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Chapter 423

Rhode narrated all the happenings to Paris over a meal and she finally understood how Natasha and Grendy ended up with him and looking extremely exhausted . After all, if she wasn’t aware of Rhode’s identity, she might have suspected that both of them were captured as slaves by him . But, even though Paris had the answers to her doubts now, her mood didn’t turn for the better .

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“Please pardon me, Mr . Rhode . I’m really surprised . ” Although Paris said so, there wasn’t any hint of emotion in her ice-cold tone . “You’re saying that you met a group of soldiers from the Undead Legion, and they were led by an Undead Knight . Moreover, there was also a Necromancer behind the scenes…”

“There was at least one Necromancer . ” Rhode corrected Paris . “I can guarantee that we have exterminated all the Undead Soldiers from before . But I’m sure the Necromancer won’t give up this easily and he will definitely turn up . Also, it isn’t impossible for the Necromancer to gather a group of undead with his powers in a short period of time . ”

“…” Paris remained silent for a moment before finally speaking up . “So what do you intend to do?”

Rhode spread his arms apart and shrugged . “I intended to arrive in Eagle City as quickly as possible to seek assistance from your guild in defeating that damned Necromancer . After all, we are pretty much drained from the previous battle with the undead . If we were to battle with the Necromancer in our current state, we would definitely face some troubles . ”

Rhode’s remarks weren’t completely truthful . However, Paris seemed not to have any suspicions as she was aware of how powerful these few people were . Gillian’s sea of fireballs shot to fame in the Midsummer Festival and after the tournament, the Purple Lily Guild had numerous discussions regarding the fox-eared young lady being a Mage or not . Some Mages thought that Gillian wasn’t a Mage because there weren’t any Mages who could summon that many fireballs without incantations . On the other hand, some felt that Gillian might have mastered a unique technique .

As for Anne, Paris was all the more familiar . The horrific scene when Anne brutally murdered Rosen had scared everyone watching witless . Even a fearless man like Barter confessed to Paris that he would definitely not wish to meet such an insane opponent . However, Paris couldn’t picture the young lady before her as the wild beast that plucked out Rosen’s heart and squashed it cruelly . At this moment, this young lady was leaning back against the chair, squinting her eyes, rubbing her round tummy, and burping after savoring 20 servings of bread and beef .

As for Rhode’s strength, there wasn’t even a need to mention it… Because she was clearest of how powerful Barter was . It was uncommon for someone to have the strength to blast Barter off an arena and even injure him .

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If they had indeed fought a bunch of undead creatures, it would be reasonable for them to defeat them with their strength . Furthermore, it was normal for Rhode to claim that they were out of energy after a long battle and being constantly on the move . Moreover, Paris had inquired Natasha and Grendy to verify Rhode’s narration . But now, the situation was somewhat complicated .

“Can’t we destroy that Bone List?” Paris identified the crucial point clearly and since the Necromancer was chasing Rhode’s group for the Bone List, wouldn’t it resolve everything once they destroyed that evil magical item?

“If you don’t mind all the traitors in the Munn Kingdom dying overnight without any reasons, I have no objections,” Rhode had no further comments on Paris’s suggestion .

After hearing Rhode’s answer, Paris gave up on her thoughts quickly . Indeed, although traitors deserved to die, it would most likely cause chaos in the country if they were to die overnight which shouldn’t be allowed .

“What is your take on this, Mr . Rhode?” Paris asked .

“Bring this Bone List to Eagle City, hand it over to the Battle Angel Army that is stationed there, and our problems will end… Of course, before that, we have to deal with the troublesome Necromancer who will definitely turn up,” replied Rhode .

“…” Paris pondered for a moment before standing on her feet . “Apologies, I have to take my leave for a while . ” Paris nodded to everyone and turned around .

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Rhode wasn’t mindful of her actions because he knew what she was doing . This was a crucial matter and she definitely couldn’t call the shots . The higher ranked members of the Guilds always had emergency contacts to ensure they could contact headquarters when accidents such as this happened . Right now, Paris must be seeking instructions from Barter and all Rhode had to do was wait .

“M-Mr . Rhode, can we rest for a while longer?” Natasha asked with uncertainty as Paris left .

This was the first time this rich young lady felt so pleased and comfortable sitting on a chair that she wished the chair and her bottom was connected so she didn’t need to move at all . But that was impossible .

Paris’s emergence didn’t save Natasha and Grendy from the abyss of suffering . After all, they weren’t familiar with Paris and she had a cold attitude towards them . They couldn’t see how she was willing to help them . However, they continued to let out sighs of relief as they overheard Rhode and Paris’s conversation . No matter what, the influence that the Purple Lily Guild had over this region was definite and there shouldn’t be any problems if they were to fight the Necromancer with their assistance .

Rhode paused for a moment before replying to Natasha’s request . “Get ready, we’re leaving right away . ”

“…” Natasha couldn’t find the strength to sigh after listening to this tragic answer .

At this moment, Paris returned to Rhode’s side . She nodded slightly at everyone before speaking to Rhode . “Mr . Rhode, I have sought my leader’s opinion and he allows me to work with you unconditionally . No matter what, we will do our best to escort your group and deal with that Necromancer . Also, my leader will lead his men at the fastest speed to provide further cover for you and at the same time protect Miss Natasha and Mr . Grendy . ”

Rhode nodded slightly to Paris’s words . From his understanding of Barter, it would be impossible for him to tolerate having a Necromancer roaming in his territory . However, it seemed that Barter wasn’t foolish either . Natasha and Grendy were both important figures of his territory and it would mean a great deal of merit for the Purple Lily Guild if he could rescue both of them . But Rhode was also curious about Paris’s thoughts on this .

“What do you think?” The frigid woman didn’t respond instantly . Instead, she pondered for a few moments before giving her input . “I’m not too familiar with the Necromancer’s battle techniques, so as long as there’s somewhere that you need us to help, we will do our best . In my opinion, there will be lesser impact the sooner we get rid of this Necromancer . ”

“Alright, I understand, Miss Paris . ” Rhode waved his arm and gestured .

“My sentiments exactly . I don’t wish to drag this on either . Once night falls, the Necromancer will definitely make his move . Since that’s the case, I will go straight to the point . ” Rhode paused for a moment . “You wouldn’t have car sickness right, Miss Paris?”

Night fell .

As the final rays of the sun vanished below the horizon, the wagon left Hobbit Village and darted towards Eagle City . As they boarded the freight wagon instead of the passenger wagon, the wagon wasn’t as comfortable and warm . However, everyone was still fast asleep . Natasha and Grendy crammed themselves in the corner as the constant rushing in the past few days had made them exhausted . At this moment, both of them had fallen into a deep sleep, without a care of how filthy their surroundings were . On the other hand, Anne was snoring away, hugging a cloak in her arms as though she was satisfied as long as she could eat and sleep in this world .

On the other side of the wagon, Rhode sat on the edge while holding onto his sword as the chilly night wind swept his body entirely . Rhode leaned against the hard, freezing wooden board while gazing at the night sky . Gillian rested her head on Rhode’s shoulder while her fluffy tail once again played the role of a fur blanket, keeping both of them warm . Meanwhile, the Bone List glistened with faint green rays as it laid in Gillian’s arms . The wooden box which contained the magical item had been tossed by Rhode .

“I hope your decision is correct, Master . But I don’t think you will fail,” Gillian said cheekily .

“I hope so . This was the only solution that I could come up with,” Rhode sighed in response to Gillian’s tease .

At this moment, Rhode was feeling weak because he still hadn’t recovered fully from the backlash of the Legion Horn . Rhode could likely have recovered all his spiritual energy if he found a place to have a good rest . However, he had no choice but to push back his break as he was rushing for time . At this moment, his strength was only half of what he usually had .

To be frank, he would definitely be a goner if he were to face the Necromancer in this state . He was fortunate that he wouldn’t be fighting alone now .

“…!” Suddenly, a faint magical radiance streaked across the night sky .

Rhode stood and darted forward with his Crimson Blade unsheathed instantly .

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