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Chapter 394

To the mercenaries, claiming the Fortress meant their jobs were completed . However, claiming the Fortress only meant the start for Rhode . After most of the Fortress was destroyed, it’s no longer livable . But luckily, after defeating the Demon General, there was massive information on this Fortress and its area reflected in Rhode’s construction system . This proved that this system had recognized Rhode’s rights over this place . And next, Rhode would need to restore the Fortress and begin rebuilding facilities . In fact, up until now, Rhode was used to the levels of illogicality on this system . He even gave up ridiculing how this system could repair the Fortress by spending gold coins and didn’t require any materials at all . Anyway, since things were set this way, there’s no point to figure them out .

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It wasn’t difficult to restore the Fortress as long as the money was spent . Right now, Rhode was lacking the least in money which was why he wasn’t mindful of such small matters . However, the next problem would be the biggest of them all — Rhode not only wanted to restore the Fortress, he even wished to reconstruct it for his own convenience . The blueprint of this Fortress had been analyzed through the mercenary construction system and it reflected as only an ordinary architecture for militaries . Such architecture wouldn’t be too suitable for a guild and there were some areas that required modification and re-planning .

Although there were many fortress blueprints and models for Rhode’s considerations within the construction system, the next job would be the most troublesome of all .

All except Rhode was able to view the system and they naturally couldn’t bring any help for him . However, Gillian, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum were different as they were products of the system . With Rhode’s permission, they could also share the information . Originally, Rhode had a positive attitude towards this and linked up with the three of them to hear their opinions . However, he immediately regretted his decision within a short span of 10 minutes .

As for their opinions on how to construct the fortress, all three of them had different views . Canary preferred the fortress to be similar to Starlight in the past because it would be more reminiscent . However, Mini Bubble Gum was against this idea because she felt that the fortress wasn’t anything great to start with . Now that they had a chance to rebuild it, they shouldn’t commit the same mistake . This was why Mini Bubble Gum recommended a fortress with a European castle-style .

Whereas for Gillian, she wasn’t supportive of both their ideas . She would rather the fortress to be an ornate wooden palace . So… In order to convince one another, all three of them quickly got into a bicker .

“Starlight in the past had the most logical design, Bubble . You should know too . Our guild was able to gain victories after so many guild wars because we relied on its sturdy defense and reasonable layouts . Now Leader is building this fortress for our future good to prevent ambushes . Since the previous Starlight fortress was able to survive the harsh conditions, then I think we should stick to it . ”

“That’s only in the game, Big Sister . Where would there be so many carefree players engaging in guild wars in this world? Do you really think that those bunch of scrubs could defeat both of our defenses? Also, I think my design is good too . Since we’re in the western world, what’s wrong with having a castle? Also, this castle seemed so mighty and we can definitely recruit many more people isn’t it?”

“But they are still ranked below us isn’t it, Bubble? This proved that a guild’s attracting point was still on capabilities and not based on their exterior reputation… Although I have to admit that your Irish Rose Knights fortress is indeed beautiful, you also know that their defenses were too fragile and weak . If not, they wouldn’t have been destroyed by us Starlight . ”

“Hmph, that’s because we were much more powerful than them! Especially when that bitch even dared to taunt Leader . She was seeking death! No matter what, Big Sister, don’t you think this place is suitable to build a castle? It’s still a better choice than that female fox . Is she thinking of building a Summer Palace (Referring to the one in Beijing)?”

“Aiya? Miss Bubble, you’re wrong on this . It’s important to keep the traditions okay? Traditions… Besides, isn’t it beautiful too? Besides, only with such unique qualities could leave deep impressions on people . ”

My head…

Rhode felt his head was about to crack under the constant bickering by the three of them . Now he was regretting why he was so foolish to make such a dumb decision . Initially, Rhode was overly-fatigue after the battle, which was why he was lazy to rack his brains and decided to get some help . As a result, not only did he not have a chance to relax, he felt even more tired .

“Mr Rhode . ”

As Rhode was hopelessly looking for a way out, suddenly Lize’s voice sounded beside him . After hearing her voice, Rhode instantly neglected their quarrels and looked at the maiden before his eyes .

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“What’s wrong? Lize?”

“It’s like this…”

Lize found it somewhat difficult to express her words . However, after looking at Rhode’s expression, she managed to speak her mind .

“The villagers that we rescued yesterday are outside right now . They want to thank you personally…”


Rhode couldn’t help but twitched his brows .

Rhode understood the situation . However, as he was too tired the day before, he didn’t have the mood to care . He thought the villagers would instantly leave after they’re rescued but it seemed otherwise . The villagers chose to stay and even though Rhode wasn’t too mindful of them, this presented a good opportunity to get away from this noisy commotion . As a result, he instantly sent a message to the three of them mentally with a ‘You three continue to discuss . I will be right back . ’ and quickly left .

Soon, Rhode saw the villagers standing outside the Fortress .

From their expressions, these villagers had a hard time being imprisoned . Many of them were looking desperate and their bodies were filled with dust and scars . If the Demon General didn’t intend to use their lives to maintain the ritual, these villages would’ve been dead by now . But now, at least they survived .

As Rhode appeared before their eyes, some of these villagers revealed some traces of surprise as they looked at the black-haired young man with gratitude . The villagers stepped to the side to make a path for a tall and big man . He arrived before Rhode and respectfully bowed .

“Hi there, dear sir . ”

The man lifted his head and gazed at Rhode with respect .

“I’m the village head for Deep Creek Village, Charlie . Thank you and your men for saving us from the hands of that evil demon . Oh lord, to be frank, I had already given up and thought we could never see the sun again… However, it’s all thanks to you that we are able to stand here . Please allow me to give you our utmost and sincere gratitude . ”

“You’re welcome, Mr Charlie . You should thank my subordinate, Marfa, instead . Although I did give an order, he was the one to rescue all of you from grave danger . So, I think that I’m not worthy of this gratitude . ”

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Marfa trembled for a little after hearing Rhode’s words and he strangely gazed at the young man beside him . In fact, Marfa totally didn’t expect Rhode to put in nice words for himself . Although he did join mercenary groups before, he knew that during such situations, most leaders would just smile and accept the other party’s praises . However, Rhode pushed the credits towards himself instead… Of course, what Rhode said was, in fact, the truth . However, even Marfa didn’t realize this point .

“Of course, Mr Marfa led his men and rescued us from that dangerous place . For this, we will forever be in his debt . ”

Charlie hurriedly turned around and bowed towards Marfa . This left Marfa at a loss but he eventually accepted his gratitude .

After expressing his gratitude, Charlie shifted his attention back to Rhode .

“Of course, Sir . No matter if it’s you or your men, at least, it’s right to say that your guild had saved us . And to us, the grace of saving lives shouldn’t be thanked without any actions… I heard that you decided to build a fortress here?”

“I do have this intention . ”

Facing Charlie’s question, Rhode wasn’t too surprised . After all, all his mercenaries knew about this plan and the villagers would get their answer just by asking, After hearing Rhode’s reply, Charlie hesitated before speaking .

“If that’s the case, do you need manpower for it? I’m not praising ourselves but our men do have strong physiques . If you need us to do anything, we will do our best . No matter if it’s repairing the fortress or transporting materials, as long as you need manpower and if you are not disgusted by us crude villagers, then we swear in god’s name that we will do our very best to fulfill your requests . ”


Rhode remained silent for a moment while he’s facing the man before his eyes . These villagers had good intentions but frankly, he didn’t need any manpower to repair the fortress… Hold up?

At this thought, Rhode’s eyes brightened as if he recalled something . He gestured his hand and said .

“Mr Charlie, thank you for your kind intentions . But… I have something to ask you . What are your next plans?”

“Next plans?”

Charlie lowered his head and pondered .

“This… Sir . To be honest, we don’t have much to do . We are just hunters that lived day by day in the mountains and forests . We are grateful for your help to remove so many Barbarians and Demons . Also, there won’t be that many threats anymore when we go hunting in future…”

“If that’s the case, Mr Charlie . How about you listen to my suggestion?”

Rhode suddenly asked .


Charlie was taken aback but quickly nodded in acknowledgment . Under his gaze, Rhode pondered for a moment before giving an answer .

“It’s like this, Mr Charlie . As you know, we are deciding to build a fortress here . So you are also clear that in future, this place will be Starlight Guild’s territory . ”

Charlie nodded in agreeance . In any case, he’s also the village head who often go out and see the world . So, he had heard of guild matters and understood the purpose of this sudden booming guild coming to this area . However, to Charlie, this place indeed wasn’t any good . If it wasn’t for their ancestors who lived here for many years, they perhaps would’ve left this ghostly place . Although he didn’t know why the mercenaries chose this place, it’s still better to be protected under a powerful guild, wasn’t it?

“It’s like this . ”

Rhode had some difficulties opening up but after letting out a cough, he continued to speak normally .

“I think you’re also aware that before coming here, we had visited Deep Creek Village and fought against the Barbarians… Hmmm… How should I put it… Because we fought too aggressively which led to the surroundings of the village to be a little… troublesome or perhaps affected everyone . So, I have a suggestion… After Starlight Guild constructed the fortress, we will need some manpower and if all of you are willing… I can open up a district for everyone in the fortress to move over and live in . What do you think?”


Charlie’s expression changed .

Got to say, this suggestion indeed was a good choice for them . Although the location of Deep Creek Village was good, being alone within the mountains and forests would be too dangerous . Like previously when they were surrounded by the Barbarians, even the patrols couldn’t locate them and they only relied on themselves . So if they could collaborate with such a powerful guild, his villagers wouldn’t need to worry about their homes anymore even when they’re out hunting .

However… although it may be convenient, they had lived in Deep Creek Village for a few hundred years . No matter how bad the environment got at times, they still had emotional bonds with this place . To mention about shifting locations, they would more or less hate to do so .

“For this, please allow me to discuss with everyone . ”

Charlie revealed a hesitant look but eventually gave an answer . After hearing his reply, Rhode understandingly nodded .

“I understand, Mr Charlie . This is an important matter so you definitely can’t make a decision on the spot . I can understand that . ”

Rhode paused and nodded towards Marfa .

“Marfa, lead a team of men to protect Mr Charlie and the other villagers back to Deep Creek Village . Those escaped Barbarians may still be lingering nearby . I’m afraid those bastards would find trouble with the villagers . ”

After this, Charlie once again thanked Rhode and under the protection of Marfa and the other mercenaries, they returned to their village . Rhode then returned to the ruins in the fortress and opened his mental channel . At this moment, Canary passed a message — After their ‘unremitting’ hard work and negotiations, they finally fixed on a decision .

“Finally decided?”

Hearing this piece of news, Rhode finally heaved a sigh of relief . He was originally mentally prepared to withstand the noise pollution of those three women which equaled to a 1500 ducks quacking . However, it seemed that the progression was much smoother than he expected .

“Yes, Leader . We exchanged many opinions with one another and finally adjusted to a decision agreeable for everyone . Right? Bubble? Miss Gillian?”

“… I definitely have to listen to Big Sister’s words… rig-right? Miss Gillian?”

“Ah haha… ah hahaha… this, it’s needless to say that Miss Canary had unique tastes, Master . I have nothing better to say…”

For unknown reasons, the answers from both Mini Bubble Gum and Gillian were sort of odd . But, no matter what, since the decision had been made, it would make things much easier .

Since Rhode was constructing the fortress, naturally he would need to consider the current geographical conditions . This fortress ruin was located under Misty Mountains and the Misty Mountains penetrated the entire region . If seen from the air, the entire mountains presented a ‘+’ shape and separated four regions . One of the regions on the left was Paphield Region, whereas the right regions from top to bottom were the common border of the Land of Chaos and Country of Darkness respectively . The Misty Mountains was arduous and precipitous and normal humans couldn’t possibly pass through — Even undead creatures were no different . Whereas, for this Fortress, it was located at a relatively gentle hillside at the junction of the ‘+’ shaped mountain . The water sources would be from the deep underground and also the melted snow from Misty Mountains which would form into a river stream, so there weren’t any concerns for water sources .

Of course, there were different kinds of fortresses . This fortress ruins used to be a pure military fortress that’s not equipped with other functions . This definitely wasn’t what Rhode wished for as the fortresses for player guilds were usually mixed with palaces, castles and the three architectural structures and functions . This way, not only the fortress could engage in defense, at the same time, they could engage in commercial development and trading businesses .

However, after analyzing the finalized blueprint by the three of them, Rhode was puzzled .

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