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Chapter 481

Rhode’s twin daggers slashed the dark flames and he arrived by Corina’s side instantly . Although the Moon Elf was rather bad at communicating, her movements quickened as soon as she realized that the situation had to be settled with a battle . If not, her grand Legendary Status would be a total fluke .

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As Rhode charged forward, the others also prepared for their attacks . Even though they weren’t aware of why the Supervisor attacked, it was apparent that this Angel was an enemy .

Di moved his right arm in midair mellifluously . A puff of red mist appeared from thin air and shrouded the Supervisor . Meanwhile, the Undead Knight raised her longsword and charged forward from the side dauntlessly while coordinating with Rhode’s movements . Corina twitched her fingers and projected three golden rays from her fingertips which accurately aimed towards the vital part of the Supervisor . The Elderly Mage chanted as he lifted his staff and silverish magical rays erupted from the tip of his staff . The radiant rays continued to weave towards the wall and trapped everyone in the shape of a cage .

This was a special skill that all Mages in the Order Alliance possessed, the ‘Cage of Order’ . These Mages battled for the sake of Order just like the Sacred Knights . However, compared to the Sacred Knights who were full of religious fanaticism, these Mages possessed natures that benefited themselves more . The more perfect the Order of a land, the more powerful their magical powers were . This was also why all the Mages in the Order Alliance were cultivated to cast the Cage of Order . No matter where or who they fought against, they could easily gain the upper hand as long as they casted this forcefield .

The Elderly Mage with Legendary powers could cast a powerful Order Forcefield . However, after his strength was weakened by the Chaos Flame, he could only cast a forcefield that was the size of a room . But this was more than enough for them .

Indeed, as the final silver ray connected, they felt the weight on their shoulders lighten and Corina and Di sensed their strength restoring gradually .

Even in the face of Chaos, Order was still everywhere .

“…!” Unlike them, the Angel let out a hateful snarl . She turned towards the Elderly Mage and extended her hand furiously . However, everyone’s attack had arrived and she was forced to retreat . At the same time, the Chaos Flame continued to blaze forward .

The three rays of arrows penetrated the dark flames and the Angel folded her wings before her to defend against them . Even though the glaring arrows dimmed dramatically after phasing through the flames, they eventually exploded into golden dust as they landed on the wings . The impact shook the Angel slightly, but she once again spread her wings and the Chaos Flames abruptly transformed into a seven-headed serpent and pounced forward with razor-sharp fangs .

At this moment, the Undead Knight had arrived in the red mist .

In fact, only four seconds had passed since Rhode launched his attack and the red mist had passed through the defense of the Chaos Flame . Then, the Undead Knight that was shrouded within charged forward like a barbarous rhinoceros . She brandished her sword downwards and the red mist engulfing her body instantly spiraled into a claret radiance along her blade . However, the Supervisor wasn’t an easy target . Although the Angel seemed weak and wasn’t great in close-combat, Rhode recognized her rich battle experience through her quick reactions . And indeed, after the Angel blocked off Corina’s arrows by folding her wings and countered with her Chaos Flame, she swiftly expanded her right wing as a shield before her . At this moment, the Undead Knight’s sword chopped downwards .

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Bam! The golden runes hovering by her wings shrouded her instantly and the claret radiance on the blade erupted into brilliant rays as it collided . The immense pressure exploded between the Undead Knight and the Angel and the ground around them sunk heavily .

Sure enough, that was the power of an Undead Knight .

The Undead Knight’s fearless attack was Rhode’s most hated aggression . As the Undead Knight wasn’t afraid of death, and it could release 120% of its powers effortlessly . No one could imagine how powerful it would get when the Undead Knight charged forward fully . Not to mention, Di and this Undead Knight were lovers . There was no doubt in the chemistry between lovers . Rhode’s pupil shrunk as he scanned this terrifying scene of the claret radiance and sword into his mind .

Perhaps they would be his future enemies .

“All of you foolish slaves of Order!” The attack filled with negative powers enraged the Angel . She flapped her wings furiously to sweep away the Undead Knight’s longsword while holding the Copper Mirror in her left hand . At this moment, she gripped her right hand tightly and a sparkling pike appeared out of thin air . The pike was spotlessly white and carved with holy runes, so much so that everyone felt a breeze as it was summoned .

Damn it!

Rhode stared at the pike in disbelief . He couldn’t be more familiar with this weapon . Amongst all the rewarded equipment in the Munn Kingdom, it was listed in the top 10 god-like weapons by the players and it was the best legendary weapon for Knights .

The Holy Hymn .

As compared to the ordinary pikes of Knights, this Holy Hymn appeared slightly superior on the surface . However, Rhode knew that this pike wasn’t ordinary at all . It held a passive skill to cast a permanent defense barrier which could save the Knights’ trouble from extending their arm for a shield while charging forward . This was particularly important for the players because they needed to equip several different pieces of equipment in order to bring out their effects . This was the same for Knights . If the Knights had to free up their hands to hold a shield while charging forward, it would mean that they would lose opportunities to receive further buffs from other equipment . However, this Holy Hymn allowed the Knights to equip other rare equipment while charging forward .

Rhode had met a guild that was formed entirely by 50 Knights who possessed the Holy Hymn . However, instead of being feared, they were extremely embarrassing . 50 fully-armored Knights held a pike in one hand while the other hand was raising ridiculous items from Barbie Dolls to Boar Skins . They didn’t look like a storm of Knights at all . Instead, they seemed like a bunch of refugees… Even though there were no doubts about their strength, that was .

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What made matters worse was that the Holy Hymn wasn’t as simple as a magical weapon . The Munn Kingdom was advanced in magical technology and the Holy Hymn was one of the first generation products achieved by combining magical weapons and magical technology . Not only did it possessed holy powers, but it also came with magical powers . Rhode knew that the Holy Hymn could release a positive blast wave of up to 200 meters once per day . According to the calculations of some extremely bored busybodies, the blast could penetrate a defense spell of a Legendary being in close range . Rhode didn’t need to see it for himself to know that once this powerful blast exploded, these people would definitely be dead .

“Attack the weapon on her hand . Don’t let her aim it at us! Mr . Di and Mr . Mage, please use your negative powers to disassemble and attack her defense barrier! Miss Corina, aim for her left hand and I will give you the command to shoot!” Rhode ordered and brandished his daggers .

Blade rays trapped the seven-headed serpent in the shape of a net swiftly . Rhode realized that this Angel wasn’t as tough as he had imagined . He thought that this Angel had been contaminated by the Chaos entirely and he could only rely on luck to win this battle . However, it seemed that the power of Order in the Angel had conflicted with the power of Chaos . Her powers seemed to be much weaker than Rhode imagined . This sudden thought felt similar to the Lich who used an Angel as its phylactery .

The backlash between Order and Chaos was much more powerful than the repulsion between positive and negative powers .

The strength of Corina and the others had fallen into the standards of ordinary humans due to the Chaos Realm . However, the Supervisor managed to escape the effects by assimilating with Chaos . Due to this, the conflict between Chaos and Order within her body increased drastically . At this moment, she was about level 61, but even so, the difference between ordinary humans and those in the Legendary Stage was still glaringly present . Fortunately, her powers were unstable and Rhode could sense that the power of Order in the Angel weakening every time she cast the Chaos Flame . Therefore, Rhode perceived the problem as soon as the Supervisor whipped out the Holy Hymn . If she could remain in the Legendary Stage, Rhode’s companions would merely be house flies around her .

Rhode hesitated no more after detecting her weakness and he used the most traditional player method—’Rely on others’ .

Rhode retreated quickly as he commanded . His shadows wavered and countless tentacles extended from within to hinder the seven-headed serpent . The serpent dived forward aggressively, but the tentacles twisted and twined around it to restrict its movements .

How ironic . As creatures from Hell, these tentacles had higher resistance to Chaos than humans had .

Di and the Elderly Mage were profound Mages and they definitely knew what Rhode’s attack meant . It wasn’t the summoned tentacles from Hell that were astonishing; instead, it was Rhode’s method of summoning them without any chants or hand gestures that baffled them . In fact, all Rhode did was retreat and the Nether Tentacles appeared out of nowhere . This was really strange .

However, the next scene confused them even further .

Rhode heaved a sigh of relief as soon as the Nether Tentacles obstructed the Chaos Flame . In a blink of an eye, Rhode darted forward with the twin daggers laid in a cross . Dazzling, brilliant rays erupted from Madaras and Gracier as Rhode brandished them with all his might .  Shing! Countless meteors tore apart the darkness .

Not only that, there were two cards hidden amongst the meteors .

A black and white figure emerged almost instantly .

“You’re great at finding trouble for me!” Celestina appeared in front of the Undead Knight and at the side of the Supervisor . She let out a snort and lashed her thorny whip that burst out speckles of maroon radiance towards the Angel . The Angel stood still and Celestina’s whip struck a hexagonal crystal barrier instead . Celestina revealed an expression of surprise, but she realized the problem quickly . Soon, the Demon lady stepped back gracefully and extended her fair, tender left arm with fingers pointing at the Angel . In the blink of an eye, a ray of negative powers shot out from her fingertips . However, the crystal barrier defended the attack and its clear surface blurred instantly .

At the same time, Celia charged over with her sword .

Everyone, apart from Rhode, was baffled by the emergence of these two young ladies . However, Celia and Celestina had no intentions of introducing themselves and the others came to the realization that these two young ladies were on their side . Since that was the case, they had better off leaving the questions until after the battle .

But Celia and Celestina weren’t powerful enough .

Currently, the sisters were still weaker than Rhode in terms of strength . Although they had substantial growth throughout their adventures and especially after the battle in Castel Plateau Ruins, their strengths had reached the peak of the Elite Stage at best . Celia and Celestina launched their attacks at the Supervisor together . However, their threats weren’t any stronger than the Undead Knight’s and it seemed as though they were more of a hindrance instead .

However, Rhode didn’t send them out just for show .

He gazed at the two young ladies and shifted his thoughts . Then, a system prompt appeared before his eyes .

[Activate Taboo Halo]

Rhode felt his body shivering and shapeless powers were released from his body abruptly . He lifted his chin and gazed at the system prompt silently .

[Holy Sword Star Mark — LV20, Offense 11 (+3) Defense 10 (+3) Limit Breakthrough]

[Holy Sword Incubi — LV20, Offense 13 (+3) Defense 9 (+3) Limit Breakthrough]

The momentum of the battlefield shifted suddenly .

The Undead Knight took a step back and gazed at Celia with her flourishing red eyes . The Angel lady lifted her sword high with silverish flames spiraling into a massive blade of flames . On the other side, Celestina laughed grimly as she expanded her pitch-black wings . She swung her arms and the thorny whips on her hands shed off layer upon layer . Then, the thorny whip was replaced by an ice-cold radiance . That was a metallic whip edged with razor-sharp blades and the blade at the end of the whip were still wandering slowly as though it were alive .

“This…” Everyone froze to the spot as they couldn’t believe what they had sensed . The strength of these two young ladies enhanced rapidly . The Angel lady leaped from the Elite Stage into the peak of the Master Stage while the Demon lady was even more terrifying . She had instantly ascended into the Legendary Stage!

Oh my goodness . Are we dreaming?

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