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Chapter 377

“Alright, training is over . ”

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Upon hearing this, Marlene put down her wand and wiped the sweat from her forehead . Looking up, it was already dusk and the bright red sunset brilliantly rendered the sky . The breeze blew past, bringing a little bit of refreshing air .

For Marlene, the training was both long and short . Mini Bubblegum’s training was so strict that she had to meet the required time—even the second had to be exact . Even the most powerful mages in the Academy had never made such a high demand to her and she couldn’t even imagine that there was actually someone who could perform such a skill . However, the fact spoke louder than words, and when Canary performed the ‘Flawless Casting’ in front of Marlene, she could only gasp in awe .

The so-called ‘Flawless Casting’ was a way for players to create their own free spells . In the Dragon Soul Continent, the mage would make a hand gesture, chant the mantra, mobilize the power, and release the magic . When one spell was over, they would release another one . It was a common practice among mages on the continent, and Marlene had always done the same thing all this time .

But Canary’s ‘Flawless Casting’ was quite different . After all, the players didn’t have such ‘short-sighted’ goals such as killing the enemy . For the players, the most important goal was to have the highest DPS and be on the leaderboards . That was also how ‘Flawless Casting’ was created .

Just take the ice shards spell, for example . When Marlene cast the ice shards spell, the hand gesture to the chanting took about two seconds; mobilizing it took one second and releasing it took one more second . It took Marlene about four seconds to cast a spell and another second to prepare for the next spell . Although this was a very stable and effective approach, it was quite different from a player’s ‘Flawless Casting’ . The player was no longer affected by the magic since the third second after the ice shards spell was released, which meant they could start preparing for the next spell by then . For a player, this wouldn’t just save another two seconds, but also boosted their DPS . That meant the mantras they chanted were almost non-stop, though the duration of the mantra was somewhat different, but once one mastered it by saving up the last two seconds, they would be able to keep chanting without interruption until their mana ran out . Of course, it was under the condition that the opponent had no countermeasures .

This was why mages were called the ‘cheat-like class’ . Although strictly speaking, sometimes they did pause, but due to the power and the long duration of the spell itself, it completely obscured the disadvantage . So if any players encountered a ‘Flawless Casting’ mage, it would definitely turn into a one-sided battle . When the spell was cast, it was almost impossible to dodge or block it . This was a mage’s most powerful and ferocious ‘one wave’ tactic . In addition, the masters among the mages could even reassemble the order of the chant and used the duration of the spell itself to achieve near simultaneous multiple casting . They could chant a fireball spell first; when the fireball exploded, a five seconds blizzard spell was unleashed . In the meantime, they could cast a three seconds ice shards spell . Then, the player couldn’t help but deal with both ice shards spell and blizzard spell at the same time…

Of course, not everyone could master this technique . It required a perfect understanding of each spell: its duration, skill, and gesture . If the spell failed, not only one would not be able to activate ‘Flawless Casting’, but it might even cause a conflict between the forces and lead to a situation where the mage was unable to release the spell, which was the deadliest state for a mage .

It was the same for Marlene .

Although she had been training her magic skills for several days, Marlene was still unable to do it perfectly . Her previous spell-casting habits were now her biggest obstacle . As the most outstanding student in the Academy, Marlene’s movements and rhythms were perfect . But now, the pride that Marlene once had become the biggest obstacle to her growth . The ‘standard action’ of pausing for a second after releasing magic had become so ingrained in her body and it was not easy to change it forcefully . .

“I almost did it today…”

Looking at the sky before her, Marlene gritted her teeth . She lowered her head and sighed .

“It seems like I have to consult with Miss Canary . ”

Marlene looked around as she muttered to herself . Marlene looked around, but to her surprise, she did not see Canary .

What the hell is going on?

Marlene frowned, then she remembered that Canary had said that she needed to report something to Rhode, and so she left .

“Let’s see…” As she spoke to herself, Marlene walked over to the stronghold .

Because the number of members had increased, the current stronghold was much more lively than before, but the third floor was as quiet as ever . Rhode had made a rule that ordinary mercenaries were not allowed to come onto the third floor, and only a limited number of people, such as Christie or Marlene, were allowed to .

Marlene went to Rhode’s study and softly knocked, but there was no response, which made Marlene feel a little strange . Rhode had been spending his time in the study observing the map of the Land of Atonement for two days .

“Excuse me . ”

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Marlene was puzzled . She reached out and opened the door, but the study was empty . Neither Rhode nor Canary were inside .

Where’s Mr . Rhode?

With a little doubt, Marlene came to Canary’s room, but the door was locked and no one answered .

It doesn’t seem like she’s here either .

It looks like I came in at the wrong time…

Marlene shook her head as she thought of it, then turned around to leave . But suddenly, she heard a slight movement .


Marlene stopped in curiosity and looked towards the hallway . She saw the slightest gap in the usually closed warehouse door, which made Marlene curious . The door had been locked all this time . Why would it open now? Was someone there?

Marlene walked to the end of the corridor curiously . Just as she was about to reach out and open the door, a sharp, low voice came from within . Marlene, who had intended to open the door, froze .

“This… This… ”

Marlene gasped . She forced herself to calm down as she leaned close to the door to look properly . Her eyes widened in surprise .

The sunset twilight dyed the room red . Two figures were currently entangled with each other . The girl was holding her hands against the wall and bending her head to gasp for breath . Behind her, the man was clutching the girl’s slender waist while moving his body violently . The glow of the setting sun shone against their faces and expressions and Marlene was also familiar with these two people .

“Is that… Mr . Rhode… and Miss Canary?”

When Marlene saw this, she covered her mouth in surprise . Her brain was blank for a moment, and she had no idea what to do .

Canary’s body trembled violently followed by Rhode’s movements . Waves of pleasure swept over her body as she shook her hips eagerly to cater to Rhode’s actions . Soon, their breaths got heavier, a moment later, followed by a muffled groan, Rhode tightly held onto Canary and pinned her under him . Then, she instinctively stood up, and her slender legs couldn’t stop trembling . Sticky, translucent fluid was slowly flowing down from her inner thighs, dripping to the ground .

After a while, Canary felt her body turn weak so she knelt on the ground .

Not long after, Rhode’s hands stretched out from behind, rubbing her plump, firm breasts .

“I had no idea you’d react so violently . ”

“Because it’s been so long since I’ve done it…”

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Canary looked up in response to Rhode’s teasing . There was a faint smile of contentment as she blushed .

“Besides, this is the first time you’ve c*m inside… It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before, but it’s really comfortable . ”

“But then again, why did you choose this place…” Rhode said . He looked around for a moment and shook his head helplessly . However, Canary only smiled when she heard Rhode’s complaint .

“If you’re in a room, someone might come, right? And… it’s more exciting to do it in a place like this…”

“Really, if your parents and teachers knew that their daughter and good student was such a lecherous and perverted woman, I don’t know how they’d react . ”

“They can’t see it anyway, and I’m tired of pretending to be a good kid . It’s fun this way, isn’t it? Only in front of Leader I can really be myself . Isn’t that great? And… you don’t hate it either, do you?”

As she spoke, Canary turned around and sat on the windowsill . Then she raised her legs in an impudent and almost shameless M-shape gesture . Under the dusk light, her face, which had always been gentle and full of smiles, was currently showing an unusually alluring expression . It was impossible to relate the person before him with the usually gentle and quiet her .

“Leader, let’s do it again until you’ve filled my insides . I can do it as many times as you want . ”

“Of course I don’t mean to stop here . ”

Facing Canary’s invitation, Rhode reached out his hand without hesitation and once again drew closer to her . His left hand was rubbing against her delicate white skin, while his right hand slid down between her legs like a nimble snake .

“Ah… Right there… Harder… ”

Canary held Rhode’s body in her arms and shook her hair like a wild animal in heat . A sweet, languorous moan came out of her lips as she writhed her body . Her obscene moans were filled with seduction and debauchery . Anyone who was familiar with her would be dumbstruck and would be unable to recognize her at this moment .

Marlene watched them from the gap in the door . She was unable to hear them because they were too far away, but then, intermittently, the faint moan in the air seemed to stir her heart . She gazed at Rhode and Canary, and she couldn’t help but feel the tingling sensation coming from under her belly .

That’s a man’s… It’s so big…

Thinking of this, Marlene unconsciously reached out her right hand and held her lower abdomen .  It looks so brawny, so scary… It had actually been inside my body? God, it’s so big… Won’t it tear me apart?

Her body began to heat up, and an unbearable itchy feeling came across her . Marlene fixatedly gazed at the scene before her . She involuntarily reached out her hands and began to rub her body awkwardly . Her movements became more and more intense as she looked intently at the two of them . Not even Marlene herself noticed that her breath was getting slower and uneasy . Currently, her face was tinged with a touch of flush .

No, I can’t do this . I can’t do this here .  Although Marlene’s heart was warning her strongly, her instinct seemed to gradually overwhelm her consciousness, and her movements did not cease; she could not stop herself from watching their intense movements .

“Ah… ah… Leader, I can’t, I can’t anymore… ”

Canary moaned while embracing Rhode’s body tightly . She instinctively held Rhode and both of her legs were clinging onto his waist, greedily taking up space on Rhode’s body . However, looking at Canary’s lovely and teary expression, Rhode couldn’t help but want to tease her . He slowed down and whispered in her ear .

“You look really seducing now; what if someone else sees you? What would they think? That sweet, quiet Canary was actually such a girl… They must be shocked and surprised, right… If I open the window now, perhaps all the mercenaries down there are going to see you like this~ ”

“Ah… Ah… ”

Canary didn’t reply to Rhode’s words, but her body trembled more and more . Rhode’s words stirred a feeling of fear and excitement in her heart . She knew what would happen if the other mercenaries saw her like this, though surely, Rhode would never do such a thing . But the mere thought of the dangers and possibilities of this uncertainty made her even more sensitive . The intense tension of being afraid of being discovered for doing bad things had stimulated her body and made her tremble . However, Rhode was already too intoxicated and didn’t notice it . He kept moving his body while sprawling his tongue to lick Canary’s neck and earlobe, then continued to whisper . There was a touch of wickedness and coldness in his voice .

“If they see you, then what are you going to do? Lovely, respectable little lady? ”

“Ah… Ah… Aaah! Aah! ”

By this time, Canary could no longer contain herself . She put her arms around Rhode and moaned while lifting her head up high . At the same time, Rhode had also reached his limit .

Marlene dozed off as she listened to the Canary’s unstoppable screams, and the intense movement on her fingertips suddenly stopped . Marlene felt a warm heat flow out her body . She seemed to have lost strength and fell to the ground .

“What am I…”

Marlene leaned against the wall and looked at the sky blankly, her eyes out of focus . She softly panted and lowered her head to look at her left hand, on which a transparent fluid could be seen .

The wet feeling underneath made Marlene sober up a lot .

I-I can’t believe I did this in a place like this!

At the very thought of it, Marlene flushed . She quickly got up and quietly turned around . Marlene tidied up her clothes in panic and walked down the stairs without looking back .

Only after she left the third floor was she able to calm down . All she could think about was that scene… Marlene was shocked that the girl who was always smiling so gently could do such things and have such a look on her face . She seemed to have found out about Canary’s secret .  Then, when I did it with Mr . Rhode… was it also the same? Did I show the same expression as Miss Canary? Or is it the same with other women?

Had to say, the sex education in this world was very problematic . Although as a noblewoman, Marlene had also received a certain degree of education since childhood, but learning was different from experiencing it . Even though those fairytale love stories sounded romantic, it was hard to say what actually happened . Not to mention, what Rhode and Canary were doing now left a very strong stimulation in her . After all, Marlene was a first-timer, and such a high hurdle was too much for her .

Just as Marlene fell into a daze, suddenly, a lively voice echoed in her ear .

“Ah, Sister Marlene, what’s wrong?”


Marlene, who had fallen in deep thought did not expect anyone to speak to her, so she subconsciously screamed and looked up . After seeing Anne’s puzzled expression, she deeply sighed . Luckily, there was no one else around, and the rest of the clerics were still ‘training’ under Mini Bubblegum . Shauna, who was on patrol, also hadn’t returned yet . Anne was the only one who was on the second floor . It was good news for Marlene . If too many people saw the current her, she wouldn’t know what to do .

“Oh, it’s Anne! What’s the matter?”

“Ah? It’s nothing; Anne is here to look at the scenery, but saw you look very red . Anne decided to come over to ask… Sister Marlene, are you sick? ”

“No, no, I just…”

Although there was no mirror, Marlene was sure that her current face must be burning red, and she unconsciously touched her face and shook her head .

“No, I’m just feeling a bit under the weather . I’ll just have some rest…”


Upon hearing Marlene’s reply, Anne tilted her head curiously . Marlene saw that Anne subconsciously looked down…

“Sister Marlene? Aren’t you too old to wet your pants? ”


Upon hearing Anne’s inquiry, Marlene remained silent for a moment, then looked down and dozed off .

Right now, under Marlene’s robe, in between her legs, a translucent liquid was spreading down . Marlene was stupefied as she saw it, and subsequently, her face immediately flushed .

“It’s, it’s, it’s not, Anne, it’s not like that, it’s… Well… This . . I fell, yes, that’s right, I accidentally fall into the pool, so…”

Marlene stammered as she quickly turned around .

“Well, I must go and change now . Goodbye!”

“Well, Sister Marlene, take care…”

Before Anne had finished speaking, Marlene already rushed into her room like a gust of wind . Seeing that Marlene heavily slammed the door, Anne tilted her head curiously .

“What on earth was Sister Marlene thinking?”

Anne turned around as she muttered to herself . Then, she walked to the windowsill and lifted her hands high, stretching herself against the passing breeze .

“Um… such a good weather, I should find somewhere comfortable to sleep . ”

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