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Chapter 379

“Finish those group of bastards!”

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A big man wearing a leather hide brandished the chopper on his hand as he gazed and shouted excitedly at the village that was consumed by billows of smoke . He stared at the sturdy, large wooden gate, waiting for it to be broken down so they could enter the village and plunder everything that they want .

Tasty food, wine… and women…

The big man licked his lips at the thought . Damn it, ever since he played a little girl to death, he had never touched a woman for half a month . This time, he had to get his hands on the most tender and lustrous woman — Luckily, Boss didn’t like young children . If not, he would snatch the best away from me!

“Alright, you bastards, stop lazing around . Go! Burn down their kennel!”

The big man commanded his men to charge forward . All the men stood behind him revealed cunning smiles as they threw flame torches towards the wooden palisades . Some of the flame torches were blocked and some flew over by luck . Shortly after, billows of black smoke began to rise from within .

“Damn it!”

Huddling in the watchtower, Vinny squinted his teary, swollen eyes that were caught up in the smoke . However, even so, Vinny continued to stay at his post and narrowed his eyes through the gap to observe the attackers . Those damned Barbarians were like a mischief of mice surrounding the village — these bastards came prepared, knowing that our Village Chief and hunters were out hunting . Although the entire Deep Creek Village had a population of more than a hundred, most of them were feeble women and children and there were less than 30 who could really fight! How could they retaliate now?

Vinny lifted his head towards the green hills nearby, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Village head and his group of men . However, he saw no one, and he was clear that it was impossible for the Village Head to return right now . But… Is this bunch of bastards crazy? Why would they choose to attack at this time?


As Vinny forced off a Barbarian that was trying to climb over the wooden palisade, a militia gasped for breath and arrived beside him .

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“Damn it . We had sent out signals but Village Head didn’t respond and we don’t know where they are now… There is fire everywhere in the village and we can’t extinguish them in time! Those bastards…”

The militia lifted his head and scanned the surroundings . Then, he stood up with widened eyes .

“God . That’s Old John’s house! Those bastards…!”

“Damn it, squat down you idiot!”

Vinny turned pale with fright as the militia stood on his feet . Before Vinny could finish his words, a flying hatchet hacked into the militia’s skull . The sharp blade sliced the poor militia’s head into two and before he could react, his body convulsed a few times and fell off the watchtower .

“You bastards!!”

Vinny was infuriated at the death of his companion . He stood up hurriedly and retorted with his arrow attacks . However, those well-prepared bastards instantly retreated as soon as they noticed his actions . Not only that, when Vinny was drawing an arrow from the quiver, a few more hatchets were thrown towards him in the air . Vinny had no choice but to give up his attack and hide behind the fences of the watchtower .

However, at this moment, this young militia squad captain heard something snapped below him suddenly .

“What happened?”

Vinny looked down frightenedly and widened his eyes — The devastating flames had spread to the supporting frame of the watchtower and its bottom had been burned pitch-black . Then, Vinny realized that this strong watchtower was slowly tilting forward!

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That was the last thought that came to Vinny’s mind . He wasn’t able to jump out of the watchtower because its pillar had been burned down and it couldn’t maintain its balance anymore . The watchtower was like a dying patient, falling forward as it let out ear-deafening groans .

Bam . A violent crash sounded . Vinny opened his eyes and shook off the grogginess in his head . Even though his body hurt everywhere, this militia squad captain gritted his teeth and turned back . In his blurry line of sight, there was a large hole in the sturdy wall and the remains of the watchtower below him had become a bridge that linked between the inner and outer wooden wall!


He turned around and saw black figures slowly creeping in . Flames devastated the place as he tried to get back on his feet dizzily . Those black figures were revealing disgusting smiles as they surrounded him — Are they trying to finish him off? I won’t let them!

Vinny reached out for his waist but there was nothing .

Damn it, where’s my sword?

Before Vinny could think of a solution, one of the Barbarians trampled on his chest and the poor young man groaned painfully . He rolled on the ground for a few rounds before finally stopping . Wounds scattered across his body and his strength slowly leaked from his body like a stream . Although Vinny wasn’t about to give up, he couldn’t bring out the strength to shift his finger anymore .

Then, a bald Barbarian appeared in his vision . He was laughing nastily while lifting the hatchet on his hand .

Is this the end?

Vinny stared blankly at the highly raised hatchet . He clenched his teeth and embraced his fate… There was nothing he could do anymore .

The hatchet swung downwards .

At this moment, there was a golden flash .

Clang . The hatchet struck onto a golden barrier and deflected .

“What’s going on?”

All the Barbarians were stunned by the sudden appearance of this golden barrier . Vinny widened his eyes and couldn’t believe what he witnessed . The bald Barbarian trembled and fell stiffly beside him — an arrow had struck between his eyes .

“Enemy! We have been attacked!”

This ambush instantly roused the Barbarians who were immersed in their killings and fightings as they didn’t anticipate an attack would come from their backs . However, before they could prepare themselves, a rain of arrows descended from skies . The Barbarians were defenseless, and in a blink of an eye, a dozen of them collapsed . The others finally reacted as they swiftly changed their direction and tried to evacuate from both sides . Most of them scattered towards the left and tried to avoid the arrow attacks .

“Change your arrows!”

Randolf stood on the high ground gave a command calmly . He drew a deep blue arrow from the quiver and shot it instantly at the escaping Barbarians .

Bam! The second wave of arrows was released and countless bolts of lightning erupted as they struck the ground, forming a large entwined web and devour the Barbarians that didn’t escape on time entirely . The unlucky Barbarians caught in the trap were instantly charred by the bolts of lightning .

“Damn it, what’s going on?”

The big man gulped at the sight of the lightning whirlpool .

Did those villagers return? When did they have such powers? Forget it . Damn it, I gotta run — what are those useless bastards doing out there? Why didn’t anyone trigger the alarm?

“Retreat! Retreat!”

The big man completely gave up the idea of raiding the village . He swung his arms and ordered his men to retreat towards the other end of the forest . This forest was the most familiar place to him and as long as he could stay within it, no one would stand a chance against him!

As the big man decided to leave, a shadow darted by his eyes and phased through the crowd like an agile, flexible viper . A bright red light flashed and circled the crowd with a burning straight line . Then a young man dressed in black noble clothing appeared before them silently . He quietly gazed at the Barbarians while the sharp blade on his hand reflected the dazzling sun rays . The Barbarians who were escaping in all directions seemed to lose their hope as they dropped to the ground one by one .

“Who are you!?”

The big man lifted his sword and pointed towards the young man . Suddenly, along with flashing light shields, human figures started emerging on both sides of the bushes one by one . They held weapons in their hands and pointed them towards the Barbarians .

A chill went down the spine of the big man . Although the enemies were much lesser than his forces, deep in his heart, he only had one thought .

We’re doomed .

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