relationship . The Senia Family’s popular magical genius, Marlene, was even in Rhode’s Guild . No one from the civilian to the noble classes understood why the heir of the largest family in the Munn Kingdom lowered her identity and joined a mercenary group . But the relationship between Rhode and the Senia Family was apparent to the public . The Senia Family was the backbone of the traditional nobles so John would never believe that Rhode would overturn the Rockefeller Family .

Although John’s doubts were reasonable, Rhode didn’t explain his views . Rhode couldn’t possibly let John know about his political standpoint . Besides, even though Rhode knew what would happen to this continent in the future, he couldn’t possibly inform John like a deity .

However, this wasn’t enough to leave Rhode speechless . “The reason as to why I’m willing to help you is very simple . I admire your capabilities . ”

“My capabilities?” The tension in John’s expression eased .

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“That’s right, Mr . John . You possess great capabilities… I wasn’t only referring to your strength, but also your talent in commanding troops . This is why I hope you can become my subordinate . ”

“What a joke, Mr . Alander . Even though I’m capable of leading troops in war, surely you wouldn’t hand your mercenaries over to my command, right? Pardon my bluntness, if you’re only seeking pleasure in messing with me, I hope you can stop it now . Although I’m a captive, I do have my pride . ”

“Of course, I understand that, Mr . John . Just look at all the beautiful ladies around me . No matter how bored I am, I wouldn’t be spending my time with a man at this hour, right?” Rhode cracked a joke and John revealed a smile .

Indeed . Even though Rhode didn’t seem too desperate to recruit him into the Guild, John felt that this man was somewhat interesting . Yes, he wasn’t only referring to his appearance .

John didn’t have a favorable impression of Rhode before they met . Rhode’s reputation in the South had been terrible ever since the end of the Midsummer Festival . As a member of the Southern Legion, John had heard no lack of remarks from his comrades about this brutal demon . Rhode was scheming, vicious, barbaric, and shameless . In other words, it wasn’t improper to describe this man with all the negative adjectives in the dictionary . Furthermore, he had even used such cruel methods to get rid of the Liberty Wings and the Southern Port’s pride and hero, Rosen . Some people believed that Rhode was simply a lackey of the King’s Party and among the rumors between the civilians, Rhode was portrayed as a sinister, insidious scum .

John had also paid certain attention to Rhode . Rhode was younger than him, but he had attained higher achievements . Even though this attracted John’s attention, he was still doubtful about the rumors that he heard spreading among the civilians . If Rhode was really that sinister and shameless, the civilians wouldn’t possibly see through his disguise because a truly treacherous man wouldn’t allow that many people to see through him . If not, his acting skills would be too weak . If the civilians were able to see through his true colors, wouldn’t he be down the road to ruin? How could he possibly receive such high praises from Royal Highness Lydia and the King’s Party?

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And now, it seemed to be true .

“If you don’t wish to join my Guild and be my subordinate, I can leave you with another choice . ” Rhode folded his arms and looked at John confidently . “Are you interested in being my henchman, Mr . John?”

“Henchman?” John looked blankly for a moment and suddenly, he recalled that this man wasn’t only a Guild leader! He was also an official Baron!

An officially recognized noble!

John fell into deep thoughts . He wasn’t willing to be a mercenary . But it would be entirely different if he became the henchman of a noble, which would be a great choice for most soldiers . Rhode knew that John would become one of the most impressive generals of the Munn Kingdom, but John definitely wasn’t aware of that . At this moment, John was nothing more than a Cavalry Leader with a bright future and even he wasn’t sure of what was to come . It could even be said that if General Dade didn’t look after him just like his biological father, perhaps he would still be mingling among the ordinary soldiers .

And now, General Dade had been captured and even if John escaped back to the Southern Legion, he might even be locked up . But if he became Rhode’s henchman, his revenge for his mother…

“How about that, Mr . John?” Rhode broke his thoughts . “I understand your worries and hesitations, so I have a suggestion . Two years . Serve as my henchman for two years and within two years, I will find the opportunity to fulfill my promise to seek revenge for you . If I fail to do so within two years, you will be free to leave and I will not stop you . But I have to remind you that I will be the one deciding on when to seek revenge . You understand what I mean?”

John stared blankly . Got to admit, this sounded like a way . But… Two years? Will he release me after two years?

“The answer to this question lies in you, Mr John . I believe that you wouldn’t go back on your words, but it depends on you if you choose to believe mine . ” Rhode continued to fold his arms and even though he revealed a calm expression, his heart was actually pounding .

After all, there wasn’t any basis for commitment and cooperation between the two parties . John was worried that Rhode would go back on his words and Rhode was concerned that John would feign his compliance to slip away or provoke the Rockefeller Family during inappropriate times .

These weren’t all delusions that were born out of nothing . In the game, Rhode had seen several such incidents where the lower limit of players was infinitely negative and they could do everything shamelessly . It was especially so for a large-scale Guild like Starlight that needed to recruit fresh blood every day . Some players thirsted for clinging onto Starlight’s popularity, looked forward to making use of Starlight to reach their personal goals and were even spies sent by opposing Guilds to wreak havoc internally . Some players had even laid their eyes on the high-level female players and tried to engage in one-night stands, cyberdates, and naked webcam chats to destroy their reputation . Mini Bubble Gum and Canary had faced similar incidents and from another aspect, this showed how Starlight was prone to attacks and criticisms .

In the history of the game, John’s moral quality was mainly trustworthy . Based on his actions to seek revenge on the Rockefellers before fighting for the nation, it proved that his desire for revenge was immense and reckless .  If that is true, will I be able to manage him properly?

Rhode felt that it was worth a shot . After all, he would be adding another formidable man into his arsenal if this risk paid off . Currently, Rhode’s men were mainly good in circuitous combat and Anne was the only hawk . However, she wasn’t an expert in leading troops and she preferred individual battles . This quality of hers wouldn’t be too effective against the Undead Army . Starlight would need to meet force with force with the Undead Army and gather its forces into a solid steel hammer to smash large damage into them .

The potential risk in John was unconfirmed, however, Rhode was sure of the Undead Army’s threat . After comparing both of them, Rhode had finally chosen to give it a shot . Anyway, it wouldn’t be too late for him to resolve any problems that arose from John .

John pondered for a long while . It was apparent that he had the same worries as Rhode . Besides, John was much more worried than Rhode . After all, Rhode’s impression of John’s future was a good basis, but in John’s eyes, Rhode’s reputation wasn’t that great . Although most of the unfavorable things that he heard about Rhode were rumors, there must be certain reliable reasons for this man to be judged this terribly… Can I really trust him?

“I have two conditions, Mr . Alander,” John made up his mind and lifted his head . “First, I hope you can release my comrades . Second . I hope you can allow General Dade to leave this place safely . ”

“I can promise the first, but not the second . You and I are aware of General Dade’s worth . I can only ensure General Dade’s safety, but it is impossible to release him,” Rhode answered decisively .

On the other hand, John didn’t fly into a rage . Instead, he revealed a smile . “Alright then, from now onward, I will be your henchman, Sir . ”

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