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Chapter 516

Rhode leaped skyward and in a blink of an eye, he arrived before the enemies’ face .

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The soldiers standing guards didn’t expect that a person would emerge from the fog that quickly . Rhode gazed at the fear in their widened round eyes and he made his move .

Two shimmering blades unsheathed from Rhode’s waist .

Madaras and Gracier pierced into two soldiers’ chest without any resistance before swinging in a cross . A dozen energy blades exploded and tore apart everything in their path .

Rhode spotted a brigade of soldiers equipped with shields and swords charging toward him from the corner of his eye . Based on their appearances, they were the unlucky Lion Legion who had the first ‘intimate encounter’ with Rhode .

I didn’t expect to see them again .

Rhode’s mouth curved into a smile and he headed toward them!

The reinforcements were frightened because they had never seen anyone dashing toward a brigade of soldiers alone .  There are at least 300 soldiers around and does he think that he can defeat all of them by himself?

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Even though these military soldiers reacted quickly, Rhode’s movements were too fast for them . As they were about to shift their shields before them, Rhode had arrived with his daggers .

A dazzling, meteor-like brilliance emanated from the twin daggers and exploded into multiple light beams . The immense force was as though a powerful tornado that ripped the soldiers’ limbs apart . Fresh blood splattered and the soldiers collapsed with their severed limbs scattered all around .

This devastating view stunned the Lion Legion soldiers . Even though the soldiers were prepared to risk their lives for battles, these unlucky maggots still remembered the earlier battle when Rhode’s mercenaries had thrashed them terribly . Even a fish would have a memory span of up to 16 hours, not to mention these soldiers who had suffered a crushing defeat . Fear compelled them from advancing and Rhode seized this opportunity to leap away .

“Attack!” The Lion Legion soldiers gave chase almost instantly . However, multiple dark halos descended from above and shrouded them entirely . They felt an immensely painful pressure all around their body as though they were trapped between huge boulders . And what followed next was even more horrifying .

They were instantly reminded of the battle in the morning where they had actually gained the upper hand before everything crumbled . But suddenly…

The soldiers realized that the fear in their minds had become a reality .

Mercenaries clad in black leather armor and cloak emerged from the thick fog sneakily like specters .

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Hopeless expressions were plastered on the Lion Legion soldiers’ faces . They tried to escape, but the pressure clung onto their bodies tightly . They were in front of the Fortress and on the frontlines while the horrifying enemies surrounded them . The soldiers lifted their weapons and the mercenaries unsheathed their swords . No one uttered a single word because no words could save them now .

The ‘demons in black cloaks’ perforated the Lion Legion instantly .

The camp by the rear should have been safe and peaceful, but it turned into a horrific, bloody battleground instead .

Rhode strode toward two gorgeously armored soldiers with their raised swords . Without even blinking, Rhode wielded his twin daggers upward and deflected their attacks . He jerked his wrists and the energy blades slashed the poor soldiers right through their sturdy armors . Two crescent-shaped blade rays beamed and streaks of scarlet blood splashed skyward .

The remaining soldiers flinched frantically as they no longer felt secure with their ‘reliable’ weapons and shields .

The enemy soldiers retreated frantically, but Rhode’s mercenaries chased them like hawks eyeing on their prey .

“What happened?!” Thon ran out of the tent and stared at the commotion behind the camp blankly . A dozen pitch-black figures darted forward and swept his soldiers away like a flood that devoured their entirety .

How is this possible?

Thon froze to the spot . He did receive the report from the Lion Legion, but he chose to believe that it was an excuse that the Lion Legion came up with so that they could cut their losses . Now, it seemed that these people were truly as formidable as what they had described .  Who exactly are they? Where did they come from? Why haven’t I heard of such a tough legion?

“S-Stop them quickly!” Thong felt chills all over his body as though he were soaked in the ice-cold ocean . But, even so, he commanded and another hundred soldiers reported to him speedily . Even as the acting Commander of the Southern Legion frontline, Thon had his own troops who were much stronger than the three big legions in terms of quality and strength . Due to this reason, Thon convinced himself that this wasn’t over yet . He had discovered that there were only a dozen enemies and their rear ambush was apparent to catch himself off guard .  But it’s a pity that I’m not that foolish .

Thon let out an evil laughter as his elite troops aimed their bows at the enemies ahead . At the next moment, countless arrows were released and Thon watched on anxiously as he began to fantasize the scene when the enemies were pierced by the arrows .

But his expression turned stiff almost immediately .

A translucent defensive barrier emerged over the soldiers and none of the arrows were effective as they were deflected right off .

What’s going on?

How is this possible?

Who exactly are these people? How did they do that?

Thon couldn’t stay calm any longer . He lifted his arm high up and swung downwards with all his might .

The soldiers gathered their Commander swiftly while disregarding the other retreating soldiers . Thon felt much more relieved because, after all, these soldiers were his elites and they weren’t the worthless trash of the three big legions .

And at this moment, he spotted a black-haired man strolling out from the pitch-black group of soldiers . The black-haired man halted and revealed a generous smile . “I’ve finally found you, Commander . ”

That was the last sentence that Thon had heard .

An enormous net weaved from a dozen dazzling spiritual blades emerged in thin air and enveloped him completely…

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