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Chapter 308

It wasn’t illogical for the supporters to be worried .

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Because both sides had agreed to a three wins in five matches format and the side that won three matches first would win the event . Of course, they believed in Mobis, but Mobis was placed the last . In other words, if the first four members were unable to defeat the first four members of Starlight, it would serve no purpose even if Mobis could win and Sky Sword would be eliminated .

Those supporters were anxious . The guilds didn’t just represent them, but also the rights and conflict for their regional civilians . In other words, the civilians would be humiliated if they entered other regions .

“Hey, you people from the Southern Port were defeated by a bunch of girls . How can you even compare yourselves to us, men of the North?”

The instant they thought of the possible humiliations, they couldn’t sit still any longer . They stood up, snarled, and urged Sky Sword to buck up and take down the mercenary group . No matter what, they definitely couldn’t lose to those bastards!

“Hey, what do you think, Viktor?”

Barter sat in the private room and observed the young lady who had clinged to Rhode with her wagging tail . However, Rhode got away from her mercilessly . Then, Barter turned to Viktor .

“These guys… seem stronger than we thought . ”

“Did you really think that a mercenary group that shut themselves for training the moment they arrived at Golden City would only be here to be wrecked?” Viktor said . His Cole Falcon’s intel gathering had pretty much answered his doubts about Rhode and his men before the competition . But…

“Who exactly is that young lady? She didn’t look like a Mage . ”

Barter touched his chin and frowned . His expression was way more stern than Viktor’s because the winner of this competition would take on his Purple Lily Guild . Barter thought that the Sky Sword wouldn’t have any problems winning their matches, but now, Starlight, who he had belittled, actually won two matches in a row! Apart from the terrible loss from their first round, the remaining two matches were won effortlessly!

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Such strength… gave Barter a huge headache .

Deep in his heart, he was ecstatic to see the Reformist Party defeated by Starlight because the Sky Sword Guild had always been representing the prosperous class of the South . And to these people, they thought that money would bring them a class higher than the untouchables, coolies from the North, and slaves from the West . In other words, they were only dirty, low-class humans that weren’t as elegant… Now that the Sky Sword was about to lose, the next match was going to be exciting . Barter would definitely use this opportunity to deride this bunch of idiots .

On the other hand, he felt conflicted . After all, Starlight was still a mysterious group and Barter couldn’t think of any strategies to take them on . Unlike Sky Sword, who they had fought for years, Barter didn’t have any experience facing Starlight…

Barter shook his head .

He stared at the arena and pondered .

Rhode didn’t know what Barter was thinking, but he wasn’t relaxed at all .

Because he realised that he made a mistake .

“Anne, be more careful,” Rhode said .

Anne curiously tilted her head as she couldn’t make out what he meant .

“Leader, are you worried about Anne? Is that man over there powerful?”

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Of course he was .

Rhode rolled his eyes . Although he had received a warning from Shawn that the Country of Light’s parliament would be sending the leader of the Black Blades to assassinate him, he didn’t expect the assassin to appear in the arena!

This didn’t match up because the Midsummer Festival strictly forbade murder and violators would be stripped off their rights . So even if Carody managed to assassinate Rhode and prevent the Sky Sword Guild from moving onto the next stage, what was the purpose? Also, Starlight’s opponent was purely decided by balloting and this guy wouldn’t know beforehand .

In the game, Rhode knew Carody well . As a result, it made Rhode rather nervous after witnessing Carody on the arena . This tension was further intensified especially when Carody’s opponent wasn’t himself .

There definitely was a problem!

Rhode wished that Anne could forfeit this match and if possible, he wished to replace her . But it was a pity that rules were rules and violators would be disqualified .  Damn it, how could I forget about this?!

Rhode was hesitant and confused . Anne jumped right into the arena with enthusiasm . Moreover, it was obvious that Anne was angered by the crowd and during the first three matches, she had been exchanging insults with the audience . Although she couldn’t face 100k people at once, she didn’t have the intentions to stop . Although Rhode tried to intervene, her personality was just so direct that she couldn’t tolerate anyone humiliating her friends without apparent reasons . Therefore, even though it was useless, she continued to defend her companions .

Should I make Anne forfeit her match?

Of course, Rhode could do that . Although Anne had a fiery temper, she was always obedient . If he made her forfeit her match, she would eventually agree . All in all, it was Rhode’s miscalculations that had led to this . Although Rhode had heard of Carody from Shawn, he didn’t know which guild would Carody be in . Furthermore, the participating five members were only decided right before the start of the match . It would be too amazing if Rhode could calculate that Carody would follow the Sky Sword and be placed as the fourth member…

But, this matter was started because of him and he didn’t see any reasons for Anne to be the scapegoat . Furthermore, this didn’t serve any purpose at all . Although he wasn’t certain what Carody was plotting, he knew that this man was brutal and wouldn’t care less if the Sky Sword Guild was eliminated from the competition . However, if Anne was hurt and died in the process, it would be a huge loss for him .

“I can tell you that this man is powerful . Much more powerful than you . ”

Rhode decided to spill the beans with her .

“This man isn’t an ordinary human . He is Carody and the leader of the Country of Light parliament’s assassination group . Anne, he is much stronger than you and I confirm that he’s here for me . Anne, this match is dangerous and he will not show any mercy . You may even die . ”

Anne gazed into Rhode’s eyes and said .

“So if Anne dies, will Leader be sad?”

“Of course . ”

Rhode nodded without hesitations .

“Of course I will be sad, Anne . Although I detest that guy, I can’t send you as a scapegoat, after all . So, Anne…”

Anne hurried stepped forward and gave Rhode a tight hug .

“Thanks, Leader . ”

Her cheerful voice rang in his ears .

“Anne has no intentions of dying either, Leader . But Anne wants to try . No matter who he is, Anne won’t admit defeat . Although Anne knows that this is unruly… Leader, can you allow Anne’s request?”

Anne released her arms and stood before him .

Rhode shook his head and sighed before gesturing to Lapis .

“Lapis, pass me that potion . ”

“Ah, yes, Leader . ”

Lapis withdrew a blue bottle of potion from her pouch and passed it to Rhode . The latter handed it over to Anne .

“Finish this, Anne . I give you five minutes . If you don’t step down after five minutes, I will drag you off . Get it?”

“Don’t worry, Leader!”

Anne accepted the potion and clenched her fists .

“Anne will not lose!”

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