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Chapter 502

Daviet Belson .

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The Mist Sword Saint .

The vice-captain of the ‘Luminous Blade’ Legion in the Country of Light’s Parliament . As one of the experts in the Country of Light, not only did he possess a god-like ‘Mist Swordsmanship’, but he was also a respected battlefield commander . He had participated in the Seven Nights Holy Battle, Fifth Eastern Expedition, and the Beria Wrest Battle and enjoyed considerable privileges in the Parliament’s Commander Division . Ever since Daviet transcended into the Legendary Stage 50 years ago, he became one of the brightest stars in the Country of Light .

But now, this highly-respected expert who possessed huge influence and valiant strength had just been called a ‘slut’ by a little girl .

Everyone was dumbstruck .

The corners of Lydia’s mouth twitched while she observed with interest . But shortly after, she turned around to gaze at the Fortress . The Battle Angels standing behind her lowered their heads hurriedly while their wings shuddered non-stop . Meanwhile, Amund was totally dumbfounded . He stared with widened eyes at the little girl as he had never seen anyone ridicule the Mist Sword Saint before .

But this wasn’t the most important part .

As a spellcaster, Amund naturally sensed her formidable strength . If he interacted using his spiritual energy, without seeing with his eyes, he could feel that there were several light halos circulating around the petite girl and under her feet were 10 pure magical halos merging into a medium sized circle moving with the girl in the center . There were seven complicated crisscross rune lines before her that wrapped her body while following an ancient, yet sacred pattern . As for above her head…

He couldn’t look straight at the spiritual radiance that was simply too dazzling . Amund probed slightly and he instantly felt the surging burst of radiance from within . The radiance wasn’t packed with a holy aura like Lydia’s; instead, the soothing and comfortable effects of the Light Element had become an exposed, dangerous razor-sharp blade .

Inner Circle Grand Mage—Saint Spirit .

Amund twitched his brows as this feat wasn’t easily achievable by anyone . He had once witnessed the Archbishop in the palace of the Country of Law . However, even the Archbishop didn’t possess such pure, overwhelming Light powers . Who exactly was this girl? She should be a Cleric, judging from her dressing . But her appearance wasn’t enough to tell her true identity . She didn’t look like she was a member of the Church . But if she wasn’t a member of the Church… there were no Cleric who weren’t nurtured by the Church on this entire continent . Unlike the Mage’s style in using spiritual energy, the Clerics had their own set of teachings . Besides, due to the differences in the essence of their spiritual energy usages, it was impossible for a Cleric to switch to another class .

Of course, the Angels were exceptions as they were born with a holy bloodline and were able to cast Cleric spells .

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No matter her humanly pupils, eyes or appearance, this little girl didn’t seem to have any features of an Angel . But… How could a Cleric be this belligerent? The vengeful and evil tendencies that she displayed when she confronted Daviet left even Amund feeling perturbed .

Lydia was purely enjoying the bustling scene . On the contrary, MP Danny and his men were completely frightened . The Mist Sword Saint was a prestigious figure in the Country of Light and even when people were discussing him privately, they would often feel a deep veneration for him . This was more than enough to prove the Mist Sword Saint’s great reputation . And yet, this little girl abused him verbally without any restraint!!!

Nothing could describe the feelings of MP Danny and his men other than the exclamation marks .

Rhode was the only one who wasn’t surprised by Bubble’s words . After all, he knew where her hatred towards the Mist Sword Saint stemmed from . In the game, when the Country of Light was invaded by the Country of Darkness, the Parliament ordered the Munn Kingdom to provide assistance in defense . Duchess Lydia dispatched her army and also gathered a huge amount of players towards the west battlefront commanded by Daviet to aid the Country of Light against the attack of the Country of Darkness .

After the Country of Darkness’s army arrived, Daviet had symbolically chosen to retreat and left the responsibilities of protecting the escaping populace and resisting the Country of Darkness to the players and the Munn Kingdom army . After the players and Munn Kingdom army put up a life and death struggle and finally led the refugees out of the tiger’s den, this Sword Saint that disappeared from the very start and his well-trained army appeared behind them to ‘receive’ the refugees . Furthermore, he received a commendation from the Parliament for his outstanding service in ‘protecting the evacuation routes for the refugees’ .

Not only that, but also after returning to the Country of Light, Daviet reported to Parliament that the players and the Munn Kingdom army were the main culprits of the collapsed battlefront . The strenuous and unrewarding players became extremely unlucky afterward as not only did they become wanted criminals of the Parliament, but the hard work that they put into gaining popularity with the Country of Light had been zeroed .

Due to this reason, the players that had been through that battle would particularly refer this Sword Saint as ‘Slut’ .

“Bubble,” Rhode had no intentions of correcting Bubble because he was also being careful to not let the word ‘Slut’ slip from his mouth… “Why are you here? Didn’t I make you two wait in the Fortress?”

“That’s something between you and Big Sister and I’ve no interest in it . I’m here for a picnic with Christie while the sun is comfortably warm,” Bubble explained and gazed at Lydia with a curious gaze . She placed her right hand to her left shoulder and bowed courteously . “Greetings, Your Highness Lydia . Ah, by the way, Leader, Christie is…”

Bubble turned around to find Christie lifting the end of her skirt and scuttling over with a picnic basket . “… Sister Bubble… What happened… Ah…”

Before Christie finished her sentence, she spotted Rhode standing beside Bubble . The little girl revealed a cheerful smile and dropped the picnic basket before scurrying into Rhode’s arms hurriedly . “… Rhode… You are back…”

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“Yes, I’m back, Christie . Your complexion even looks better now,” Rhode said as he stroked her long hair gently .

“… Yes…” Christie squinted delightfully like a kitten . Then, she turned over and saw Lydia’s group . The little girl blushed slightly and moved away from Rhode’s embrace to bow towards Lydia . “… Madam… Lydia… Greetings…”

“Huhuhu, there’s no need to stand on ceremony, okay? Christie, you are still as adorable as ever . How I wish I can bring you home . ”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible, Your Highness Lydia . ”

“Hmm… Really?”

MP Danny was baffled to witness both Rhode and Lydia disregarding the awkward Mist Sword Saint entirely . He perceived that the Sword Saint must be ashen and as the saying went, ‘a person of great moral stature does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature’ . It was apparent that Bubble’s ignorance would infuriate even the Gods . As a parliament member, although MP Danner didn’t have any abilities, he had the capability of discerning what one thought from one’s body language . He knew that the Mist Sword Saint definitely wouldn’t speak a word while the other side was apparently neglecting the awkward situation . If the Mist Sword Saint said anything right now, it would be deemed as him looking down on others .

“Your Highness Lydia!” MP Danny let out a cough and interrupted the conversation between Lydia and Rhode . Then, he glared at Bubble fiercely . He didn’t have the strength of Amund or Daviet and he couldn’t recognize how powerful she was . Furthermore, even though she had launched an attack at him, the Mist Sword Saint blocked it easily . This showed that the little girl definitely couldn’t best the Mist Sword Saint… “I think we need an explanation for this problem . ”

“Hmm? What’s the problem, MP Danny?”

“This little girl attacked the Mist Sword Saint… Are we just going to forget about it? I don’t know who she is, but I can’t tolerate her insults to a member of our Parliament! I request that she apologize to Sir Daviet . If not…”

“Shut your damn mouth, swine,” Bubble retorted with a frown . “Oh yes, I haven’t gotten even with you yet . Are you the swine that doubted Leader? Who do you think you are? A lackey of the Parliament dares to speak to Leader in such a tone? You must be sick of living… You’re lucky that I’m in a good mood now . Get the hell away, if not, I won’t let you off!”

“You… You…!” MP Danny almost blew his top . This little girl kept ridiculing him over and over again and he couldn’t hold it in any longer . He gritted his teeth and asserted every effort to maintain his last bit of rationality before shifting his attention to Rhode who seemed uninvolved . “Mr . Rhode, I hope you can constrain your subordinate . If not, I will take this as a provocation to the Country of Light’s Parliament…”

“No problem, MP Danny,” Rhode shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and the rage surging in MP Danny finally subsided . Rhode turned around and said to the little girl . “Alright, Bubble, are you willing to apologize to them?”

“Of course… I won’t! You want me to apologize to a bunch of dumb swines from the Parliament? I won’t apologize even if the sun rises from the South!”

“You…” The fury in MP Danny ignited once again . What infuriated him the most was that Rhode actually nodded simply after listening to the little girl’s answer and he turned around to display an ‘I’m very sorry that I can’t save this world’ expression . “My apologies, MP Danny . This little brat isn’t willing to apologize, so I can’t do anything about it . ”

This bunch of bastards is obviously making a fool out of me!

MP Danny pointed at Rhode furiously . But a deep voice sounded before he could speak . “That’s enough!”

The Mist Sword Saint snarled at Rhode and Mini Bubble Gum coldly . “The honor of the Parliament must never be stained . This young lady, I admit that you’re indeed formidable . But… your morality and conduct are equally important . You…”

“Ha…” Mini Bubble Gum interrupted in disdain . To hear this remark from him was totally ridiculous with the past that he had . Of course, the little girl conveniently ignored the fact that this ‘past’ was just an unknown future . “That is the only sentence that I don’t want to hear from you . Adults always love to be hypocrites who speak words with dignity while in fact, they are actually just full of sh*t . ”

Bubble’s insult left almost everyone embarrassed . On the other hand, Rhode was extremely calm since; after all, he understood her personality inside-out . Grand Mage Amund revealed an awkward expression while Lydia remained perfectly composed . After all, she hadn’t reached the age where she would be called an ‘adult’ and she naturally wasn’t within range of Bubble’s insult .

“Little girl, that’s too much . ” The Mist Sword Saint couldn’t tolerate her mocking any longer even with his self-restraint . Furthermore, Lydia’s group was present and not only did her words offend him, but the Parliament was also insulted . How could they still lift their heads proudly after getting ridiculed by a little girl who appeared out of nowhere?!

But, the Mist Sword Saint didn’t expect that Mini Bubble Gum wouldn’t heed his kind advice… Instead, the little girl frowned as soon as she heard the Mist Sword Saint’s grumbles . “Why? Wanna fight? Come if you’re not afraid of death!”

“… Very well . ” Since she was obviously provoking him, he wouldn’t concede to her . Even though this little girl seemed formidable, she, after all, was a Cleric… And how much fighting strength could a Cleric have?

The Mist Sword Saint nodded at this thought before gesturing for MP Danny and the others to make way . On the other side, Rhode had long backed away with Christie .

As for Lydia’s group, they looked on at the side with indifference . It was apparent that Lydia didn’t feel anything bad with this sudden clash .

It seemed that Rhode’s guess about Lydia was accurate .

Rhode puckered his brows as he gazed at the young lady who was smiling and watching attentively at their confrontation . Strictly speaking, Lydia should have chosen to placate them as a country ruler . Although Bubble was a defiant teenager and also stubborn in her thoughts, she was still respectful towards Royal Highness Lydia . If Lydia stepped forward to pacify her, Bubble would show her due respect by not starting a fight . However, Lydia didn’t seem to have the intention to keep the peace . Instead, she chose to not intercept and perhaps hoped that Bubble would teach the Mist Sword Saint a lesson . She was definitely aware that Bubble’s current strength was stronger than the Mist Sword Saint’s . Also due to this, Lydia’s pampering was especially meaningful .

It was obvious that she was issuing a warning to the Parliament . A third party other than Lydia and Amund that could easily defeat the Mist Sword Saint would definitely force those cunning mice to re-evaluate the potential threat of the Munn Kingdom . And such a threat was crucial in the direct intercepting of the Parliament in the upcoming North-South war .

Rhode shrugged with this thought and he had no intentions of informing Bubble of this matter . Although this little girl was indeed formidable, Rhode also knew that she was rebellious at this age . If Rhode told her that Lydia was using her to reach her own political goal, Bubble would surely hate it…

The Mist Sword Saint repositioned himself opposite Mini Bubble Gum . He gazed at this granddaughter-like girl with an ice-cold expression and grabbed the longsword behind his back with his right hand . “This is a duel, young lady . Do you have any objections?”

“Of course not . Start making your move and cut the crap,” Mini Bubble Gum lifted her chin in disdain before clapping her palms once . “But I shall put this up front . Don’t blame me if I accidentally cripple or kill you . ”

“A load of crap!” A bright green radiance erupted along with whizzing gale as he drew his longsword from its sheath . The suffocating gale had as though dimmed the originally bright sky like a dark force field .

But soon, an even more dazzling white radiance punctured the berserk gale as it blasted towards the sky . “Come if you’re not afraid of death!”

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