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Chapter 404

Little Rosen was looking pale .

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He stared at the girl who was about 13 years of age and couldn’t believe his eyes . Are you kidding me? Bull was a famous Swordsman of the South, and even though he wasn’t as powerful as Rosen, he was still a talent that reached the ranks of Swordsmaster . Yet, he was defeated by this little girl just like that, and he didn’t even get to retaliate? Who exactly is this girl?

Little Rosen suddenly recalled that he had once heard about the support of two Legendary stage beings . However, Little Rosen didn’t take this matter to heart because he was sure that it was only a hoax . If Starlight really had two Legendary characters, why didn’t they partake in the Midsummer Festival and only appeared now? Hmph, must be a hoax .

But now, Little Rosen changed his views . But… As he scanned this little girl who was panting with rage, he couldn’t figure out how this girl could have any relations with the beings of the Legendary stage . The difference between the actual her and what he expected her to be was off the charts . However… He turned to the Bull warrior . It was a fact that this popular Swordsmaster from the South had run out of breath . He was dead before his very eyes and he didn’t even see what exactly did that little girl did and how she did it!

“L-Lille . ”

Little Rosen panicked . The purpose of his visit was mainly because of these two men . Both of them had abilities of the Master Stage and were once friends and subordinates of his father . Little Rosen held high confidence in this revenge plot because he felt that his father failed because of the young man’s evil scheme . Furthermore, he even suspected that Rhode relied on the powers of the demons . After all, Anne’s sudden transformation was terrifying and it wasn’t exaggerating to say that she had become a demon . Whereas for Rhode, although he did display his abilities at the end, Little Rosen felt that Rhode was only an expert in seizing every opportunity to strike and his true abilities shouldn’t be feared .

In addition to this, with the presence of two Master stage men, shouldn’t he be able to defeat this sly young man?

But, now it seemed that things weren’t that simple .

“Lille, your turn . ”

“Leave it to me, Young Master . ”

The Mage stepped forward and coldly stared at Rhode . Before he was able to speak, Canary stepped up .

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“Alright, Bubble . You had the previous one, so this one’s mine… No matter what, this is Starlight’s territory and if we allow anyone to just come and go after hurting our people, then Starlight would be too useless, right?”

Although Canary’s words weren’t as aggressive and direct as Mini Bubble Gum’s, everyone could hear the deep dissatisfaction in her tone . As Canary stared at the Mage, she extended her right arm and clenched her fist . Suddenly, a violent wind rose and coalesced in her hand . In a few seconds, the whirlwind materialized into a sword .

“Elemental Materialization?!”

The Mage’s calm expression was finally disrupted . He stared at the young lady with widened eyes in horror and surprise .  Elemental Materialization . Elemental Mastery… Legendary stage? Oh lord . This must be a joke .  This young lady was almost half his age, but she was already in the Legendary stage?!

That’s impossible!

The Mage trembled with fear . At the same time, as an Inner Circle Mage, he sensed the surrounding elements coalescing towards Canary, which he couldn’t even stop or prevent . And this was the sign of a Legendary stage .

What kind of sick joke is this? If this young lady is really in the Legendary stage, wouldn’t I be seeking death if I fight her? But… What should I do?

Before the Mage found an escape route, Canary launched her attack .

Although she wasn’t as emotional as Mini Bubble Gum, her attack instantly announced that the amount of anger in her heart was nowhere less than Mini Bubble Gum’s . She softly chanted a few spells and suddenly, she darted towards the enemy .

What’s going on?

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The Mage couldn’t react in time .

Judging from her dressing, isn’t she a Mage too? Shouldn’t a Mage draw a distance away to engage in battles? For her to charge towards me… What is she intending to do?

However, the Mage didn’t have the time to consider this question because, at this moment, the young lady arrived before him with a sword in her hand!


The sword materialized from wind pierced into the Mage’s shoulder in a blink of an eye . The Mage shrieked in tremendous pain and he subconsciously struggled to retreat . But, at this moment, Canary rotated her wrist, and the wind elemental sword slashed up . With this motion, the Mage once again let out a blood-curdling screech and collapsed on the ground .

However, he wasn’t able to land on his back as he had wished .

Because at this moment, Canary suddenly increased her speed as she shrunk her body and pounded towards his chest . This impact forced the Mage to innately curled his body . However, this wasn’t the end, because the instant Canary pounded, she held her left hand against his chest .


As she shouted, stormy winds erupted from her palm and instantly blew the Mage into the air . And at this moment, the young lady finally regained her stance as she lifted her sword and slashed across the air in glistening magical radiance .

Soon, the crowd witnessed specks of lightning emerge .

At the next moment, the wind elemental sword transformed into countless bolts of lightning as they erupted in the air like electrical eels, devouring the pitiful Mage within . As the Mage shrieked pathetically, the crowd witnessed a beam of burning flames descending from the sky . Shortly after, the charred Mage landed heavily on the ground outside the stronghold, without any signs of life as burning flames and leaping bolts of lightning continued to circulate on his corpse .

So powerful!

Looking at this result, the mercenaries’ eyeballs almost popped out of their eye sockets . What they witnessed wasn’t just the powerful strength of two Legendary stage beings, but also their unprecedented battle styles .  Oh lord, who would have thought that a Defense Barrier could actually turn into a murder weapon? And who would have thought that a Mage could actually engage in close-combat battles like a warrior?! How did she do that? Furthermore, this series of battle skills that Canary displayed dazzled even the mercenaries . Although logically speaking, a Mage should only attack from far range and was also a very time-consuming class, Canary’s battle flowed smoothly no matter in close-combat or magic casting, which left the crowd obsessed as if they were admiring a gorgeous and passionate dance .

Not only were the mercenaries flabbergasted, but even Lilia and the rest standing behind Rhode were also in shock . When Mini Bubble Gum displayed her prowess, these Church emissaries couldn’t help but stand in awe .

That’s a Cleric? How could a Cleric be so brutal?

Although Mini Bubble Gum was in the Legendary stage and her might was definitely formidable, Lilia realized that all the spells that the girl had cast were spells that she was able to cast! However, she never thought of utilizing those spells for offense, and even 10 Holy Knights couldn’t compare to it!

Is this the strength that Starlight holds? If that’s the truth, what would become of the Church after we learned such battle skills?

Lilia was worried as this thought flashed in her mind .

Everyone fell into silence for a short while before exploding into a sea of cheers .

And at this moment, the expression of Little Rosen was unsightly .

I guessed it wrong!

In fact, Little Rosen knew he was thoroughly finished when Canary first launched her attack . But he couldn’t believe that such young ladies would be in the Legendary stage . How could such illogical things even happen?

But now, it was too late for Little Rosen to regret .

He sneakily shifted his step, with intentions to leave . However, before he could move an inch further, Little Rosen suddenly felt a chilliness behind his back as dozens of light halos emerged in the air and swiftly bounded him tightly . Little Rosen’s face turned ashen as he lifted his head towards the front in despair . He clenched his teeth and awaited the final judgment .

“What’s wrong? Mr . Little Rosen? Are you in a hurry to leave?”

As Little Rosen gave up all hope, Rhode casually strolled to his face and quietly observed his fearful expression . Little Rosen gulped and began to stutter .

“Wh-What do you want to do? You can’t kill me . If you kill me…”

Before Little Rosen finished his sentence, Rhode’s sword pierced his chest without any resistance .

“I already did . ”

Little Rosen widened his eyes more and more as Rhode coldly retorted with his sword . Rhode placed his left hand on Little Rosen’s forehead and gave a light tap .

And just like that, the lifeless corpse landed on the ground .

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