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Chapter 444

[Taboo Halo: Within the halo’s range, the attack and defense attributes of the summoned spirits will be increased by 3 points . Stackable with other halos . ]

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The attack and defense attributes of spirits could be increased by a maximum of 3 points at once . The attack and defense attribute that these spirits possessed represented their strength and the higher their attack and defense values were, the higher their levels were . If Rhode unlocked Gillian’s seal, she would be one of the spirits with the strongest levels at 20 points of attack and defense .

There were no preconditions in using this Taboo Halo to ‘temporarily’ increase the attribute points by three for all the spirit cards . In other words, every spirit that he summoned within the halo’s range would have a +3 buff to their attack and defense attributes .

Without a doubt, due to the uniqueness of each spirit in terms of their attributes and types, not all spirits could reach the maximum 20 points of attack and defense . For a spirit with low attribute values like the Spirit Bird, it would hit a maximum of 7 points of attack and 7 points of defense after receiving the +3 buff . Although the Spirit Bird would still be stronger than most ordinary spirits, it wouldn’t be superior to a BOSS .

Nevertheless, Rhode had no intentions of counting on the Spirit Bird now .

“—!” A huge, pitch-black hound dashed out from the flames in an ear-deafening roar .

The Hell Hound was no longer the same after receiving the buff . Its muscular body had become almost as tall as a human and under the burning red flames, spurs covered its body like armor . If it weren’t for the familiar undulating powers from it, perhaps Rhode wouldn’t have recognized this two-headed Hell Hound as his favorite ‘dog bomb’ .

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The Hell Hound was quick to notice the fast approaching Undead Army and charged towards them aggressively . To be frank, with its newly acquired 7 points of defense, the Hell Hound wasn’t that prone to death anymore . It blasted the scorching flames on its body skywards and lifted both heads to suck in a deep breath .

It howled and blasted two fiery, conical seas of flames instantly . The Hell Hound swayed its heads left and right to scorch more undead creatures with its devastating flames .

The Undead Army’s movements stagnated under the immense attack . However, the Hell Hound wasn’t able to stop all the undead creatures from advancing . The other undead creatures that avoided the flames of the Hell Hound launched their attacks on Rhode, but a huge figure blocked their path quickly .

After receiving the buff, it wasn’t only the Hell Hound that had transformed . The Centaur Knight stepped out of the mist . At this moment, it had transformed to almost the size of an elephant . Furthermore, the half-knight now had four strong arms holding onto a shield and pike . The black, steel shield covered every inch of the half-knight while the sharp pike glittered with an ice-cold aura under the Hell Hound’s sparkling flames . The Centaur Knight raised its front legs and stomped the ground before charging forward in a matchless, brutal whirlwind .

“Oh lord…” Metzel’s group was speechless . They sat foolishly on the ground while gawking at the scene before them . The pitch-black knight was like a falling boulder from the mountains, charging into the terrifying undead creatures with an incomparable aggression . It trampled and pulverized every enemy before it ruthlessly . Numerous zombies sprung and pounced on the Centaur Knight, but it brandished its pike and a tornado shredded them into pieces . When these zombies landed on the ground, none of them were in perfect condition!

What kind of force is this!

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But this was only the start .

A crisp screech sounded and captured everyone’s attention . A huge bird emanating with holy radiance spread its wings in the air . The huge bird flapped its wings and struck the undead creatures with countless glaring bolts of lightning descending from above like a roaring thunderstorm . The dazzling radiance forced everyone to shut their eyes .

Because of this, they missed the next action .

The sparkling bolts of lightning slowed the movement of these undead creatures dramatically . At the same time, the shadows beneath their feet began to twist and distort . Countless pitch-dark, thick tentacles extended and bound the undead creatures tightly . This ambush enraged the undead creatures as they couldn’t escape no matter how hard they struggled to break free . At this moment, a firm voice sounded .

“Evil undead creatures, this isn’t where you should be!”

Everyone’s eyes sprung open upon hearing the authoritative voice . They gazed above and were baffled . A female Angel shining with holy radiance in the darkness spread its wings with a sword lifted highly in her hands . As the young lady yelled in anger, golden, flower-patterned rays shrouded her body and swiftly coalesced into the sword in her hands . Then, the radiance from Celia’s sword flourished magnificently .

After receiving the buff, there were some transformations to Celia’s body . Her armor had become increasingly gorgeous, sparkling with white radiance and several golden lines appeared the edge of the lily-white armor and the blue substrate transformed into an ancient, mysterious symbol .

The Battle Angel who was half-kneeling beside Metzel revealed a flabbergasted expression . “This is the… Divine Judgement?!”

“Divine Judgement?” Metzel turned over to the Battle Angel curiously .

No matter if it was the fire-breathing black hound, the gigantic centaur knight, the white bird, or the angel that flew in the air, it gave Metzel’s group a misconception that this was a battle from a legend and myth . Metzel’s question wasn’t answered because at this moment, Celia struck .

Her sword erupted in silver-whitish flames and engulfed the undead creatures as though a flood had poured down from above .

Celia had reached 12 points of attack and this was enough for her to release powers equaling an Elite at its peak . Furthermore, holy powers were the natural enemy of undead creatures . In an instant, half of the thousand undead creatures filling the square perished while the remaining undead creatures didn’t dare advance any further . Holy powers filled with positive energy were their biggest fear and the undead creatures retreated to avoid them . However, dark tentacles emerged and bound them on the spot .

A scarlet, large ritual appeared on the pitch-black ground and overwhelmed the remaining undead creatures . Countless thorns whizzed and interlaced like steel chains, forming a huge, dense net within a few seconds . Then, a wine-colored radiance flashed and wrapped the undead creatures . Detecting an unusual danger approaching, the undead creatures struggled fiercely while wailing piteously .

Metzel’s group gaped in disbelief . These weak, fragile undead creatures were still trying to take their lives a while ago . But now? These undead creatures were behaving like ants running for their lives .

As the red radiance flashed, the struggling undead creatures stopped moving and crumpled to the ground abruptly—their source of energy had been affected by an indescribable influence and had left them forever . Now, they were nothing more than just corpses .

“Hmph,” Celestina lifted her chin proudly and scrutinized the corpses in disdain .

Similarly, this young lady had transformed greatly . Her fascinating charm became much more attractive and not only that, the Western-style dress clad on her was luxurious to a whole new level . She coalesced a negative energy ball at its pinnacle above her fingertips . After admiring her beautiful work, Celestina simpered and snapped her fingers to shatter the red ball of energy gracefully .

The battle ended .

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