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Chapter 391


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Gelk roared in anger . He defensively swung his right arm forward and in a blink of an eye, countless fireballs erupted in his face . The powerful blast forced the Demon General back desperately . He continued to hover in mid-air, clenching his teeth and staring widely at the fox-ear maiden not far away from him .

“Half-beast! Why are you helping the humans by going against the Demons!”

“This got nothing to do with you, little cutie . ”

Gillian covered her mouth with her right hand like an elegant lady as she chuckled cutely . Shortly after, she flung her other arm forward and yet another wave of thousand fireballs emerged around her . She released them towards the demon in her eyes .

“Damn it!”

Facing this overwhelming aggression, even a Demon General like Gelk didn’t dare to defy . He swiftly retreated, at the same time waving both hands in the air . Soon, as two evil and blasphemy symbols brightened in front of Gelk, a pale green barrier quickly emerged and defended against Gillian’s attack . Although he wasn’t injured, the smoky traces were indispensable .

Damn bastard!

Gelk once again retreated . He gritted his teeth and shot Gillian a death stare . Unlike the ignorant humans, Gelk immediately detected the pureness of Gillian’s fire elemental prowess . He intended to burn her with the flames from hell but instead, he almost injured himself after she deflected them back . With such a high command of controllability even in the demon’s flames, this fox-ear maiden definitely wasn’t any ordinary half-beast . She must be an emissary from the fire plane of existence .

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Gelk had a splitting headache at this thought .

The four elemental planes had nothing much involved with the demons and their stands were always neutral regarding the battles of the demons . However, the Demon General couldn’t figure out why an emissary would be here . And what’s worse was, she’s a fire element emissary .

Even in a place like hell, the elemental strengths shouldn’t be underestimated . It was also due to this that Gelk didn’t know how to lay his hands on Gillian . He was worried if the Fire Elemental Lord got the news that Gelk had injured or killed his emissary, the Fire Elemental lord would confront Gelk’s master in hell and this would definitely end as a tragedy — There were no such things as sacrificing oneself for another in hell . Instead, there were countless of backstabbings . Not to mention, Gelk was only a lowly ranked Demon General . He suspected that if things turned out that way, he would definitely be offered as a compensation to appease the Elemental Lord .

However, that’s still a long time after . Taking a step back, Gelk might not even be capable of defeating Gillian .

Gelk swept a glance on the Fortress below him . At this moment, the Fortress was filled with fire sparks and smoke . Those foolish human Barbarians were unable to withstand this blow totally . Under the airstrikes of Gillian’s fireballs, those Barbarians were scared out of their wits . Although Gillian currently didn’t possess the true strength of an Elemental Lord, her fireballs were still bold and powerful — And it was this boldness that scared the Barbarians witless .

Got to say, sometimes this overwhelming barrage indeed seemed frightening .

After experiencing the first wave of ‘barrage’, the Barbarians screamed as they scrambled into the Fortress to avoid the ‘fire rain’ . Some struggled to escape towards the city outskirts and some even thought this was the punishment from the Creator Dragon as they discarded their weapons and kneeled in prayers .

With such men, it’s imaginable just how much attacking strength they had .

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Another matter that depressed the Demon General was that his enemies seemed to be well prepared for him . Not long after the Demon General appeared, he received news of enemy intrusions and he was occupied by Gillian at the same time . Gelk thought his Black Robes and Barbarians could form an alliance enough to handle the dozen of adventurers, but now, as a quarter of an hour past, the situation turned even more chaotic .

Now Gelk didn’t dare imagine himself diving back down to the Fortress because there’s a sea of flames waiting for him . Only an idiot would dare to do that in the face of a Fire Elemental emissary .

What exactly is the situation down there?

Gelk contended with Gillian, at the same time forcing out a solution . From the current situation, the Demon General had no choice but to retreat . Most of his incapable subordinates were dead and those foolish Barbarians were totally useless . Those people attacking the Fortress were too well prepared, if not they wouldn’t have invaded the Fortress so easily . No matter what, his momentum was gone and he had to retreat .

But on the contrary, Gelk had no intentions of leaving as he had spent so much time gathering this many helper to carve a passageway ritual here . The nearby Barbarians were all recruited by him and had he backed off, the next time — he could only take actions internally in the Munn Kingdom .

However, the demons were very clear whose territory the Munn Kingdom belonged to . If this was within the borders of Country of Light, the situation would still be manageable as those foolish humans wantonly expulsed the Angels and Creator Dragon and also, many of his demon peers had dived in and lived well within . However, it’s impossible to take actions within the Munn Kingdom as that’s the territory of the Archangel . No matter how, if his whereabouts were exposed, only death awaited him .


Staring at the Demon General, Gillian leisurely smiled and hovered in the air near him . She sensitively detected the hesitation of the Demon General and that was enough . Although Gillian wasn’t much powerful than this Demon General of at least level 45, luckily as a demon, his expertise was on flame attacks . As a Fire Elemental Lord, although Gillian’s strength was sealed, her highest commanding rights of flames were still present . This was why Gillian could manipulate Gelk’s flames from the start which frightened the Demon General . If they were to pick a fight, Gelk would only need a split second to realize Gillian’s true strength .

This was why Gillian couldn’t engage in any attacks . Although she detected Gelk’s hesitation, her current strength wasn’t enough to make the first move . However, this Fire Elemental Lord was always full of ideas . She was aware of demons’ characteristics which were always being careful and letting their imaginations run wild . From this, she forced the Demon General to fear herself by feigning profound and it seemed to work out pretty effectively .


At this moment, Gillian suddenly realized the expression of this Demon General abruptly sunk .

Gloom Shadow is dead?!

After Rhode killed the Gloom Shadow, the sharp spirit undulations immediately triggered Gelk’s soul . Not only that, from the message that his confidant left for himself, Gelk shockingly discovered that these intruders actually attempted to destroy his passageway ritual!

“Dream on!”

A pitch-black mist was released from Gelk’s body and he flung his arms forward to shroud the mist immediately on Gillian . Shortly after, the Demon General dived downwards to the Fortress while brandishing both arms and chanting . After completing his chant, the Demon General pointed his finger forward and a beam of blue radiance projected from his fingertip and onto the Fortress .

“Not good!”

Gillian was taken aback . As the black mist arrived, Gillian could sense the icy-cold and powers of death . Without much choices, Gillian could only retreat . The maiden shouted lightly and flung both hands frontwards . Soon, a few raging tornados of flames rose from the Fortress and guarded her against the black mist . Without much hesitations, Gillian darted down and followed Gelk closely .

However, halfway through, a trace of strangeness flashed in Gillian’s eyes . Like a gymnast, the maiden did a backflip to draw a distance away from Gelk .

And at that moment, a brilliant column of flames tore through the Fortress and towards the skies . This poor Demon General unluckily darted above the impact and in a blink of an eye, he was devoured by the flames entirely . However, Gillian had no intentions of stopping as she observed the column of flames soared into the skies . The maiden smiled slightly and swayed her index finger .

Along with this motion, the soaring column of flames abruptly took a 90 degrees turn like a huge python flapping downwards . After circling in the air once, it heavily landed on the ground . At that moment, a shrill scream sounded within the flames as a ray of black flames scuttled out suddenly .

Gillian’s expression slightly changed at this sight .

“Not good!”

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