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Chapter 425

“Wake up . Are your preparations ready?” As the wagon charged forward wildly, Rhode half squatted at the back and observed the sky alertly while waking everyone up . At this moment, Natasha, Grendy, and Anne woke up from their slumber . After all, the Black Hound’s explosion was loud and rang clearly in their ears . Perhaps due to the cold night wind, all of them quivered and reacted instantly—that damned Necromancer was here!

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“Anne, get ready to act according to plan . ” Rhode stared at the pitch-black sky . The Necromancer was nowhere to be seen . Rhode was aware that he wouldn’t perish in that explosion . At this point in time, Rhode hoped he could avoid meeting face to face with a Necromancer in the Master stage .

The wagon driver wasn’t a villager of Hobbit Village; he was a mercenary sent by the Purple Lily Guild, who was good at driving a wagon . After all, this seasoned mercenary was brave, fast to react, and wouldn’t escape frantically at the sight of the enemy . The only thing that this mercenary had to do now was to lash the four strong horses with his whip and force them to charge forward .

The bumpy road, in addition to the wagon charging at lightning speed, became a torturous hell for them . Natasha and Grendy couldn’t even look out for the terrifying Necromancer as they held onto the edge of the wagon with all their might to ensure that they wouldn’t be flung out of it .

At this moment, the ground shook abruptly .

The uneven ground cracked into several chinks, spreading towards the wagon like tentacles . Then, a sharp stone pillar emerged and went straight to its target .

Facing this sudden attack, the mercenary driver displayed his fine qualities . He tugged the reins and changed the direction of the wagon forcefully to avoid the rock thorns ejected from the ground . However, this wasn’t the end, because at the same time, dozens of white bone splinters hurled from the sky .

“Anne!” Rhode commanded and the young lady stood to her feet immediately .

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“Yes, Leader, leave it to Anne!” As Anne replied confidently, the shape of her shield transformed . However, this time, there was an additional layer of green radiance around it—the indication of the coalescing wind element .

Anne lifted her head towards the sky and gave her shield a huge swing .

Whizz! The massive shield flung out of the young lady’s hand, guiding along strong winds that rose and engulfed the wagon from the ground . The shield streaked an arc in the pitch-black sky and the powerful whirlwind scattered all the white bone splinters that were headed towards the wagon . Then, the heavy shield returned to Anne’s hand like a boomerang after accomplishing its task .

After awakening the wind element in her body, Anne’s strength had gotten stronger . This defense that she put up had proven that she could manipulate the wind element to a certain extent . Furthermore, she didn’t need a steel chain to retrieve her shield back anymore . As long as she could control the wind elemental strength shrouded in her shield, she could allow it to fly freely without losing control .

“Elemental strength?” The Necromancer who hid in the dark witnessed the contrasting, beaming shield with a look of astonishment . He expected that the team that was capable of defeating Vulture must be very powerful . But this situation turned his stomach to ice . Not anybody could have elemental powers . Previously, the black-haired young man’s odd battle style left Darke in high alert, and now, another fellow with had elemental powers appeared… What a tough bunch!

Darke hesitated no more and attacked twice just for the sake of this moment… The Necromancer’s hands began to tremble as he drew dark, ice-cold symbols filled with death aura in the air . He stared at the wagon before his eyes, folded his palms together, and swung forward .

Along with this motion, those dark magic symbols compressed and absorbed into his palms, forming a ball of pure darkness aimed at the ground .

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“Be careful!” Rhode sharply detected the deadly aura emerging from their backs and he ordered instantly . “Stop the wagon! Everyone gather!”

The mercenary driver released the ruins and flipped his way to the back . Anne stood before everyone with her shield ready . Gillian placed her right hand on Anne’s shield with a stern expression . She released a halo of flames with Anne in the middle, expanding and shrouding everyone .

At the moment, the dark waves had arrived .

“—!” The pure negative energy crept in silently like a cold, gentle breeze . However, it suddenly transformed into a surging tide and collided with Anne’s shield . The chilly impact diffused as though a large monster was attempting to break a solid shell with its gigantic claws . The shield erupted with green and red radiance . Wind and Fire elements overlapped and coalesced, using this thick shield as its cornerstone to resist this deadly wave like a dam .

However, it wasn’t that fortunate for the others .

The four horses were out of energy as they had been galloping and instinctively escaping from death and darkness all this way . The deadly waves whizzed and engulfed them mercilessly, at which they neighed and collapsed to their death .

The wagon naturally came to a halt .

However, as the wagon stopped, Rhode darted out like an arrow as though he had predicted this, followed by a string of afterimages . It was finally Gillian’s turn . A red card emerged on the Fire Elemental Lord’s palm . Gillian let out a delightful smile and folded her palms together .

Magic Symbol—Seven Hells .

The card shattered and a circular wall of flames formed with Gillian in the middle, expanding across the land . Five two-meter huge fireballs hovered above her head, slightly trembling as though they were alive . These fireballs shrunk dramatically and seconds later, five incomparably glorious beams of flames erupted and swept across the entire sky .

The splendid flames brightened the darkness as though they were sun rays melting the frozen snow . The Necromancer’s battered figure emerged and he tried to retreat frantically to avoid the overbearing beams of flames . However, Rhode dashed and emerged before him!

At the next instant, the sword beaming with crimson radiance pierced the Necromancer’s body .

This strike broke Darke’s defense and punctured his body, leaving him in a towering rage instead of excruciating pain—Necromancers didn’t have the senses necessary to detect pain . However, he was horrified by how this young man predicted his movements . He howled and gripped the sword that had punctured his back . Then, he shivered abruptly and a powerful shock wave blasted .

Bam! Although Rhode let go of the sword hilt in time, he wasn’t able to dodge the sudden blast . The chilly, dark power struck Rhode’s body and he felt as though he was smashed in his chest by an ice-cold hammer . His chest tightened as he fell, losing control of his body . At this moment, Rhode had difficulty breathing and his eyes began to blur . However, even so, he gritted his teeth and extended his left arm to summon with his remaining conscious .

Darke was getting sick and tired of this human who tried to ambush him numerous times . After forcing him away with the shock wave, the Necromancer turned around and pointed his finger at Rhode . As Darke chanted a curse, absolute negative energy began coalescing on his finger, ready to snatch Rhode’s life away .

However, the black-haired young man returned the favor with his right hand . A loud screech sounded and a large bird glowing in white radiance emerged before Darke, flapping its wings and blocking his target .

The Necromancer hesitated at the sight of this large bird . He remembered clearly that although the Black Hound’s explosion wasn’t able to kill him, he was still hurt by it . Now that this young man had summoned another huge bird… What if this bird had the same ability? Besides, this bird was unlike that hound because Darke could sense the faint holy energy from it .

This was not an easy task for a Necromancer .

This split second hesitation obstructed Darke from attacking and the Spirit Bird didn’t let this chance off . The Spirit Bird flapped its wings and flew towards the Necromancer!

A powerful whirlwind packed with bolts of lightning swept across!

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