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Chapter 366

The banquet bustled with noise and excitement . Civilians were partaking in delicious food and dancing to the lively music . The nobles, on the other hand, were impeccably dressed as they traveling back and forth between the palace halls .

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Starlight and Cole Falcon, the winners of the midsummer festival, received much attention from the nobles . After all, their victories brought much prestige to the King’s Party — especially the newcomer Rhode . Not only did this young man attain Legendary in his twenties, he also had a beautiful face and was well-versed in noble etiquette . Since they sensed that the young man had unlimited potential and knew that he was clearly on their side, their attitude towards him was naturally warmer than usual .

But Rhode didn’t fancy these social interactions . After waddling through the waves of nobles who wanted to congratulate him, Rhode left Marlene and Lize to handle the rest of the troublesome matters since they were the ‘professionals . ’

However, that didn’t mean that Rhode had free time to himself .

“To be frank, it surprised me a little, Master . ”

Gillian waved her tail; her eyes revealed a distinct trace of astonishment .

“Even little Lydia couldn’t cure Christie? That’s not something normal . ”


Leaning on the wall and gazing at the bustling crowd below, Rhode let out a long sigh, rubbing his forehead . He no longer felt the satisfaction like he before when he won the tournament . In fact, from the start, Rhode only had one wish, and that was to treat Christie’s body . Although she wasn’t his blood-related sister, Rhode saw the likeness of his own sister within Christie .

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It wasn’t only based on their identical appearance, but also due to their similar personalities . Christie was comparable to his sister in physique; both were born with a weak body and were prone to illnesses . They were also both equally determined to fight against the disease . Brave… and strong… all the way until their final moments .

After claiming victory, Rhode thought that he could finally compensate for his loss . On Earth, medical science wasn’t advanced enough to cure many fatal diseases . However, he wasn’t currently on Earth — this continent possessed magical powers that could surpass Earth’s scientific limitations . Even the dead could be revived, so what more could be said about curing Christie’s disease?

Just like what he told Lydia back then; he didn’t wish to regret something twice . When his sister left him, he was still an immature child who had no way of helping his sister . But it was different now; he was grown up and possessed the ability to help her . Alas, he didn’t expect that he was still unable to change Christie’s fate .

While it sounded like he was silently lamenting to himself about his inability to help her, that wasn’t the case .

He had detected something that was far worse .

If even an Archangel as powerful as Lydia wasn’t able to treat Christie, that meant that the bloodline flowing within her wasn’t something simple .

Other than the five creator dragons, Lydia was the only other person who stood on the peak of the entire Dragon Soul Continent . That was why Rhode had initially been relaxed when he left Christie in Lydia’s care . Unless one had the power rivaling the five creator dragons, it would be difficult to resist against Lydia’s holy power . But Christie still managed to do it .

“It is impossible for ordinary demon bloodline to resist against little Lydia . Although she may be young, she’s still the heir of an Archangel . Isn’t that too embarrassing if she can’t even handle a small little demon bloodline?”

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Gillian peeled the skin of a grape .

“The chances of the bloodline belonging to an Archdemon is also very low . ”

Rhode shook his head and dismissed that possibility . After all, in the game, he had fought with the Archdemons, and he knew that they were at most level 70 to level 80 . Perhaps they might’ve gained the upper hand if they were in their home ground, but other than that, their strength can’t be compared to an Archangel such as Lydia .

“Resisting the holy power and forcing the purification to fail… this means that whatever is resisting against Lydia is at least on par with her in strength . And within hell, there are only a few who possesses such strength…”

Rhode lifted his head abruptly and exchange glances with Gillian . Both of them discovered the shock inside each other’s eyes .

“… The Six Devils?”

“That is the only possibility, Master . The blood within her could even resist against little Lydia . Other than the Six Devils who are on par with her, there can’t be anyone else . ”

Rhode glanced at Christie who was chatting merrily with Lapis .

He eyes narrowed and gnashed his teeth .

Things will be troublesome if the Six Devils are involved in this…

The Six Devils didn’t rule all of hell, but they were the most feared among the demons within both hell and the abyss . Legends once said that there used to be one single channel connecting all three worlds together — the surface, hell, and the abyss .

The Six Devils were the guardians of the entrance of both hell and the abyss . They prohibited the demons and devils from leaving the territory to the surface . No one had a clue of their history and why they chose to do this ‘job . ’

Meanwhile, Elemental lords were the representative of their own Elemental Planes of Existence . Whereas the Archangels and Four Legendary Generals belonged to the Light and Dark Dragons respectively .

Some players even suspected that the Six Devils were related to the Judgement and Ruling Twin Dragons, but they were proved to be wrong in the end . Thus, no one clearly understood their origins .

As their job was to guard the entrance of hell, when the players entered the Sealed Path towards hell, they encountered the mobs left behind by the Six Devils . These mobs were of the highest class; they held at least a Servant or Guard rank and represented the might of the Six Devils who hadn’t appeared in person before . Therefore the players concluded that unless the demons or devils entered the Sealed Path, the Six Devils wouldn’t appear .

The Six Devils were extremely mysterious; even the walking library Rhode had little to no knowledge of them . However, Rhode still felt that this theory was highly possible .

Ultimately, there was no doubt regarding the might of the Six Devils . Some players even complained about the difficulty of the mobs . The highest level Archdemon was at most level 80, and the mobs placed at the entrance was at least level 68 and above . Wasn’t that too outrageous?

For demons, if they can’t dominate using raw strength, they would try to outwit . Perhaps that would be why the Devil Worshippers tried to devote Christie to the Archdemon . If Christie had a devil’s bloodline, she would’ve been the best sacrifice as the devils could use a method to awaken the bloodline in her body and take over her mind .

But if Christie truly had devil blood flowing in her, it wasn’t good news . After all, Christie didn’t belong to a devil race and didn’t possess the tough body that devils inherently had . Anne was a half-beast; and although her beast bloodline was forced, beast blood and human blood had a high possibility of integration .

However, the devil’s bloodline was different as it overflowed with dark energy which was highly incompatible with humans . That was the difference between Anne and Christie . One could run around and play actively while the other would always fall sick even under a light breeze .

Dark energy could never go hand-in-hand with the living, just like a cold wind blowing against the flames of life .

Rhode had thought that it was only an ordinary demon bloodline, but after Lydia’s failure, he knew that it wasn’t the case any longer . So what would happen to Christie in the future?

Rhode’s head started to ache .

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