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Chapter 431: 431

It was the third morning when Rhode opened his eyes .

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The mercenaries of the Purple Lily Guild arrived and escorted everyone to Eagle City while some of them stayed behind to gather evidence regarding the Undead Legion . After arriving at Eagle City, Rhode handed over the Bone List to the Battle Angel Army stationed there and they found an inn for their accommodation . The accumulated fatigue in them was over the roof as Rhode plunged straight into the pillow and fell into dreamland for a whole two day and nights . On the third morning, the gentle sun rays spilled through his window and woke him up from his deep sleep .

Rhode felt well rested and stepped towards the window after having a change of clothes .

Eagle City was a flourishing city . However, Rhode didn’t have the time to admire this city because the instant they entered, they were occupied with reporting matters about the Bone List and the Undead Legion . Furthermore, Rhode was so severely exhausted that all his steps felt as light as feathers . As for the scenery in the Eagle City, he didn’t have the time to care .

As a Northern city, Eagle City used to be a military fortress . Even though they had expanded, the entire style of this city was still filled with distinct military designs . The streets were clean and the buildings were strictly and uniformly distributed . Even though this city lacked the elaborate and gorgeous features of Northern cities, it had its barbarous sense of beauty . Looking from afar, one could see the green grassland beyond the walls, which offered a beautiful view .

“Phew…” After gazing afar at the scenery, Rhode took in a deep breath and shook his head before leaving his room .

“Ah, Leader . Good morning . You’re finally awake?” As Rhode entered the dining hall, Anne waved as she leaned back in her chair with a hot bun in her hand . Of course, Rhode chose to ignore the 40 to 50 plates stacked on the table .

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“How are you feeling, Master?” Gillian sat beside Anne, sipping on her tea like an elegant lady, savoring the aroma of the tea .

“I’m alright, still a little tired . But that’s not much of a problem . ” Rhode cocked his head at an angle and gazed at both of them . “How are you two doing?”

“Anne is fine, Leader . I can head out anytime!” Anne revealed a glittering smile before swallowing the honey bread in one mouth and showing a thumbs-up . On the other hand, Gillian twitched her ears and displayed a smile . “I’m fine too, Master . Ready to move out anytime . By the way… the Battle Angel Army and the Safety Officer sent someone over to discuss something with you . ”

“I’m aware . ” It seemed that the Battle Angel Army had settled the problem with the Bone List and were looking to award Rhode for his hard work, which peaked his interest . As a matter of fact, Rhode never had the chance to go through his spoils of war ever since arriving in Eagle City . The deaths of Vulture and the Necromancer gave him two pieces of Soul Core . Moreover, those two battles accumulated nearly 70k EXP and he would have no problem rising to level 30 . At this point, Rhode decided . “I’ll drop by the encampment of the Battle Angel Army later . You two have a good rest and get ready for our mission tomorrow . Is there any problems?”

“Anne wants to go with Leader!” Anne raised her hand and shouted excitedly . On the other hand, Gillian revealed a mysterious smile . “Okay then, Master . I will go nearby to gather some information regarding the underground maze . ”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you . ” Although this half-beast attracted a lot of attention wherever she went, he believed that Gillian was smart enough to handle any situation skillfully . As for Anne, it was totally different . This little brat brought her main tanker role to the point of perfection where she would gather a lot of hatred by just any remarks . If it were in the past, perhaps Rhode would allow Anne to have a stroll . However, Rhode wasn’t that assured after hearing Barter’s warning about the current situation of Eagle City . In short, Anne had a straightforward temperament and would be easily incited . Rhode didn’t wish for her to be taunted by someone who had an ulterior motive and get into a conflict .

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Rhode had initially decided to check in with Anne on her plans and since she decided to go with him, it made things all the more convenient .

After a simple breakfast, Rhode left the inn with Anne and headed towards the encampment of the Battle Angel Army .

This was a unique military arrangement by the Munn Kingdom . In every territory, the Munn Kingdom would set up an army of Battle Angels with a strength of about 30 to 50 . They weren’t there to maintain peace and harmony like the garrison; their main responsibility was to monitor the movements of various territories and ensure that the overlords wouldn’t act in ways that would threaten or harm the Munn Kingdom . In times of emergency, the Battle Angel Army would have the right to deprive the overlord of their authority and limit their actions .

But then again, this arrangement was also related to the Munn Kingdom’s ethnic composition . After all, unlike humans, the Angel race had no room for accommodation in this aspect and they wouldn’t face the temptation of bribery . However, there weren’t many incidents where the Battle Angel Army was required to take actions into their own hands . This was because the King’s Party was aware that this was a powerful force that could threaten the people . Although the Munn Kingdom was indeed governed by an Angel, majority of its composition was still humans and no one wished to live under the shadows of an Angel like her string puppets . This was why the Battle Angel Army acted as a deterrence in various territories . They didn’t even show up often and some of the encampment of the Battle Angel Army were built far away in uninhabited areas . It was the same for the one, unique army of Battle Angels in Paphield—no one knew exactly where they resided .

In comparison, Eagle City used to be a military fortress, which was why the encampment of the Battle Angel Army was fixed and never changed . It was hidden in the edge of the city without too many guards on standby . Looking from afar, there was nothing apart from the flag representing the Light Dragon, the Holy Royalty, and the walls by itself .

Neither of them faced any troubles on their way there, but there was something troubling Rhode, and that was Anne .

The young lady smiled cheekily as she followed Rhode closely . Uninterested in the beautiful scenery on both sides of the path, the young lady hugged Rhode’s arm so ever naturally, humming as she went . She was like a little pet dog circling its owner from time to time and sometimes licking its owner’s legs, body, and whatever . Furthermore, Rhode clearly felt the soft parts of the young lady’s front as she clung tightly to his arm . Yes… You don’t say . It felt great .

Rhode reminded Anne a couple of times, but Anne didn’t seem to listen . Rhode gave up reminding her since he was the one taking the advantage . Moreover, this wasn’t anything shameless . It was merely touching, rubbing and they didn’t lose anything from this . Anne was all the more unconcerned over this, so why should he be?

Both of them arrived at the encampment entrance after a pleasant journey . A Battle Angel by the entrance led them into the main hall located in the middle of the encampment .

The whole encampment seemed pretty clean and tidy . The white ceiling and floor, together with the pure, white marble columns were spotless, filling the place with a sacred atmosphere . It was rather quiet and peaceful in the entire encampment, without any majesty . However, as one stepped in, one would feel the urge to observe silence . Even Anne who has been rubbing against Rhode all over followed quietly, observing the place curiously with her shield on her back .

Just like this, they entered the main hall where a Battle Angel was waiting for their arrival .

“I’m so glad to meet you, Mr . Rhode, Miss Anne . ” A Battle Angel clad in full silver armor greeted them with a warm, elegant smile .

Rhode placed his hand on his chest and bowed respectfully . “I’m sorry for this late appointment, Miss Natalya . ”

“Please don’t apologize, Mr . Rhode . ” The Battle Angel Army Leader gestured and handed over a beautifully crafted box to Rhode . “Thanks to Mr . Rhode and your men, we have acquired the important intelligence in the Bone List, which is a great help to our country . We have reported this entire incident to the Royal Highness and the Royal Highness wants us to convey her gratitude . Thank you Mr . Rhode and Starlight for putting a stop to the conspiracy of the Country of Darkness and providing us with such important intelligence . ”

“It is my honor to eradicate threats to the country . ” Rhode bowed slightly in response . Although Rhode’s expression remained the same, his tone of words surprised the Battle Angel Army Leader . She had seen various types of people as a Battle Angel . Some reacted excitedly after receiving the commendation of a Battle Angel while some reacted calmly but were secretly excited . However, Rhode’s reaction was different from all these people . His reaction was indescribable, as though he wasn’t simply a civilian of the Munn Kingdom . It felt more like he was a helping hand in aiding with the country’s growth .

Of course, she wasn’t aware that Rhode had managed to bring the Munn Kingdom’s prestige to the ‘Worship’ level in the game . Also, he had fought alongside Lydia at the very last moment . Furthermore, players weren’t mindful of the hierarchy in social classes as the aborigines were, which was why this wasn’t a big deal for Rhode .

However, this doubt only lasted a few seconds in Natalya’s head as she smiled without expressing her thoughts . Rhode was filled with anticipation as he received the box . In the game, players would receive a list of equipment after handing in the Bone List and although the list of equipment wasn’t necessarily powerful, all of them were rare and one of a kind . Furthermore, it was the generous Royal Highness Lydia who was rewarding him . So… What would it be?

Rhode opened the lid slowly and his eyes widened after recognizing the item in the box .

A pair of extraordinarily stunning, delicate daggers laid within . Their white, flawless sharp blades were 60cm in length, shimmering in hallucinatory glow under the bright sunlight . Gold and silver lining studded the hilt, crafting two beautiful flowers . As Rhode tilted the daggers, he observed a line of sacred, unadorned text carved on the blade tips . For unknown reasons, Rhode felt strangely familiar with this pair of daggers .

At this moment, he felt a burst of emotions emerging from the bottom of his heart .

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