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Chapter 515

Outcries filled the entire sky .

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The fox-eared young lady sat on a boulder while humming a strange little tune casually . Her tail swayed non-stop as she admired the night sky as though there were a beautiful garden instead of a battlefield before her .

At this moment, Gillian’s furry ears twitched and she revealed a cheeky little smile on her pretty face . Shortly after, she stood on her feet and chuckled at the fog and battlefield before her . “I knew that pervert wouldn’t be able to come up with anything good . Huhu . It seems that I don’t have to stay in this ridiculous place to count stars anymore…”

The young lady lifted her right arm and dazzling flares emerged behind her one after another . Stacked, dense, and brilliant fireballs ripped the darkness apart . Shortly after, a dozen figures wrapped in cloaks stood to their feet and aimed their bows forward .

“Tsk! Annoying bastards!” The Aquiline Nose who mocked the Lion Legion during the mission briefing was no longer as high-spirited . He stared at the worn-out Fortress in a distance with bloodshot eyes because, at this moment, the Fortress kept giving them trouble from time to time as though they were aware of their enemy’s lack of manpower . Initially, the Aquiline Nose wasn’t too mindful because even if he had insufficient manpower, there were still other soldiers present to provide cover . However, he discovered that this battle wasn’t as simple as he thought . Even though the Black Panther Legion was responsible for the main assault, those bastards seemed to be afraid of death and they seldom launched their attacks forward . On the other hand, the Falcon Legion that he led rushed into the Fortress’ attacking range foolishly and even though there wasn’t a disastrous amount of casualties, he lost quite a number of his men .

The Falcon Legion was full of Military Rangers . Even though they had quick maneuvers, they weren’t experts in frontal attacks . This was also why Thon had arranged for the Falcon Legion to provide cover for the Black Panther Legion . Now that the Falcon Legion had been forced into a frontal battle, the Aquiline Nose changed his tactic to abandon the battlefield in order to put the Black Panther Legion in the heart of the struggle .

Even though both legions had ulterior motives, this battle had to continue and the Fortress must be taken down . After clear communications, the Falcon Legion and Black Panther Legion coordinated and advance forward .

However, Garcia proved yet again that he wasn’t just an ordinary Fortress Commander . “Ignore the nest of mice in the back . Watch out for the front . Be careful, provide cover!”

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He yelled from above the Fortress walls while signaling to his men to stay alert of the arrows shot from the distance . He hacked his blade into an intruder’s skull and snorted in contempt before lunging the corpse over the wall . Then, he rolled over to dodge an incoming arrow that landed from the sky .

The fog began to thicken as each second passed and it became disadvantageous for enemies archers because they couldn’t locate their targets . Garcia changed his tactic and ordered his troops to focus on defending the Fortress walls fully since the enemies wouldn’t immediately spot them even if they climbed up the walls . This turned out to be a good opportunity for Garcia .

However, his pressure was also increasing dramatically .

He gritted his teeth and gazed at the flares in a distance . Rhode figured that there might be some discoordination in the enemy’s camp while Garcia totally realized what the enemy’s problems were . The three legions hoped to diminish Garcia’s strength and preserve theirs . There was an instant when their battleline split apart during their attacks and now, it seemed that the frontline legion had resolved the problem even though the rear wasn’t moving at all .

Garcia felt anxious because he didn’t know Rhode’s location and he couldn’t update him the dire situation . If it was possible, he wished that he could inform Rhode to act according to their plan because he sensed that the frontline legion’s aggression was increasing gradually and it would then be a great chance to launch a raid from the rear since they were totally separated .

“S-Sir, we can’t hold on any longer!” Garcia’s man reported frantically as Garcia struck off another enemy’s attack . Garcia turned around and witnessed that several enemy soldiers had climbed over the walls and were clashing swords with his garrison . Even though Garcia had the upper hand, he also knew that this advantage wouldn’t last too long .

If that’s the case…

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As Garcia was pondering his options, there was a sudden glaring flash .

Garcia turned around involuntarily and witnessed an incredible scene .

An earth-shattering storm of fireballs descended from the night sky and crushed the Southern Legion soldiers who were climbing over the Fortress walls . Even though the fireballs weren’t lethal, their massive amount was adequate to burn an incomparable fear into the enemy’s mind . The Southern Legion soldiers had focused all their attention on attacking the Fortress and they didn’t expect that they would be raided from the rear .

“Ambush!” The Aquiline Nose was dumbstruck . He turned around subconsciously and realized that a group of invaders had emerged without prior warning .  Are they the mysterious reinforcements that the Lion Legion reported? Damn it! Why didn’t they report that there was a Mage within them? Worthless bastards!

It would be a totally different ending with or without a Mage in the battlefield and it was obvious that this Mage’s attack was powerful . He had been in the military for decades and he had never seen such a terrifying storm of flames .

As a seasoned soldier, the Aquiline Nose didn’t hesitate for too long . He turned around and ordered at the top of his lungs . “Everyone! Attack the rear! Go go go!”

The Falcon Legion changed their directions rapidly and charged towards the enemies under their Commander’s lead . No matter how powerful Mages might be, their weakness was still close-combat battles!

Another wave of fireballs blasted over their heads and bombarded the foot of the Fortress, causing instant chaos . The Aquiline Nose knew that the Black Panther Legion soldiers were surely panicking right now because no one could stand between an enemy attack from the front and rear simultaneously .  We wasted too much time and that bastard, Thon, doesn’t seem to be sending reinforcements . How do we fight this battle?

A series of whizzing gales brushed their ears and the soldiers around the Aquiline Nose fell from their horses .

Enemy Archers!

The Aquiline Nose sulked, but he continued to brandish the horsewhip and charge toward the enemy .  We are only 20 meters away from those damn enemies and just a little more will…

“Aiyaiyai . You arrived at the right time…”

Gillian revealed her sly, yet delightful smile and pointed her right index finger forward to swipe rightward .

A scorching wall of flames rose from the ground abruptly, forcing the Aquiline Nose to tug his reins as he stared at it with an ashen complexion .


The massive firewall crashed on the Aquiline Nose and devoured him mercilessly .

“What’s going on?!” Thon jumped on his feet and stared in disbelief at the scarlet flames that illuminated almost the entire sky . It would be a great omen if the Fortress was submerged in a sea of flames, but he knew that the Fortress wasn’t in the strike zone .

Damn it, they have a Mage? The Lion Legion kept this information from us? How can we fight them?

“Sir!” A soldier rushed in with a pale complexion . “There is an ambush and our men have suffered grave injuries . The Black Panther Legion is in a deadlock with the Fortress garrison . Please send reinforcements!”


A chill went down Thon’s spine and as he gaped…


At this moment, a blood-curdling screech filled the night sky .

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