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Chapter 455: 455

“Mr . Rhode, what are your next plans?” Metzel questioned as he gazed at the wretched Battle Angel lady .

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He turned his gaze towards Delno who stood beside him blankly . The spirit of this Battle Angel seemed to have been lost ever since he entered the room and witnessed his companion in this horrible state . After all, Metzel and Shirley were saddened by the Battle Angel lady’s tragic experience even after spending only a few days with her previously . No matter what, Angels were the representative of kindness . Even though they might be stubborn and inflexible in different situations, it was this quality of theirs that had become the spirit humans longed for . Therefore, no matter what, Metzel and Shirley clearly refused to see an Angel pass on in such a tragic fate .

Rhode didn’t respond to Metzel’s question immediately . Instead, he turned around to the young ladies beside him . “Anne, search for any loots outside with Gillian . Also, check if the Lich left behind anything worthy . By the way, be careful of magical traps . Listen to Gillian’s instructions and don’t touch anything that you shouldn’t . ”

“Yes, Leader . ” Anne smiled and nodded slightly before grabbing Gillian’s hand . “Let’s go, Sister Gillian . I wanna see if that skeleton left anything good for us . ”

“No problem, Miss Anne . Relax, we have a lot of time on our hands…” Gillian winked cheekily at Rhode before leaving the room with Anne .

Metzel sighed and exhorted softly . “Shirley, go check out the outside, just in case . ”

“Ah… Okay…” The Thief young lady was about to object, but she swallowed her words after glancing at the Battle Angel’s ashen corpse and agreed . She exited the room and closed the door to isolate herself from the sick, repulsive room reeking of blood .

Thud .  The closing sound of the door echoed in the dark, lifeless room and nobody spoke . After a few moments, Rhode gave Metzel the answer to his question like a delayed response from an online character who had just reconnected to the game . “Our guild has taken up a mission to eliminate the undead creatures occupying Castel Plateau Ruins . So, we need evidence to prove that we have completed this mission… This phylactery is very crucial and we are bringing it back with us . ”

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“This…” Metzel sensed Delno’s grim expression worsening . After all, these two fraternal Battle Angels had travelled the surface together . Metzel could understand Delno’s wishes to avoid presenting his companion’s current, sorrowful state to others .

“Excuse me, Sir…” Delno stepped forward and bowed towards Rhode in a somewhat awkward manner before stuttering in puckered brows . “I know… I have no right to request this . But I…”

“All I want is the phylactery . ” Rhode interrupted Delno and unsheathed the twin daggers at his waist . The daggers glowed in cold rays as an array of blade rays flashed before Metzel and Delno . Delno couldn’t stop Rhode in time .

The razor-sharp blades pierced the bulging belly without any resistance . Rhode turned his wrists to control the daggers nimbly like a gynecologist and in the blink of an eye, the belly was divided into four . Unlike the doctors, Rhode didn’t need to consider how to suture this insignificant problem .

At this point, even Metzel and Delno were stricken into silence as they gazed at the hidden content with fear and bewilderedness .

Revolting rotten flesh and scarlet tentacles wrapped around a fist-sized, white, jade-like round stone like an embryo . The burgundy walls of flesh contracted rhythmically under the blood flowing in the body and an eyeball whirled above it . After Rhode’s group came into its sight, the eyeball snapped and glared at them!

“Argh…!” Metzel was the first to turn over from this disgusting sight as he held onto the door for support and started vomiting . He had seen bloody battlefields, but this scene before his eyes had surpassed and reached the degree of nausea . He was glad of his decision to send Shirley away; Rhode must have sent Anne and Gillian away because of this too .

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Rhode wrinkled his brows at this disgusting thing . Although Rhode had seen much more repugnant creatures in budget horror movies, this real-life experience was much more shocking than observing from behind the screen, especially when the smell of blood, rotten corpses, and the pungent air assailed his nostrils .

However, even so, Rhode continued his hand movements .

Rhode pierced the right dagger into the belly once more and cut around the phylactery before flicking it into the air . It landed into a sack that Rhode had prepared . Then, he tightened the opening of the sack and forced it into a pitch-black iron box that he retrieved from his spatial bag .

Although he didn’t know the special features of this phylactery, he had no intention of trying it on himself .

“I’ll leave the rest for you two . ” Rhode turned around and gazed at the two disgusted men before exiting the room .

The system prompt finally emerged before Rhode’s eyes .

“Looks like I’m right . ” Rhode heaved a sigh of relief .

Although he had completed this mission in the game before, the difference between the game mission and the actual mission was too big . Besides, Rhode wasn’t sure that it was the phylactery in his hands and now, it seemed that this mission didn’t go to waste .

At this moment, the system prompt once again emerged .

[Mission . Castel Plateau Ruins Completed . 5 Star . ]

[Completion Status . 80%]

[Completion Reward — Summoning Card]

[Deadman’s Sigh — The Third . Spell Card . Sacrificial Shift: A spell that can transform corpses within its range into undead creatures to engage in attacks . The number of corpse transformations available will be based on the holder’s level .

No one can be indifferent while facing the fear of death even though one will receive a false life . ]

Another spell card .

This was the third spell card in Rhode’s possession, with the other two spell cards being Gillian’s . However, this card didn’t resemble the system spell cards . Instead, it seemed to only be used for summoning undead creatures . As a matter of fact, this card seemed rather weak and according to the description of its effects, Rhode could turn a maximum of 30 corpses into undead creatures for his disposal . However, what could these 30 undead creatures possibly do? Rhode’s current enemies weren’t humans and this card was basically useless . Furthermore, he was currently under the protection of the Light Dragon Soul and in the land of the Munn Kingdom, he would be seeking death if he were to use this undead spell-like card… As for the Country of Darkness? They were all true blood Undead Mages who could easily manipulate tens of thousands of undead creatures . The undead creatures in Rhode’s possession were nothing more than a little dot to them, so what was the point?

“Hmm…” Rhode kept the card as he shook his head hopelessly . Then, he gazed at the next reward: Construct Guards Defense Formation .

This was the best haul for Rhode and with this Defense Formation and Lapis’ abilities as an Alchemist Master, there wouldn’t be a problem increasing the Fortress’s defense . As for the final reward…

[Mission Reward Received — Fantasy Key . Constructable]

“Eh?” Rhode widened his eyes in surprise . “What’s this?”

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