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Chapter 309

Rhode didn’t let Anne know what potion he passed to her . She took it over, finished it, and swung her tiny fist in midair to protest against the audience . She didn’t feel any effects from the potion apart from a cooling sensation flowing down her throat .

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Most of the audience covered their mouths and watched in anxiety because they knew what consequences there would be if Sky Sword lost . They didn’t even dare to think about it .

Furthermore, not many knew that this man who had concealed himself in full black and even members of the Sky Sword didn’t meet him before .  Who exactly is this man? Why is he here to represent the Sky Sword?

Such thoughts flashed in their minds .

Except for Rhode .

He gazed at Anne but no one noticed that he had secretly placed his right hand on his sword hilt . Although Anne wasn’t weak, it was so coincidental that Carody’s battle style was the exact opposite from hers . She was great in frontal combats, but as an assassin, Carody dealt with his enemies from the rear .

Moreover, Carody had a move up his sleeves that Rhode loathed…

Even though Starlight’s victory was crucial, it wasn’t so important that Anne had to be sacrificed . Although Rhode gave her a potion as an insurance, it wasn’t foolproof . If Anne faced any life threatening dangers, he would do whatever he needed to drag her off the arena even if it cost them the competition .

And because of this, Rhode requested for Anne to not leave his sight for up to 15 meters and fight by the edge of the arena . It would be Carody’s problem if he chose not to approach .

Although Anne seemed carefree and nonchalant, she always obeyed his instructions .

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Of course, Rhode didn’t know what was going through her head .

She held her shield and stared at the masked man in the black robe . To Anne, a man who covered from his head to toes wouldn’t be a kind person and since he wasn’t any good samaritan, she would be wary of him . Moreover, she felt the menacing aura exuding from him . She lacked judgment on her opponent’s threat based on their weapons, but Anne was great with her instincts .

Not to mention, Rhode had also warned her .

Anne expanded her shield in the blink of an eye and it became as tall as a human . Then, she carefully took two steps forward behind her shield while staring at her opponent . This was the perfect defense stance of a Shield Warrior . Although it appeared clumsy, it could respond to various attacks in a short period of time .

It could be seen that Anne was dead serious . Although she was carefree, everyone realised that her seriousness wasn’t anywhere worse than Marlene or Lize once she set her mind on the match .

The audience were stunned . Everyone thought that she was a grumpy and fiesty person for her to argue with 100k people continuously . Previously, they had mocked her for being a stubborn country bumpkin chick .

They thought that she would charge up the arena with her shield and chew out her opponent instantly . However, they didn’t expect that this feisty chick to become a steady person with that defensive stance .

“Oh? Looks great . ”

Viktor’s eyes glinted . As a guild leader, he evaluated Anne’s value almost instantly . A Shield Warrior like her carried an important role within a guild and also acted as a crucial defender for the delicate Clerics and Mages . Therefore, they couldn’t lose their heads and rush into battlegrounds like normal warriors . That was why when Viktor noticed Anne quarreling with the audience, he was worried for her match . But, he felt sort of glad after witnessing the change in her attitude . It wasn’t easy searching for a Shield Warrior with such self-control… Who could even exchange arguments with 100k people then become as calm as water in the blink of an eye?

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To Carody, this wasn’t even worth a mention .

So insignificant .

Carody stared at Anne and let out a snort .

As an assassin, there was no need to explain Carody’s strength . As the leader of the Black Blades, his strength had reached the Master Stage, where a presence like Anne was nothing more than a harmless little dog in his eyes .

Carody was actually unhappy because this mission wasn’t under his jurisdiction . In fact, the controversy over the authority of the parliament not only implicated the nearby countries, but also affected the hidden armies . A group of scheming people hoped to include their supporters in the army forces and because of this, the things that Carody had done were made public just for the sake of kicking him out of their camp . Although the other group of people with the parliament president had a headache over this, they decided to allow Carody to temporarily leave this post to carry out this mission for the sake of peace . In the end, Carody received an assassination order before coming to Munn Kingdom .

To Carody, this mission was a total humiliation for an expert assassin like him to arrive at a ghostly place like the Munn Kingdom and assassinate an unknown mercenary group leader . This was totally unreasonable!

With his strength and identity, Carody was angered to be sent on a job that a newbie murderer could accomplish .

Of course, he couldn’t fall out with the Country of Light parliament, which was why he vent all his frustrations on his target: Rhode .

That was what he thought initially . After killing Rhode, he could leave immediately . But now, he didn’t think it this way . He hoped to make Rhode suffer the taste of fear and pain by killing the ones around him then finally killing him . This would be enough for Carody to vent all his rage .

As for Rhode’s strength, Carody didn’t care at all . He had his own intelligence network and naturally knew that this young man wasn’t any weakling . However, there was also a limit to being strong . Rhode as a mouse and Carody as a cat . How easily could the cat kill off the mouse?

Of course, he had to torture Rhode a little first .

After seeing the number of beauties in the mercenary group, Carody felt even more excited because any ordinary man wouldn’t bear to kill women . However, Carody was the opposite . He craved for blood and loved to kill beautiful women . He enjoyed watching their beautiful faces struggle in the face of death, their sweet voices trembled in fear, and their pretty pair of eyes smudged by a layer of darkness as their lives faded away . It couldn’t get anymore exciting!

Carody gripped his dagger . He couldn’t wait to see this voluptuous, beautiful lady twitch and roll in pain and kick both legs hopelessly in the air before death .

That would be beautiful…

Mobis wasn’t aware of Carody’s thoughts . Although Mobis had the most authority in Sky Sword, his guild belonged to the Reformist Party and the Reformist Party was the lackey of the Country of Light . Carody was also from the Country of Light’s parliament . This relationship couldn’t be clearer, which was why Carody suggested to appear in this Midsummer Festival . Mobis could only pinch his nose and agree to his terms because how would he know that Carody’s initial thoughts were to murder someone?

At this moment, Mobis was like Rhode, nervously observing the arena because he was concerned about Carody’s actions . That was why according to Mobis’ plans, if his Sky Sword could achieve three wins in a row, they wouldn’t need to fight the fourth match so Carody wouldn’t have the chance to create any trouble . This was the reason why Mobis placed Carody in the fourth position, but didn’t expect things to take a turn .

At this moment, Carody had become the hero to rescue Sky Sword from their misery!

In an instant, the entire arena fell into silence .

Seconds passed .

Anne didn’t have the intention to move forward as she strictly abided to Rhode’s command to observe her opponent from the edge of the arena . However, it seemed like Carody didn’t have the intentions to make a move too as he stood like a shadow .

Anne sensed that things weren’t that simple . Although Carody was only quietly standing there, she realised that she was having a harder time gathering her focus . From the start, she was still able to lock onto Carody’s position, but she felt that her eyelids were getting heavier . Although that black fellow didn’t move an inch, she felt like she was slowly losing focus on him .

Something’s off .

Anne was no newbie like Randolf . She wouldn’t believe that this feeling was due to her fatigue . Instead, she sensed a threatening aura approaching her .

It’s coming!

Suddenly, Carody disappeared without leaving a trace . Anne adjusted her posture and swung her shield to the right!


A pitch-black dagger emerged and struck her solid shield .

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