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Chapter 360

A chilly wind blew across the night sky .

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A woman stood quietly on the balcony, overlooking the entire city . Under the crystalline night sky, the city lights reflected splendidly . However, oddly, not a trace of sound could be heard . As if filtered by an invisible barrier, all that remained was only the visual radiance of the city .

The midsummer festival’s closing ceremony would be commencing the next day . After the dazzling display during the individual matches, the group matches seemed less impressive . As the battle angels had imprisoned Liberty Wings Guild, they had lost their qualifications to participate in the group match . In the end, the finals were down to the Purple Lily Guild and the Cole Falcon Guild; which either winner would be beneficial for the King’s Party .

However, this meant that it would be a tragedy for the Reformist Party . During this midsummer festival, they’ve deliberately resorted to all kinds of devious methods, but they were still defeated in the end . No wonder the Southern nobles were becoming more unpleasant — if it wasn’t for Rhode, how would it be possible for them to lose? If Starlight didn’t exist, the Reformist Party might’ve even secured themselves the final victory .

At that point, they would’ve successfully crippled the momentum of the King’s Party and also reach their goals at the same time . If that happened, the nobles of Reformist Party would be celebrating . Alas, unfortunately for them everything went in the opposite direction and no one would even speak up for them now .

“It is only during the night when the moon reveals its splendorous brilliance . While uncomparable to the heat from the sun, it’s undoubtedly much gentler — such a beautiful sight deserves to be admired, am I right Minister Kleist?”

“It is just as you say, Your Highness . ”

A stern-looking middle-aged man ambled towards Lydia from behind and curtsied slightly before her . He was in a black suit with an engraved mark of a hammer and sword on his white padded shoulders . His well-maintained complexion was filled with an apathetic look, allowing no one to figure out his thoughts . His magnificent mustache was as smooth and neat as his hair, emphasizing his impeccable meticulousness . At this moment, he was standing quietly behind Lydia, looking at the woman with apathy . However, he wasn’t deliberately disrespectful; rather, it was his unique method of expressing respect .

Marquis Kleist Babylon — one of the core members of the King’s Party . Similarly to the Senia Family, the Babylon Family were also major supporters of King’s Party . However, contrary to the former, the Babylon Family didn’t seek to bask in glory but instead, held a cruel responsibility .

Their ancestors formed a group that was named ‘Heresy Judgement’ whose sole purpose of existence was to destroy any threats against the Light Dragon . Over a few generations, ‘Heresy Judgement’ lost their influence as the parliament deemed them as threatening and claimed that their existence would undermine the nation’s stability .

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Furthermore, rumors spread that ‘Heresy Judgement’ would threaten and prevent the civilians from speaking their opinions . It wasn’t surprising as the parliament was actively trying to remove any influence the Light Dragon previously had . So, the parliament would definitely not allow such a dangerous group like them to continue existing .

Therefore, as the Light Dragon’s influence gradually declined, the parliament immediately grabbed the opportunity to launch a large-scale purge to annihilate ‘Heresy Judgement’ once and for all . In this aspect, the parliament had displayed exceptional patience and vigor . They utilized all of their forces for the sake of destroying ‘Heresy Judgement’ and ignoring everything else such as bandit raids .

With such a movement, it would be weird if they didn’t have substantial results . In two short decades, two-thirds of the ‘Heresy Judgement’ had perished . Only after paying a bloody price, the remaining members managed to break through the parliament’s blockade and escape to the Munn Kingdom . Since then, the escapees formed the Babylon Family who resided in the Munn Kingdom to date . The Munn Kingdom was the only one who insisted on keeping their faiths in the Light Dragon . Thus, the remaining ‘Heresy Judgement’ deemed them as trustworthy . Besides, the Munn Kingdom could assist them in reattaining their rightful positions and wipe out the treacherous villains in the parliament to restore the honor of the Light Dragon .

Now, their primary duty was to spy and interrogate potential enemies . There were even rumors that said that ‘Heresy Judgement’ had a unique method to pry out the truth from anyone they wished .

And Marquis Kleist was one of those members .

“How’s the situation?”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness . We didn’t manage to investigate any valuable clues . All the guild members of Liberty Wings were unaware of the relationship between Waltz and the Dark Brotherhood . And according to our intel, they were indeed truthfully unaware . Although we did attempt to investigate from another perspective…”

“They’re ready, right?”

Lydia quietly gazed towards the bright moon . After hearing her words, Kleist guiltily lowered his head .

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“Yes, Your Highness . Those from the Reformist Party did well and didn’t leave behind any valuable evidence . Perhaps we will not have any beneficial evidence to use against them this time…”

“That doesn’t matter . Anyway, this time they’ve received their punishment . But we still can’t reveal our weaknesses — give them a good beating and pass on this message to President Lauren that we are extremely dissatisfied for such an incident to happen within Liberty Wings Guild and we hope he can come up with a suitable punishment . ”

“Yes, Your Highness . ”

“Is there anything else?”

“Yes, Your Highness . According to the intel we acquired, regarding Duke Rhode…”

This time, before the man could finish his sentence, Lydia lifted her right arm and interrupted .

“… Moths always love to flap their wings towards the sea of flames . Minister Kleist, no matter how you stop water from flowing, it will always flow downwards and never upwards . ”

The woman kept silent after her remark . After hearing Lydia’s answer, Marquis Kleist said no more and once again bowed respectfully towards her .

“I understand, Your Highness . ”

“No need to be anxious, Minister Kleist . Everything has a conclusion . Just like flowers will bloom in spring while leaves will fall in autumn… Some things can’t be rushed . ”

Lydia shut her eyes gracefully .

“By the way, the matter that I needed you to investigate for me… are there any results?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Kleist immediately stood straight up . “According to your request, we have thoroughly investigated and gathered intel on Mr . Rhode Alander . However, as the information on the Eastern Plain is quite scarce, we don’t have an in-depth list of details regarding Mr . Rhode . However, according to our investigations results, nobody is aware of the name ‘Rhode Alander . ’”

“Oh?” Lydia narrowed her eyes . “This is interesting . Although the group of seniors in the Eastern Plain isn’t usually willing to step outside, I don’t think they will turn a blind eye to such a talented person… This is really interesting . ”

“There’s something else, Your Highness, and this was discovered during my investigations . The surname ‘Alander’ seems to revolve around some extremely unique intel and rumors…”

Kleist took a few steps forward and suppressed his voice as he whispered to Lydia . After hearing this intel from Kleist, Lydia widened her eyes and revealed a brilliant smile .

“Are you sure Minister Kleist? Is this true?”

“Yes, Your Highness . At least the authenticity of this legend is indeed verified…”

“This is certainly very interesting…”

Lydia turned her head around and curled her lips towards the night sky . At this moment, the moon hid behind the thick clouds, “The Ancient King is about to return, and the people will eventually surrender… Embracing all things… only the void is forever… the Creation Poem is indeed still so interesting . ”

“Your Highness?”

Kleist gazed at Lydia, puzzled . He didn’t know why she mentioned the poem out of the blue . But Lydia had no intentions of explaining herself as she chuckled and turned towards the man behind her .

“Don’t worry, Minister Kleist . This matter ends here and I don’t wish to hear any more rumors regarding this matter, do you understand?”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Kleist’s displayed a stern expression and answered .

“Alright, you are dismissed now . It’s the closing ceremony tomorrow, so we need to get prepared for it . ”

Kleist bowed respectfully before leaving . Meanwhile, Lydia lowered her head and lifted the corners of her mouth . Her very own trace of cheekiness and anticipation flickered in her eyes .

“So then… what will that man request from me? I can’t wait…”

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