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Chapter 447: 447

“What a surprise…”

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The Necromancer’s pitch-black eyes glittered with flashes of maroon radiances as he turned away from the crystal ball . He was clad in a dark robe while terrifying scars exposed on his bony face glaringly . However, the grin on his face was his most frightening feature . It wasn’t a kind, delightful smile . Instead, it was a Necromancer’s signature smile of death .

“Someone actually activated the defense system of this city ruins . I would have gone over to greet them myself if I weren’t too busy now… Ah, what a pity . I have an important guest with me now…” The Necromancer giggled and shifted his attention to the pure, white Angel who was bound at the side and staring at him stubbornly: that was an unexpected gain he had gotten .

“Argh…!” The Battle Angel shuddered as the Necromancer stared sinisterly .

However, she lifted her chin hurriedly after realizing her cowardly reactions . She gnashed her teeth and gazed at the Necromancer obstinately . At this moment, the Battle Angel’s armor had been stripped entirely, exposing her naked, voluptuous body under the pale spirit flames . Steel chains bound her body while she hung with numerous splinters nailing her angelic pair of wings to the wall . Even though fresh blood dripped and stained her pure, clean feathers, she didn’t let out a single sorrowful moan . From the very start, this scheming Necromancer had ambushed her and Metzel’s companions . In the end, she failed to inflict any damage to this sinister presence and she was kept captive in this horrifying ruins .

“Ah, the holy powers… just like the dazzling flames . Makes me wanna pounce on it… and vanish gracefully . So beautiful…” The Necromancer approached the Battle Angel in small steps and caressed her cheek so ever gently .

Sensing his ice-cold touch, the Battle Angel stared furiously . However, the Necromancer revealed a wide, enjoyable smile .

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“Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking . Your companions are fine… You see?” The Necromancer chuckled while he snapped his fingers .

Two figures emerged behind him and the Battle Angel was dumbfounded because they were the other two mercenaries who were also caught by the Necromancer .

However, they had lost the entirety of their human form . Their swollen, pale-green bodies were filled with rotten gashes that revealed their internal organs and bones while flesh-colored tentacles extended from within . There were no longer any signs of life in their eyes and only the darkness of death and the eternal sufferings remained .

“You evil presence! How dare you treat the living beings this way!” The Battle Angel snarled furiously .

However, the Necromancer displayed a vibrant smile once again .

“I am a Necromancer and this is the way I treat the living beings . But… to be honest, I have thoughts of refining you into my Undead Keeper and I will then have more powerful troops with the powers of a Battle Angel — However, it’s a pity that those intruders look rather troublesome . Although I don’t know who he is, not just anyone can activate the defense system in this city ruins…” The Necromancer paused and turned towards the crystal ball .

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The Necromancer’s heart had sunk after realizing that the defense system of this city had been activated . He suspected that the intruder might possibly be deeply related to this city because he had been in the Castel Plateau Ruins for many years and knew the history of this place inside out . Moreover, he had also investigated the strength of the past civilians of this city and if they were back to reclaim this city now, their strength definitely wouldn’t be as weak as the group of idiotic mercenaries . Furthermore, the intruders were able to eliminate all the undead creatures he had planted in the central area .

The Necromancer knew that this city possessed a powerful defense system which utilized the Construct Guards . However, these Construct Guards wouldn’t listen to his commands as their duties were to protect the entire underground city and annihilate any signs of life . The Necromancer wasn’t threatened by the Construct Guards because they couldn’t pick up on his presence (as he was already dead( . The Necromancer had tried to capture a few Construct Guards as his own gatekeepers because, Constructs were the favorite playthings of all Mages and Necromancers were was no exception . However, these Construct Guards weren’t that accommodating . Although the Construct Guards had no reactions to undead creatures, they retaliated as soon as they were attacked . Furthermore, these ancient Construct Guards possessed powerful battle strength . The Necromancer had attempted a few times but reaped nothing in return . This was why he gave up the idea of messing with the Construct Guards . Moreover, although the Construct Guards didn’t obey his commands, they did remove a lot of trouble on his behalf .

But now, the Necromancer realized that a big trouble was ahead .

Although he didn’t know who the intruders were, he realized that the Construct Guards had begun to ‘wipe out’ the undead creatures . It was apparent that they had received an order . If not, these brainless Construct Guards definitely wouldn’t do such a thing .

Although these Construct Guards were extremely powerful, the Necromancer didn’t spend years of his life operating this place for nothing . This declaration of war brought huge losses to both sides and without a doubt, the Construct Guards weren’t afraid of death . Furthermore, it was their duty to defend this place, so it didn’t matter to them at all . However, the Necromancer’s undead creatures were annihilated steadily, which definitely wasn’t a good sign .

Since that’s the case, I should…

The Necromancer gazed at the Battle Angel . “You should feel proud . After all, I have no intentions of using a precious spoil of war like you as a ‘vessel’ . But I am getting curious . What if I present a pure Angel as a reincarnation artifact for the Lich? What powers would I get?”

“!!” Terror held the Battle Angel like a vice-like grip and her beautiful pair of eyes permeated an unexplainable fear as soon as the word ‘Lich’ sounded in her ears . She couldn’t budge as the steel chains flowing with negative powers had sealed her strength . All she could do was to witness the Necromancer vomiting before her .

A hand-sized oval shape stuck out from the Necromancer’s chest and wandered around before finally going up his throat . The Necromancer let out an uncomfortable roar as he lowered his head .

Fright overtook the Battle Angel’s face as soon as she witnessed the object that was in the Necromancer’s mouth . “I have never kissed anyone, and I didn’t expect that my first kiss would be given to an Angel . How ironic…”

The Necromancer relished in the Battle Angel’s horrified expression as he approached the Battle Angel with a smirk . The Battle Angel had her back against the ice-cold rock wall and she had nowhere to escape with the steel chains and splinters all around her body . The Necromancer pointed his finger and a chilly, dark aura shrouded the Battle Angel entirely .

At this moment, the terrifying Necromancer arrived at the semi-conscious Battle Angel’s face . “Come on, little cutie, let me give you an affectionate kiss . ”

“…” The Battle Angel refused innately .

However, the Necromancer grabbed her cheeks and forced her mouth open to accept his stained, wicked lips .

“Argh…!” The Battle Angel widened her eyes in horror as soon as she sensed the deadly aura emitting from the Necromancer .

An ice-cold object filled with a burst of negative energy entered her mouth and her body while the Battle Angel twisted her body and wings to get away from this petrifying threat .

However, her body began to weaken . Her eyes rolled white and the fighting spirit in her soul faded gradually . Her spotlessly white skin turned ashen and in a few seconds, she drooped and dangled like a hanging corpse .

At the same time, her pure, beautiful feathers fell like gentle snowflakes .

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