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Chapter 427: 427

Although Gillian’s attack wasn’t substantial in damaging Darke, it left him feeling fretful . The Necromancer had intentions of killing Rhode after sensing his exhaustion but he didn’t expect that Gillian’s reaction would be as quick as his . Gillian swiftly answered as soon as she saw Rhode half-kneeling on the ground and continuously applied pressure on Darke, leaving him fully occupied . The fireballs and beams of flames fluttered in the night sky, weaving into a huge net to firmly block the Necromancer .

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However, Darke didn’t back off . Instead, he was preparing his killer move as he dodged Gillian’s attack . From his understanding of spells, such aggressive fire elemental attacks wouldn’t last and they wouldn’t stay this extravagant for long!

30 seconds passed .

Darke sensed that the fireballs were getting weaker and the encirclement of the beams of flames wasn’t as dense as before . He prepared himself swiftly while staring at the black-haired young man kneeling on the same spot, waiting for the opportune moment to mercilessly reap the young man’s life .

At this moment, strong winds blew out of nowhere .

As Darke turned around, Anne emerged behind the fireball and the young lady was shrouded in the radiance of the wind element . Then, she lifted her shield and darted towards the Necromancer!

This was all in Gillian’s plan . Indeed, in the eye of the Necromancer, the flames surrounding himself were getting thinner and weaker . However, he didn’t know that Gillian was holding back on purpose . Moreover, Gillian relied on the columns of flames to block the Necromancer’s field of vision in order to prevent him from discovering Anne .

With the help of the wind element, Anne leaped lightly and was midair instantly . Furthermore, the young lady could even hover and fly momentarily . Without a doubt, Anne wasn’t able to fully grasp her powers yet . If she could control her powers, she would have no problems flying in the air .

Of course, that should be left for later .

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Using Gillian’s fireball barrage as cover and with Darke’s mind focused on killing Rhode, Darke didn’t detect Anne instantly . When Darke was finally aware of her presence, the young lady had arrived by Rhode’s side!

“Heyah!” Anne had no hesitation facing this oddly terrifying Necromancer . She raised her shield and charged towards the Necromancer . A Shield Warrior’s battle techniques weren’t complicated as they mainly charged around violently . Anne was like a boulder, smashing into the Necromancer before her . “Go to hell!”

Darke knew he was plotted against as he faced the incoming young lady . However, this angered the Necromancer even further as he felt he was treated as an idiot .  Previously, that Swordsman tried to ambush me and now her their turn, eh? Do they really think they can successfully ambush a Necromancer?

Darke no longer hesitated . He straightened his right arm and the Death Rays that were coalesced on his fingers, ready to take away Rhode’s life, launched towards Anne instead .

An ice-cold sensation hit Anne in the face, sending chills down her bones .

Even though Anne was surrounded by scorching flames, the waves of chilly sensation sent chills down her spine . However, to Darke’s surprise, Anne revealed a mischievous smile as she twisted the handle of the shield to the right!

Kacha .  The steel shield transformed instantly . From top-down, the middle of the shield split in two and expanded outwards . Right inside the center, a pitch-black, thin shield pushed out and filled the empty void .

The Death Rays struck the pitch-black shield in the middle .

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Darke revealed a merciless smile . Unlike the sudden cast of attacks from before, he had channeled his energy properly this time . He could even imagine how the deep darkness from the Death Rays would shroud the young lady’s body instantly, stripping her of her life and causing her to collapse to the ground like a tattered rag .

But the next moment froze him to the spot .

The Death Rays struck Anne’s shield and that incomparably fragile shield shattered to bits in a split second . However, Anne didn’t struggle as the Necromancer had expected . Instead, the young lady’s body trembled slightly . She folded the shield in her hands and charged towards the Necromancer suddenly!

Bam! The heavy, steel shield crushed Darke’s chest mercilessly, sending both of them smashing to the ground like a shooting star on the horizon .

This was totally unexpected as Darke had never thought that her shield would be able to go up against his Death Ray . By the time he had reacted, his ears were filled with the wheezing sound of wind and before his eyes was the pitch-black sky and a figure that pushed against him tenaciously . Then, the Necromancer felt a violent pound on his back!

“—!” A burst of dust exploded and Anne rolled out of it while grabbing onto her shield tightly . At the last second of the collision, Anne had rolled to the side to minimize the impact of the crash landing . However, even so, the impact of the crash was powerful enough to send Anne rolling on the uneven ground . Although Anne was filled with bruises, she leapt up and scuttled towards Rhode hurriedly, widening her shield by his side . “Leader! Are you okay?”

“Argh… Yes…” Rhode lifted his head upon hearing Anne’s voice . Although their fight seemed endless, it only took around one to two minutes . Rhode felt powerless and an inch of movement would leave him dizzy . Right now, there were two to three Annes appearing before his eyes .

“I-I’m alright…” Rhode gritted his teeth and shook his head to calm himself . Exhaustion in the game wasn’t this horrifying… “Be careful of that Necromancer . Don’t stay too close to him…”

Rhode pressed his palm against his forehead to suppress the dizziness while reminding Anne to get away from the trouble .

At this moment, Darke regained his senses .

Fortunately for them, Darke wasn’t looking well . Rhode’s initial ambush didn’t hurt him but this attack from Anne had thoroughly enlarged his wounds!

The Necromancer’s body had been torn in half and he sensed that his spiritual energy was beginning to deplete . Furthermore, he could no longer fly in the air to snipe Rhode’s group anymore .

Gillian stopped casting Seven Hells . The fluttering fireballs and light beams disappeared and what remained was the wall of flames by the edge of the wagon . Just as the Necromancer guessed, Gillian’s Spell of the Red Lotus had to absorb the surrounding fire element at her disposal . However, there was limited supply of fire element and if Gillian went all out again, that spell wouldn’t last a mere second . Moreover, Gillian couldn’t change her position as she had released her Spell of the Red Lotus . At this moment, she could only observe the battle anxiously from where she stood . After all, she was in a similar situation to Rhode . After going through the previous battle, she didn’t have much more to deal with a powerful Necromancer anymore .

“Damn it!” Gazing at his own badly damaged body, this was the first time the Necromancer felt such incomparable anger . As a matter of fact, he knew his enemies weren’t stronger than him . However, these bastards kept pulling stunts that made him this miserable . Darke pulled himself up fiercely while gazing at Rhode and Anne . The Necromancer bit his teeth, ripped his right arm off, and plunged it into the ground!

“Bsaing!” As the Necromancer howled, the detached arm expanded at an incredible speed . In a blink of an eye, the whole arm grew to three, four meters wide . Looking from a distance, it seemed like a gigantic white bone scorpion with five sharp claws .

“Finish them!” the Necromancer commanded and the gigantic white bone arm darted towards Rhode and Anne . At the same time, it began to sharpen into a splinter and pierced towards its prey .

“Leader, be careful!” Anne pushed Rhode away, at the same time rolling off the ground hurriedly . The sharp bone splinter brushed the young lady’s hair and struck the surface behind her . Then, the ring finger that was supporting the gigantic white bone palm extended forward abruptly . Before Anne could react, the finger had crushed her body, throwing her away while she shrieked in pain . The white bone splinter once again rose and darted towards Rhode on the other side .

Clang! In this matter of life and death, a sword emerged in Rhode’s hand and defended against the ambush of the splinter . Rhode pushed his blade upwards against the splinter . However, he once again kneeled on the ground and started panting for air . On the other side, Anne pounced over with her shield and defended Rhode against the raid of the splinter . The sharp fingertips raked against the shield, setting off an ear-deafening sound of friction . Although this powerful strength forced the young lady back a few steps, she continued to bite her lips and held on beside Rhode .

What luck!

The constant breathing of cold air didn’t clear Rhode of his chaotic mind . Instead, he felt that his whole world was violently shaking and the ground below his feet was sludge which he couldn’t stand properly on .

Must I really unlock Gillian’s seal…?

Rhode gazed at his palm desperately .

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