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Chapter 373

There was no need to explain what happened after that .

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Canary had no equipment, but her level was twice of Sereck . So… basically, Sereck was a defenseless baby before Canary . She could even K . O him in just one move .

However, Canary was a nice girl . She left him some face and allowed him to counter three moves before wiping the floor with him . Yes, that’s right . Three moves . With Sereck’s strength, even if Canary held back, he could only hold for three moves .

While Canary didn’t harm Sereck, her Dual Element Integration was still considered magic beyond Legendary tier . This means that if Sereck tried to invade her space, she wouldn’t even have to move and he would be crushed by the wind and fire dual elemental’s passive spell . After all, the wind element is best suited for defense, and the fire element was the ultimate offensive element . If Sereck had attacked seriously, he would end up quite miserably .

Fortunately, Sereck was on the defense and seemed to realize that he couldn’t haphazardly approach her .

The flame dissipated .


Sereck wiped the sweat from his head . He stood up and saluted her . He still had some doubts before the battle began . After all, a dual-element Legendary Mage was something out of the legends . Moreover, she wasn’t some old hag — rather, she was a decent looking young girl! At that age, she had already attained Legendary? Ridiculous! It’s equivalent to a child standing in front of a university professor and telling him that he already got his Ph . D . and only needed to spend five minutes to solve Goldbach’s conjecture . Sereck had never felt this weak before . He felt like an ant standing before a giant .

When Sereck saluted her, Canary said nothing more . She turned around to look at Rhode and smiled before whispering something to him .

At that moment, the entire courtyard fell into silence . The mercenaries started at her speechlessly . Even Marlene, Lize and Anne, who already knew Canary, were dumbfounded . They didn’t expect her to be at the Legendary rank . Marlene felt no more envy or surprise; instead, it was fear .

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Is that labyrinth that terrifying?

Marlene fixated her gaze on Canary . It was the first time she felt that way about that place .

As it was known as the most dangerous place on the continent, information about the labyrinth was almost nil . However, it was also because of this that it gave her a sense of surrealness . Marlene had thought that the stories were too exaggerated and even wanted to go adventuring there once she grew up so she could affirm personally whether the stories were real or not .

However, Marlene had now realized that the reality was even more terrifying than the legends .

Canary was clearly at the Legendary rank, and that black-haired twin-tailed girl was supposed to be at the same level as her . Such powerful people fell in the labyrinth… so what did that mean?

Marlene bit the bottom of her lips . For the first time, she realized how arrogant she had been . It was ridiculous . If neither of the two girls could survive the labyrinth, then what about her? She once dreamed of conquering it and creating a legend for herself . Now, that wonderful dream became a joke . If she hadn’t met Rhode, perhaps she would have actually done it!

While Marlene was retrospecting her arrogance, a clear voice echoed and broke the silence .

“Alright, alright, now it’s my turn!”

Mini Bubblegum walked out proudly .

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She crossed her hands as she looked at Sereck . It was clear that she did not want Canary to be the only main attraction . Right now, Sereck had a serious expression on his face . He had taken this little girl lightly before, but after the fight with Canary, he no longer dared to underestimate her .

Is she also at Legendary?

The more Sereck thought about it, the more he thought he was mad . It’s not surprising as no one in the right mind would expect two Legendaries to pop up out of nowhere .

Sereck looked at Mini Bubblegum for a moment and decided to be careful . She was young, but judging by her self-confidence, she certainly wasn’t weak . Even if she wasn’t a Legendary, she might be a Master… He had to be careful .

Sereck once again took up a defensive pose, but clearly he was very vigilant now . The mercenaries didn’t seem to be surprised . It was only natural for Sereck to be so serious since the previous girl had displayed such strength .


While Mini Bubblegum was getting ready, Rhode who had been staying silent suddenly spoke and frowned .

“Don’t use that trick . Fight normally . ”

“… Alright, Leader . ”

Mini Bubblegum pouted and looked away . However, she quickly patted her cheeks and stared at Sereck .

“Well, let’s get started, Mister . You’re lucky today . ”

Mini Bubblegum suddenly snapped her finger .

A golden shield suddenly fell from the sky and floated around her . At the same time, a brilliant light erupted from the shield, forming a halo in the center . Under the light, the surrounding vegetation began to tremble and grow spontaneously . A warm air began to spread and soon enveloped the entire place .

Sereck almost fainted when he saw this .

… Am I dreaming right now?

Had it not been for the fact that Sereck had been a Swordmaster for many years, he would have fainted long ago . Sereck knew what this girl was doing—she was casting Holy Mantra that could only be done by an Archbishop-level Cleric . This was the most powerful legendary tier protective spell . In his entire life, he had only seen this spell in the Country of Law once, and Sereck wasn’t a fool, of course, he also understood the meaning behind white halo that surrounded her .

It was Elemental Halo, which was also known as the highest-level Light Element .

What are they…?

Sereck looked at the 14-year-old, arrogant-looking girl who was standing in front of him . He was totally speechless .

The previous girl looked like she was around Marlene’s age and had already learned Dual Element Integration . Now, this younger-looking girl displayed an upper-class element and used a spell that only Archbishops could use .

Even in the Country of Law, he was sure that such a person did not exist!

Sereck turned his head and looked at Rhode in astonishment . He had thought that these two girls were something like Rhode’s attendants, but after witnessing their performance, he had no clue what to think right now .

How the hell can this dark-haired young man have two Legendary subordinates?

Moreover, both of the girls were so young! Although the Eastern Plains were conservative, they were not completely isolated from the outside world . If such geniuses were known, it would have caused a sensation throughout the continent!

Where the hell did they come from?

Sereck found that he didn’t seem to understand the world at all…

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