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Chapter 530

Oh, Lord!

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Kesot’s tears almost flowed out of his watery eyes as soon as he heard the hopeful voice . He suspected he was actually hallucinating . A Battle Angel shrouded in light halos descended from the sky . She stood before everyone with a glorious sword, staring sternly at the Demon and Necromancer, her spotlessly white wings expanding gracefully . She glanced at Kesot and the soldiers who collapsed to the ground . She swung her right hand and a white halo expanded towards them . Kesot felt a warm, comfortable sensation brushing his face and the stinging pain in his legs faded away . Not only that, but his injuries were also recovering slowly .

Battle Angel…!

Kesot scrambled to his feet and revealed a delighted, hopeful smile . But his expression stiffened almost immediately after .

Battle Angel…

Kesot would’ve run up to express his gratitude without hesitation and he would even command his men to buck up and fight the Undead Creatures wholeheartedly . But now, he felt extremely awkward because Battle Angels had withdrawn from the southern boundaries after the declaration of independence and both parties were basically enemies now . Yet, this Battle Angel was fighting for them…

Should I help the Battle Angel? Or should I attack the Battle Angel instead… Kesot felt ridiculous having such hesitations when the answer should have been obvious…

Kesot gazed cautiously at the Battle Angel who was facing off with the Demon . He secretly gestured to the soldiers and led them away from this dangerous place . The terrifying Demon and Necromancer had shifted their attention to the Battle Angel and this was the best opportunity for them to escape . Some of the soldiers knitted their brows and signaled back to Kesot in a questioning gesture . However, most of them understood the situation . Even though the appearance of this Battle Angel was a huge favor, they could neither help nor abandon her… This conflict of decisions clouded their judgments and eventually, the desire to survive prevailed over their honor . The soldiers followed Kesot’s lead to escape this nightmarish place .

“Huhuhu…” Celestina chortled and covered her mouth with her right hand elegantly . She lifted her chin and gazed at Celia with a look of disdain . “Haven’t you realized that those weak, cowardly swines are escaping behind your backs, Little Fella? So they are the people that you’re protecting? This group of inferior, incompetent scums? They were about to die in my hands and your sudden appearance has given them a chance to live their pathetic lives again . And now, they left without saying anything to you . Don’t you feel angry at all?”

The Demon young lady prideful, arrogant laughter resounded in the battlefield, freezing the expressions of the retreating soldiers . Some soldiers had the urge to charge in and swing their swords at her, but they were instantly held back by their comrades . No one knew which exactly was the right choice in this awkward situation . They were as astounded and grateful as Kesot that a Battle Angel had come to rescue them . At the same time, some of them disregarded everything and the only thought in their heads was to get away as far as possible .  Who cares about that Battle Angel? Hahaha . It is her job to deal with the Demon and Necromancer . Moreover, we are wasting our weak, useless lives if we fight against them . The Battle Angels are our enemies now and we have shown extreme benevolence to not stab her in the back . Don’t even think of us helping the Battle Angel . Dream on .

Celia was unperturbed by Celestina’s mocking . She waved her sword into an attacking stance and silver-whitish holy flames burned on its blade . “This is my duty… No matter what, evil must be eliminated . I won’t allow both of you to continue wreaking havoc anymore . ”

(The evil that you’re referring to is behind your back now, adorable Little Sister . )

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Celestina twitched her brows as she communicated with Celia spiritually and licked her lips wet .

(Well, that’s fine too . Back then, we weren’t able to determine a victor and it’s different now… Watch out for your back, my adorable Little Sister . I will not make the same mistake twice . )

Celestina chuckled . Then, she raised her hand and swung forward!


A dozen thorny whips fluttered, transformed into a massive black claw and pounced toward Celia . This scene captured the attention of the soldiers in the distance because they knew that this attack of hers was unstoppable .

Celia brandished her sword and flew forward like a fired arrow . As Celestina’s younger sister, she knew her battle style perfectly . Celestina’s mastery on the thorny whips had reached perfection . If Celia dodged and retreated, she would fall into Celestina’s deadly assault momentum!

Celia flitted forward like a lightning bolt and dodged Celestina’s attack . However, Celestina’s reaction wasn’t slow either . She let out a snort and lifted her skirt with her left hand while her right pressing downward . This movement stopped the whips abruptly and they turned around, pouncing toward Celia like a surging wave . Celia threshed her wings skyward and the whizzing whips brushed her soles, crushing the spot where she stood and left a deep, ghastly gash .

Everything was the same as that day .

Celia lifted her head and gazed forward . The bottom of the river before her had transformed into a tall, gorgeous arena . She had as though returned to that day when her sisters observed her battle for honor and pride . It was the same back then with Celestina displaying her usual mocking smile, gazing at her while Celia had chosen to continue attacking…

“Heyah!” Celia felt a shiver went down her spine and she dwindled her train of thoughts hurriedly . She flapped her wings and rolled back in a circular motion, brushing the viper-like thorny whips fluttering into the air . Ear-piercing friction rang out and left deep scars on her metallic armor .

“Hmm?” Celestina widened her eyes in surprise . Like her younger sister, she had also recalled the battle where both of them gambled their honor . Celia performed almost exactly as she did, except that she was caught on her ankle by the whip when she didn’t dodge .

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(You seem to have improved a lot, my dear Little Sister . )

(Sister Celestina, it is not that I will never grow forever!)

The Battle Angel lifted her sword and the silver-whitish flames blasted into the sky like a raging flame column . Celia slashed her burning blade down with all her might .

Bam! The whizzing blaze transformed into a glaring torrent of light that launched from her blade . The pure, powerful holy powers devoured Celestina’s thorny whips and blasted toward her entirely . The Demon young lady tossed the whips from her hands and took a step back, lifting the ends of her skirt gracefully . Her black wings expanded widely and lifted her high up . Her scarlet pupils shrunk as she scrutinized Celia carefully .

The ground attacks had ended and now was the time for midair attacks .

“Heyah!” As Celestina flew into the air, Celia darted forward in a single silverish brilliance with her sword . Celestina dodged Celia’s holy torrent of light and the edge of Celia’s blade emerged before her . Just a step forward and the razor-sharp silver blade would puncture Celestina’s body entirely .


(But, I do have growth myself too, my adorable Little Sister . )

Celestina’s voice was still as arrogant as ever . She stared at the sword with her scarlet pupils and she had never revealed any expression of fear and panic . Celia sensed that something was off, but it was too late .

Shing! Celia felt a bone-piercing pain from her wrists . She turned around and discovered two thorny whips had appeared behind her and wrapped around her wrists .

These aren’t whips at all .

Celia glared at Celestina furiously . She knew that she couldn’t belittle Celestina’s whip attacks because she had witnessed firsthand how Celestina manipulated the thorny whips with just a slight movement of her wrists, even making into a beautiful bow . These thorny whips were like alive, vigorous vipers . Celia thought that she had been careful enough, but she didn’t realize that Celestina was even more cautious than her . It seemed that Celestina had purposely left two thorny whips to tail Celia, lurking to strike at the most crucial moment .

“Goodbye, Miss Battle Angel,” said Celestina .

Even though Celia was bound by the thorny whips, she reacted swiftly by shrouding herself entirely with the silver-whitish holy flames . However, she was too late as Celestina’s tender, white palms phased through her defenses and pressed on her chest softly .

“Hurry up!” Kesot waved his sword and gathered his soldiers hurriedly .

However, the Undead Army was catching up quickly . When Celia and Celestina were battling it out, the Undead Army by the rear had swarmed over like a whirlwind to cut off the soldiers’ way of retreat .

Are we really gonna die here?

Bam! A white figure fell from the sky and landed in the masses of Undead Army . It was the Battle Angel that was battling the Demon, and she had lost miserably .

“Argh…” Celia sprawled on the ground in a defeated manner . When she opened her eyes, all she saw were ice-cold blades pointing at her . “!!”

Celia was gobsmacked to find herself landed into the sea of Undead Army . She expanded her white wings quickly and spread apart silver-whitish flames to devour the Undead Fighters entirely, burning them into filthy dust that vanished in the air .

“Go!” Celia yelled at the pale-faced soldiers as she raised her sword to bring forth her holy flames .

Celestina descended from above bursting out in crisp, evil laughter . The nimble whip in her hand had become sharp, solid thorns as she struck toward Celia’s wings and body . This time, Celia was powerless .

Celia managed to deflect the threat with her sword . However, two of the sharp thorns pierced into her wings . She shrieked painfully as the impact blasted her back to the ground . Then, Celestina’s thorny whip fluttered forward and bound her entirety .

“Stop struggling meaninglessly, useless trash,” Celestina revealed a satisfied smile as she looked down at the Battle Angel crawling on the ground .

At this moment, the Necromancer approached Celestina and she took a step back with a restrained expression . “So then, I’ll leave the next to you, Master . ”

“Yes… Leave it to me . Heh heh heh…” A hoarse, deep, and disturbing voice sounded from the back of the white mask which left the soldiers trembling . However, the Necromancer seemed to be disinterested in the weak humans as he scrutinized Celia and laughed disgustingly . “This is interesting . An Angel… I have never caught a prey like this . But now, you’re mine…”

“Wishful thinking!” Celia frowned and struck her sword to fend off the Undead Fighters approaching her . She glared at the Necromancer fiercely . “I will never ever yield to evil! You fallen souls, your conspiracy will never succeed!”

“Well, I wouldn’t be so sure…” The Necromancer strolled forward and lifted her chin with a finger as though he were admiring his exotic pet . “Soon, you and your foolish mortals will become my most loyal slaves . You shall fight for me, reaping death and darkness… Now, I will turn you into my servant . Accept this…”

The Necromancer retrieved an odd, black sphere object from his pocket .

“Never! I will never surrender to darkness!” Celia rose her head abruptly and glared at the Necromancer . She swayed her body violently and tore her wings free from Celestina’s bind . The Necromancer and Demon young lady widened their eyes in astonishment and Celia pierced the holy silver blade into her body . “You will eventually be destroyed, you fallen souls!”

The silver-whitish flames exploded in her body and devoured her entirety .

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