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Published at 24th of November 2019 06:18:30 PM
Chapter 490

“…!” Rhode opened his eyes and sat up abruptly .

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The gentle morning sun spilled through the window and brought more warmth to the room .

It’s just a dream…

Rhode let out a long sigh before turning over—Christie was still in slumberland . Judging from her adorable smile, this little girl must be having a wonderful dream . Rhode stroked her long hair with a smile before carefully shifting her arm that was hugging onto him to the side and got off the bed .

Rhode still felt fatigued and he wasn’t used to this . After all, ever since coming to this world, Rhode hadn’t felt this weak before . However, he was feeling better and better every morning and he could feel himself returning to the usual Rhode in two to three days’ time .

“But… What was that dream about?” Rhode mumbled to himself . He gazed at his palm and there was nothing . Even though the bone-piercing pain seemed to be imaginary, the pain that he endured was way too realistic . Whenever he thought about it, he could feel his body in pain somewhere . However, he found no issues with his talent and attributes on the system interface at all .  Could it really be just a dream?

Rhode shook his head as he could still remember the scene clearly in his mind . Besides… Who exactly was that little girl who looked so much like himself and Christie?

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Rhode puckered his brows at this thought . He felt that things weren’t that simple at all . But he didn’t have any lead to search for his answers at this moment . After all, the events that happened in the dream were only imaginary and non-realistic . Although there were indeed players who had entered the Dream Plane of Existence before, Rhode felt that his experience was vastly different from theirs . But he couldn’t explain what the specific difference was .

Knock knock knock .  The soft door knocks snapped Rhode out of his deep thoughts . “Come in . ”

The room door opened and Agatha stood by the door with her usual apathetic self . She gave a respectful bow and said, “Sorry for disturbing your rest, Master . Just 10 minutes ago, Mr . Walker arrived at the Fortress and he said that he has something important to report to you . He is waiting at the study room at the moment . Would you like to…”

“I’m going over now!” Rhode nodded instantly as he guessed that Old Walker must have gathered some valuable information . If not, that old drunkard wouldn’t be here this early in the morning .

Rhode changed his clothes swiftly and instructed Agatha to prepare breakfast for Christie before rushing towards the study room . Soon, Rhode saw Old Walker sitting there with a grave expression . The senior mercenary was holding onto a piece of thin paper while his brows were tightened closely . “I heard from Agatha that you’ve something urgent?”

Rhode sat down opposite Old Walker while the senior mercenary lifted his head and rolled his eyes . As usual, he was clad in a filthy leather armor and the silver wine pot that never left his side was beside his hand . Judging from his slightly reddish face, he must’ve been drinking .

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“You don’t say, Kid . If I didn’t find out any trouble, do you think I would come here early in the morning to find you? I don’t want to make the woman lying on your bed jealous . I may be old, but I’m very thoughtful to young people like you . Of course, I didn’t disturb you because I’m jealous,” Old Walker blabbered .

“Alright, I know that you’re still hale and hearty despite your years so don’t be so agitated . By the way, it will be better if you drink less,” Rhode curled his lips because strictly speaking, there was a little cutie lying on his bed right now . He took over the piece of paper from his hand and quickly analyzed the information on it . “What is this about?”

“This was the intelligence I’ve received last midnight . Didn’t you always want to know what the Country of Light is up to? According to the rumors, they sent two diplomatic group towards the Munn Kingdom just a day ago . But, for what specific reasons, no one knew . ”

“Two?” Rhode puckered his brows .

“That’s right . One of the group is heading to Golden City while the other is heading to the Southern Port . I’m trying to know what these two diplomatic groups are gonna do in the Munn Kingdom . But the information that I’ve received is nothing more than crap . The only news that I heard was that the group heading to Golden City is in the name of the Country of Light’s Parliament while the other is something formed by some financial groups… You know, I’m old now and I have no much understanding about these things . Whereas for the other matters, I’m not too sure too . But they definitely are up to no good, that is . Hmph, I think those hypocritical cheaters from the Country of Light will be causing a stir in the Munn Kingdom . ”

“Arriving at the Munn Kingdom in the name of the Country of Light’s Parliament?”

Rhode’s expression sunk slightly . It seemed that the Country of Light Parliament was indeed about to cause some trouble . After all, they definitely would be seeking answers from the Munn Kingdom about the situation that had happened in Soraka Mountain . This way, there would be a possibility that they would use Soraka Mountain as a pretext to make a fuss in order to set off a battle with the Country of Darkness… Wait, these people won’t be planning to…

Rhode’s heart pounded fiercely .  Isn’t this opportunity better than the one in Soraka Mountain?

Although Rhode only focused on running and didn’t notice the surroundings, there must be plenty of casualties in Soraka Mountain . If the Country of Light Parliament forcefully pushed the blame to the Country of Darkness and created an intense state of affairs, they could then look down from an omniscient, omnipotent viewpoint and judge others with morality . However, this wouldn’t necessarily be beneficial for the Country of Light’s Parliament . After all, they targeted Soraka Mountain previously and also eyed their crystal mineral resources . However, now that Soraka Mountain was no longer suitable for humans to live in, there would be no humans mining anymore . In such a situation, would the Country of Light Parliament play with fire in the name of ‘justice’? After all, without the beneficial entanglement from Soraka Mountain, it would have a higher possibility that the Country of Darkness would wind around the Munn Kingdom and attack the Country of Light directly if there was a war . Previously, the Country of Light messed with Soraka Mountain’s Parliament because they knew that the Munn Kingdom would be there to take the hit . However, would they still do it if the Munn Kingdom had decided to not defend them?

The chances wouldn’t be high . Even though Rhode couldn’t confirm their choice, he knew that they wouldn’t do something that wasn’t beneficial for them .

However, what was the Country of Light thinking to send these two diplomatic groups? Southern Port—Rhode couldn’t be more familiar with this place .

Suddenly, the disfavorable goal of the Country of Light’s Parliament cropped up in his mind .

In the game, although the Country of Light’s Parliament would still perish in the end, they ultimately still wished to manipulate the controversy of Soraka Mountain to stir trouble . In the end, their goal was to weaken the forces of the Munn Kingdom . But never did they expect to be outplayed . They hoped that the Country of Darkness and Munn Kingdom would break out into a partial, local war . But they didn’t expect that the Country of Darkness would go all out . Initially, the Country of Light had decided to annex Soraka Mountain and put the Munn Kingdom up to take the blow for them . Thereafter, they would further weaken the Munn Kingdom’s forces and merge them into their own territory . This made it seemed that, actually, the Country of Light Parliament’s initial target was the Munn Kingdom, after all .

If that were the case, their intention in sending the diplomatic groups was self-evident . What if they weren’t there to listen to an explanation from the Munn Kingdom, but to request for them to take up the responsibility for the failure of supervision?

Rhode crushed the thin paper on his hand .

These were only his guesses . From Royal Highness Lydia’s unusual behavior of guarding the Golden City without being concerned about the Duke Fiend to the strange movements of the Southern nobles and the Country of Light;s Parliament sending two diplomatic groups to different destinations in the Munn Kingdom, Rhode felt that nine out of ten times, his guess was right .

The Munn Kingdom might be facing an internal war soon .

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