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Chapter 403


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Rhode’s expression slightly changed after hearing the mercenary’s report . He quickly stood up and apologized to Lilia and the other emissaries .

“My apologies, Miss Lilia . It seems that we will need to reschedule our discussions . ”

Rhode’s expression sunk and left the living room . After Rhode turned the corner, Lilia and the others exchanged astonished looks with one another before following Rhode closely .

“Where’s your sissy leader? Get him here!”

As soon as Rhode exited the main door, he could hear a scream from the courtyard . Rhode twitched his brows and stepped out without any expression . After exiting the stronghold, Rhode witnessed a few mercenaries groaning in pain as they laid on the ground . The door had been pushed haphazardly to the side and landed crookedly in the courtyard . At the entrance of the courtyard stood three men . They each dressed in different styles and their faces were filled with ill-intentions .

Rhode knew the man in the middle was Rosen’s son . It seemed like Rosen’s wife was devoted to him and didn’t sleep with other men . If not, his son wouldn’t look so similar to Rosen . It was as if Rosen’s face was printed onto him . However, as his son was much younger, he didn’t have the unflustered expression of his father and what replaced it was a young brashness . He wore the unique costume of the Southern merchants with a black steel sword hanging around his waist . It seemed that this guy came prepared .

On his left stood a man dressed as a warrior . Just his height was enough to scare others out of their wits . This man was half a body taller than Rhode, towering at around 2 . 6 meters! He couldn’t even be considered as a human, but more so as a giant . And hanging behind this giant was a three meters long sawtooth giant sword . Not to mention its sharpness, just the looks of it was enough to scare someone to death .

The other man on the right was a Mage . A Mage who complied with standards . He wore a large robe and a pointy hat . His expression revealed superiority and uniqueness as he lifted his chin and scanned everyone like they were nothing more than rats and termites .

Finding trouble with me?

At this moment, Rhode’s expression sunk and the anger in his heart began to burn . It seemed that this bunch of bastards wasn’t frightened enough during the Midsummer Festival and dared to find trouble in my turf . They must be sick of living!

“Yo, the rat finally crawled out of its tiny hole?”

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The man in the middle sneered and mocked Rhode as he stepped out . Behind that man, a crowd was gathered . After all, it was rare in Deep Stone City for someone to wreak havoc in someone else’s turf . Furthermore, it was Starlight’s turf that they were messing with, which flabbergasted many mercenaries .

At this moment, Rhode’s expression couldn’t get gloomier and the other party seemed very satisfied with that . He lifted his head and proudly looked down and Rhode .

“What’s wrong? Afraid? I think, you still don’t know who I am . I am…”

“I know who are you just from your looks . ”

Rhode interrupted the man’s words .

“You are that old fart, Rosen’s, son . Oops…”

Rhode suddenly paused and tapped on his head .

“I’m sorry for the mistake . Rosen is dead and I should’ve picked my words properly . ”

The crowd couldn’t help but laugh at Rhode’s terrific comeback . At this moment, the crowd understood the intent of their visit and didn’t have favorable impressions of them either . As for Rosen’s death, they wouldn’t sympathize at all . Just like Rhode had said, in the eyes of the Northerners, Rosen was a demon who oppressed them . Now that the demon was dead, they couldn’t be any happier . Now that this bunch of demon rascals wanted to seek revenge, what did it have to do with them?


Little Rosen snorted at the crowd’s laughter and shifted his gaze towards Rhode furiously .

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“I’m not here today to talk glibly with you . ”

“You’d better not . ”

At this moment, Rhode’s expression had sunk to his lowest .

“If you’re here to talk glibly and that’s why you damaged my door and injured my men… Then you will not have a good time . ”

Little Rosen displayed a struggling expression . But shortly after, he unveiled a smile .

“Listen up, you sissy . I’m here today for my father . ”

He clapped his hand once and the two men behind him instantly stood forward .

“All of us know that you used despicable means to kill my father during the Midsummer Festival and this is what I couldn’t accept . So, I’m here to avenge him . But…”

Little Rosen paused and shot Rhode a glance as he lifted his chin .

“… I will not act like a barbarian as you have . Furthermore, in order for you to not lose so badly, I will now compassionately grant you the opportunity for a challenge . Of course, if you admit that you’re in the wrong and beg for forgiveness with your knees down, we might even forgive you . If not…”

“If not?”

“I will make everyone here pay for my father’s life!”

A trace of murderous intent flashed in Rhode’s eyes . Just as he was about to speak, suddenly a sharp voice was heard .

“Cut your crap!”

Along with this furious scream, two figures instantly appeared beside Rhode . They were Canary and Mini Bubble Gum . At this moment, Mini Bubble Gum was filled with anger as she stared at Little Rosen, sneering .

“Who do you think you are, to even dare threaten Leader? Scram! Scram! Scram! You make me sick . Garbage, scum, trash . You even thought of killing everyone in the stronghold just to make us pay for that silly ass’s life? Who do you think you are?”

Mini Bubble Gum’s nature had always been aggressive . As soon as she appeared, she immediately pointed at Little Rosen’s face and gave him a good verbal thrashing . In the end, the girl even hooked her little finger .

“Come on, scumbags . Come over here and show me how good you are!”

“… You damn rascal!”

At this moment, Little Rosen was ashen-faced at Mini Bubble Gum’s tauntings . He stared with widened eyes and trembled in anger before flinging his arm abruptly .

“Get her, Bull!”

The burly, tall warrior instantly raised his head and bellowed . He drew out his long sword from the back and strode toward Mini Bubble Gum in giant steps . Got to say, this Bull warrior seemed really formidable and each of his steps were heavy and oppressing .

Facing the darting Bull warrior, Mini Bubble Gum didn’t panic at all . Instead, an obvious look of despising displayed on her face .


As Mini Bubble Gum snarled, the charging Bull warrior suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground as if he had tripped on a rock . And at this instance, Mini Bubble Gum suddenly extended her arms and cast a Defense Barrier in front of him where the Bull warrior’s head landed right on it .

As everyone knew, the Defense Barrier was a magical wall cast by spells . However, everyone also knew that although the surface area of the wall was large, and the surface area on top was narrow . As the Bull warrior smashed his head onto the wall, it was as if he hit the top of an erected cement slab and he instantly screamed in immense pain . He lifted his head in panic and attempted to hold his neck in support . At this moment, his nose bridge had been completely broken and blood was gushing from his nostrils . But this wasn’t the end, because as the Bull warrior lifted his head, he once again lost his balance after seemingly getting hit by something . However, Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t so kind-hearted to allow him to fall just yet . Just as the Bull warrior’s legs softened, she quickly flung her little hand and within a split second, two more Defense Barriers were launched at the Bull warrior’s knees!


The Bull warrior’s knees were punctured by the top of the two barriers as his body collapsed to the ground . The crowd only heard two quick and crisp crackles before they noticed his legs were twisted in incredible directions . Some of them even shut their eyes, hoping to not have a nightmare tonight .

“Who do you think you are to even challenge me?! Let me tell you, you are an idiot! Dumbass! Retarded! Scumbag who can’t fight! You think you’re a swordsman just because you have a sword?! Nooo! You are a scum! Scum! Scum! Scum! Scum!!!”

As Mini Bubble Gum continued to hurl insults, her hands didn’t stop . As her voice amplified louder and louder, beams of light descended from the sky and smashed severely onto the Bull warrior’s body . And every time a beam of light landed on his body, the crowd heard the crisp sound of bone fracture . Just as Mini Bubble Gum screamed the final ‘Scum’, her arms swung violently and a sudden storm rose from the ground, engulfing the long unconscious Bull warrior . The storm instantly lifted him off the courtyard and he landed heavily on the main streets .

“A noob that can’t give me any EXP . Scram!”

At this moment, Mini Bubble Gum clapped the dust off her palms before lifting her head proudly at Little Rosen, who was ashen-faced .

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