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Chapter 337: 337

Waltz held the burning wrath inside his mind from exploding . He realised that he had belittled this young man and never did he expect that he would know details about him inside out . Not only did Rhode learn about the ‘Tears of Sorrow’, but he also knew that he had a son… Waltz had always been protective of his son because he knew that he had many enemies . .

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But never did he expect to be checkmated .

Who exactly is this man? According to my intel, he came from the Eastern Plains, but didn’t those old farts always give no regards to the outside world?

However, now wasn’t the time for this . Waltz reached out for his waist, retrieved a dagger, and threw it to Rhode .

Rhode took it and scanned it . On the surface, this short dagger was nothing out of the ordinary . It was dull-looking and definitely didn’t seem anything like an incredible magical weapon . Moreover, there was also a layer of dust over it like an unattractive item in the weapon store . However, through the simple design and unique hilt, Rhode identified it as the authentic ‘Tears of Sorrow’ . Legends said that this short dagger was once the weapon of a legendary Thief and it was named “Death” because anyone who was defeated by it was dead . But, one day, the Thief accidentally injured his beloved woman with the short dagger while escaping the chase of his enemies . As he couldn’t cure curses, he could only witness the death of his beloved woman as her fresh blood flowed in his arms . Thereafter, the Thief sealed this short dagger and renamed it ‘Tears of Sorrow’ .

However, such past times didn’t interest Rhode at all . He placed the short dagger on the table . Indeed, the curse effect of this magical dagger was like a demon’s lure . Every warrior knew that it would bring a huge impact if there was a way to inflict permanent damage that couldn’t be healed . Of course, they didn’t know that this was also a double-edged sword . However, the huge satisfaction and glory at the thought of their enemies turning pale after witnessing this weapon was all too tempting .

The demon’s lure .

Rhode snorted at the sight of the short dagger . Then, he swung his arm .

The ‘Crimson Blade’ sprung out in a red flash of lightning, cleaving the short dagger in the middle, instantly splitting the table into half . A powerful whirlwind rose from the impact and pushed the mercenaries back .

What a terrifying man .

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Waltz gawked . Just based on this strike, he discovered that Rhode’s strength wasn’t weakened from the battle he had with Barter at all .


The broken dagger fell to the ground and released a black mist of curse, which hovered in midair and let out ear-piercing screams before disappearing into thin air . Rhode glanced at the pile of wreckage, sheathed his sword, and communicated with Celia . Shortly after, she brought good news for him—Christie’s incurable wound had fully recovered and she fell into deep sleep . She just needed a full night of rest and she would recover completely .

“You can give my son back now,” Waltz said grimly as he stared . If his son wasn’t in Rhode’s hands, he would have ran up and finished him off .

“Of course . ” Rhode smiled to Waltz and revealed one finger .

“My men will send you a message after I leave and the message will direct you to the rightful place . Of course, I urge you not to come up with any funny ideas; if not, I can’t guarantee that nothing else will happen . Mr . Waltz, since you have already sacrificed so much, surely you won’t want to see your efforts go to waste . ”

“… What you meant was…”

Waltz clenched his teeth, but he couldn’t think of any useful solutions . Although the man was young, he seemed to be experienced in doing such things . From Rhode’s expression, Waltz couldn’t see any signs of panic, uncertainties, or conflicts of moral conscience . It was as though kidnapping someone wasn’t something that he was concerned and mindful of . As a matter of fact, this was true, because in the game, players didn’t care if there was justice . As long as they received powerful equipment, mass amount of money, strong techniques, and experiences, then they would do anything . From saving the world to murder, arson, kidnapping, and blackmail, they were all a walk in the park for a veteran player like Rhode .

At this moment, Rhode seemed to be disinterested in continuing their conversation anymore and he gestured to Waltz before casually strolling out of the bar .

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“Damn it!”

Waltz smashed his fist on the wall . Not only did he not achieve his expected benefits, but he also wasted his family treasure .  This damn bastard…!


At this moment, scarlet fireworks erupted above a nearby warehouse . Waltz rushed to the window hurriedly . Then, he commanded his mercenaries .

“Come! Follow me!”

Rhode hid in the shadow and waited for Waltz and his men to leave the area . Then, he stepped out and let out a sneer . At this moment, a slender figure hopped out .

“Yooo, Master . How’s everything?”

“Everything’s good . ”

Rhode twitched his brows and replied . Gillian delightfully narrowed her eyes and revealed a smile .

“That’s my Master indeed . But… is this fine? We can use this bait in our hands to make them back out from the competition . This way, those idiots will be so furious, won’t they?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea . ”

Rhode thought otherwise and shook his head . It wasn’t that Rhode didn’t think of this possibility, but he was sure that Waltz wasn’t as straightforward as Barter . Even if Rhode managed to make Waltz back out on the competition, the latter would definitely find opportunities to find trouble with him, just like what happened today . Rhode would never allow such things to happen because he was sure that Waltz was holding in a stomach full of rage to be unleashed in the competition tomorrow . No matter how well Waltz restrained himself, he would possibly fight to his death with Rhode .

And this was what Rhode anticipated .

Since Waltz injured Rhode’s men, he would need to pay the price . Moreover, since both of them had already fallen out, then there was no point for Waltz to continue living anymore .

Rhode came to a halt in the dark alley . Old Walker, who was concealed under a black cloak, stood in the shadow of the last warehouse . He scanned around to ensure that the coast was clear and scuttled to Rhode .

“Hey kid, what happened exactly? I heard we were ambushed? I went looking for you in the campsite and that angel lady directed me here… What happened? Who has the guts to start a fight in Golden City… Are they sick of living?”

“Alright, Old Walker . I didn’t bring you here to listen to your boring grumbles . ”

Rhode interrupted . Then, he beckoned to the old man to lean over .

“I called you here for an important mission…”

Rhode lowered his voice into Old Walker’s ear . The latter opened his eyes wide and after Rhode finished giving his instructions, his eyes were as huge as bronze bells .

“K-Kid, is this for real? All this that you said… is for real?”

“That’s right . Follow my instructions and I want you to spread this news across the entire Golden City before midnight!”

Old Walker shivered involuntarily to Rhode’s scheming tone and ice-cold expression .

“Alright, I will think of a way . But kid, what’s the purpose of this? We don’t have evidence, right?”

“We don’t need evidence and I don’t intend to reason things out like those bullied children crying their way home for their mummies . That’s why you only need to heed my instructions and ensure that everyone knows about this matter… What happens next is up to me . ”

Old Walker lifted his head and looked into Rhode’s eyes with a complicated expression . Then, he nodded firmly .

“Alright then, kid . Leave this to me . ”

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