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Chapter 323

It’s here .

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Seeing the small, quiet building before him, Rhode frowned . Judging from the coordinates of the location, there was no doubt that Marlene was inside and had never moved . This was definitely not a good sign . He looked up and glanced at the sky . At this moment, the last glimmer of the setting sun had gradually disappeared from the horizon . The night was coming . The trees, springs, roads, and buildings were enveloped in bright red color .

With the passing of this light, darkness came and Rhode’s voice disappeared at the same time .

He finally succeeded .

The man retracted his gaze and looked out the window . Then, he looked back towards Marlene, who was laying on the bed . Currently, she was no longer resisting like before . She was blankly staring at the gem on the man’s hand like a puppet . Her originally beautiful red eyes had lost its light . Seeing this scene, the man finally felt relieved . With the help of this Dream Gem, he finally conquered Marlene . This wasn’t an easy task for him; as a genius mage, Marlene’s mentality was very strong . Even though she was drugged, it was not easy to completely eliminate her defense . But in the end, he was still successful .

“Look at me… Ms . Marlene…”

The man looked at Marlene’s eyes and said . Hearing his voice, Marlene slowly tilted her head and looked at the man . She had completely turned into a puppet and had long lost her consciousness .

This is really interesting .

Looking at obedient and well-behaved Marlene, the man smirked . Before, she was such a proud young lady, but now she looked extremely cute . He could no longer endure his desire and wanted to eat her up . Thinking that the genius mage of the Munn Kingdom was going to become his plaything, he sneered . After that, he came to Marlene’s side and shook his thing towards her .

“Right now, I want you to listen to my orders… Understand?”

Hearing the man’s order, Marlene looked at him . After a while, she nodded .

Very good, just like this…

Seeing the girl before him, the man could no longer contain himself, but he still forced himself to endure . Everything had to be done gradually . If he was too impatient, the effect would not be too good…

At this moment, he finally noticed that someone was patting his shoulder .


When he turned around, a fist had already landed on him…


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Rhode’s fist fell into the man’s face with precision, its strength was enough to force the handsome man to fly backward . Followed by the scattering of blood and teeth, the man screamed . His body was slammed into the wall behind . This sudden attack made the man completely overwhelmed . He blinked and struggled to stand up . When the man opened his eyes and to see exactly what happened, a glimpse of red light flashed in front of him . Then, he felt an incomparable sharp pain from the bottom to the top, sweeping his body in an instant .


Bright red blood flowed between his thighs and spattered around . His thing was quietly lying underneath his feet and gradually shrinking like a dying caterpillar .

At this moment, the man could no longer withstand the extreme pain . His eyes rolled backward and then he collapsed to the ground .

“Master!! Master!!”

Seeing the man’s pitiful state, Ellenson screamed and rushed towards him . However, when she had just stood, Rhode’s fist had already landed on her stomach . Afterward, she lost her balance and fell to the ground .

Rhode was finally relieved . He looked at the surroundings and walked towards Marlene . He pointed his sword forward and broke the shackles that chained her . Even so, she was still staring blankly at the front as if to her, Rhode didn’t exist . Even though her gaze fell on Rhode, but it didn’t seem like she was looking at him .


Rhode was surprised when he noticed that Marlene was acting strangely . He came forward and gently patted her face, but she had no reaction . Well, saying that she had no reaction didn’t seem to be correct . Because when Rhode’s hand touched her face, her body trembled and she moaned . Her body was moving strangely, both of her hands were stroking her body, her legs were rubbing on each other, and her face was blushing . Right now she looked very enticing and charming .

“Damn it!!”

Seeing this scene, Rhode frowned . He clenched his teeth as he waved his sword .

A blazing light flew from the sword and hit the ground . Soon, the ground was filled with burning flames and a figure appeared .

“Ara, Master, you finally found Ms . Marlene? How is her condition… It doesn’t seem to be very good . ”

Gillian’s figure emerged from the flame . After seeing Marlene condition, her ears slightly moved . She came to Rhode’s side and carefully observed Marlene . Not long after, she finally found the cause .

“It seems Marlene has taken an aphrodisiac . Such a despicable method . I can’t believe that people still use this kind of method; it really is shameless . . ”

“Do you have the antidote?”

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Hearing Rhode’s question, Gillian didn’t immediately reply . She came closer and carefully looked at Marlene . After that, she lowered her head and kissed Marlene’s lips .

“Uu… uu…”

Sensing Gillian’s touch, Marlene showed an unexpectedly intense reaction . She immediately reached out her hands and embraced Gillian . Inside the room, the sound of her heavy breathing and tongue sprawling around could be heard . After a moment, Gillian lifted her head, licked her lips . Marlene looked as if she hadn’t yet felt satisfied; she reached out her hands while showing an unprecedentedly ecstatic expression as if she were craving for something .

“How is it?”

Rhode frowned and asked .

“The situation is very bad . ”

Gillian licked her lips and looked at Rhode with a smile . However, her eyes didn’t seem to be smiling at all . Clearly, even to the usually cheerful Gillian, this situation was also difficult to resolve and this point was proven after Rhode’s heard her answer .

“Although at this point of time, I should suggest that since Ms . Marlene is under the effects of an aphrodisiac, you should quickly sacrifice yourself to help her… It’s better for you to enjoy it yourself rather than giving it to others after all… and I really do want to say so too, unfortunately, whether it’s from your point of view or Marlene’s, I suggest not to do so . I don’t know where that person got this potion, but I’m sure that it’s not an ordinary aphrodisiac… It’s the Fragrance of Seduction . ”

“Fragrance of Seduction?”

Hearing until here, Rhode was surprised and Gillian replied him with a nod .

“It doesn’t work like ordinary aphrodisiac where it will only stir up one’s sexual desire . Although strictly speaking it was also some kind of aphrodisiac, but it’s stronger than the ordinary ones… Simply saying, if she did ‘you know what I mean’ with a man… Then her body will keep remembering the taste of it and she will turn into the man’s slave . ”

“What you mean is…”

Facing Gillian’s answer, Rhode’s face sank .

“That’s right, it’s just as Master has thought . Although it will release Marlene from her suffering, she will turn into a puppet that’s obsessed with sex and be completely obedient to you . She will no longer have any self-esteem . Simply speaking, even if you tell her to be naked in the street and role play, she will definitely not refuse . Frankly, besides lust, there will be nothing left on her mind . Except wishing for your caresses and hugs, there will not be any purpose in her life . ”

Hearing Gillian’s answer, Rhode turned around and look at Marlene . After the kiss with Gillian, she could no longer endure . She was putting her hands in between her legs . At the same time, she opened her mouth and kept breathing rapidly .

“Then what will happen if she continues to be like this?”

“She will not die, but the feeling will remain . Since it’s a demon’s potion, the effect cannot disappear easily like the one in your previous world . Depending on the purity, it might even affect Ms . Marlene for her entire life… However, by that time, I think she will already lose her sanity…”

Hearing until here, Rhode clenched his teeth .

It seemed that the matter was more troublesome than he had thought .

After that, Rhode carefully searched the man’s body, but he couldn’t find anything concerning the antidote . In the end, he could only summon Celestina and hope to get some information out of her . Fortunately, Celestina didn’t let him down .

“Indeed, I have heard something about the Fragrance of Seduction, and I do have the antidote . ”

Celestina proudly lifted her head and smiled .

“Since it’s made by us demon, although this potion doesn’t work on me, it’s really quite lethal to a lowly creature like a human…”

Celestina looked at the man who laid unconscious in the corner and coldly snorted .

“Lowly creature . ”

As she spoke, Celestina heavily stomped on the ‘thing’ that laid in front of the man . Followed with a bang, the soft yellow slimy thing got wrecked by her high heels . The liquid splattered on the carpet and exuded a stench . Then she raised her hand and threw a small bottle of potion to Rhode .

“How to use it?”

Rhode took the potion and asked . However, Rhode didn’t expect that Celestina actually flustered when she heard his question .

“… This… Do I still have to explain it, Master? You’re not stupid, right… It’s already written there… This antidote effect is to remove the toxicity by reversing the drug’s properties, it means… you need to drink this potion and then…”

Celestina didn’t finish her words, but Rhode already understood what she meant . He looked at the potion before him strangely . Gillian who was standing on the side suddenly laughed .

“This is not so bad, right, Master? Isn’t this our goal? The storyline really does have to be developed in accordance with the old-fashioned harem way for it to be interesting . Fufufu… Since we have found the antidote, then I won’t stay here for long… I will bring these two back first, and I hope you and Ms . Marlene can enjoy . ”

Gillian walked towards the fire portal while laughing . She stretched out her hands and soon, Ellenson and that unconscious man floated in the air . They were surrounded by the flames and disappeared without a trace . Gillian looked at Rhode with encouragement and made a V gesture . Then, she walked to the portal and disappeared . At this moment, Celestina was gazing at Rhode strangely, then she reverted back to a card and disappeared into the air .

The entire room had turned silent .

Rhode turned around to look at Marlene who was laying on the bed .

Right now she was moving her body intensely . Her forehead was full of sweat, her face was flushing red, and her dress had long fallen off, showing her pale white skin . She was still staring at the ceiling blankly as she moaned, her hands were rubbing hardly between her legs and her voice was getting louder as her movement got more intense .

“Ah… ah… not enough… I want more… Ahhh!!!”

As Marlene moaned, her body began to twitch again in the bed . Until then, Marlene seemed to have felt satisfied by the thrilling pleasure . But soon, she began to take more action . Clearly, she was not satisfied yet .

Rhode opened the bottle and drank the potion . Soon, a strange cold sensation spread all over his body in an instant . Even Rhode couldn’t help but feel a chill as he walked towards Marlene . Then, he got closer to look at the woman before him .

He never actually looked at Marlene at such a close distance, which was why he had never seen such a tantalizing and charming side of Marlene . In Rhode’s impression, Marlene always looked serious and sometimes arrogant . Although she smiled from time to time, but…

Marlene’s moaning sound stopped Rhode’s thought . He took a deep breath and lowered his head to kiss her .

“Um… mmm…”

Facing Rhode’s surprise attack, Marlene instinctively struggled . But soon, she stopped struggling . Rhode’s tongue touched her lips and easily penetrated in . His tongue lightly sprawled against Marlene’s soft tongue . She responded fiercely to Rhode’s kiss and moved her body as she issued a sound . Rhode could felt a sweet fragrance was emitting from her body . It was rich and intoxicating .

Clearly, this kiss was way longer than the one he had with Gillian . Whether it was Marlene or Rhode, both of them seemed to be intoxicated by it . When they finally separated from each other, Marlene’s eyes gradually lit up . Her hands that were originally underneath were stroking up, clumsily trying to undo Rhode’s clothes .

No matter how tempting she might seem, she was still a virgin, after all . Seeing Marlene’s clumsy, awkward look, Rhode smiled . Then he reached out his hand to pin down Marlene’s hands and swiftly undressed her .

Her pale white skin was revealed . As Rhode appreciated the sight before him, he lowered his head and whispered something to Marlene .

“Although the way things developed now isn’t quite right, but I still want to say… From today on, you are my woman . ”

“Uh… hmm…”

Marlene blankly stared at Rhode as if she were thinking about the true meaning of his words . However, at this moment, Rhode already placed his head between her thighs .

Afterward, the thrilling sensation shrouded her body .

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