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Chapter 303: 303

Ooo… Ooo… Ooo…

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The deep, thunderous bugle horns sounded and cheers resonated in the whole arena . Then, the Sky Sword Guild stepped into the arena .

Just as their name suggested, the Sky Sword Guild consisted of mainly Swordsmen . In the Dragon Soul Continent, Swordsman was an universal job that consisted of the double-handed swordsmen and heavy-swordsmen who focused on offence, and Shield Warriors and Dagger-swordsmen who focused on defence . Rhode’s Spirit Swordsman class could be considered one of the Swordsman . Of course, this was still controversial among the players .

The Sky Sword Guild sent out their first member, who was a double-handed swordsman . He wore a purple cape and stepped onto the arena proudly under the heavy cheers from the crowd . Two swords emanating purple radiance and of different length hung around his waist . It was obvious that this double-handed swordsman was familiar with such occasions . He brought on an appropriate smile and pumped his right fist in the air which pumped the crowd .

“Golan! Golan! Golan!”

It was apparent that no one was worried that he would be defeated . As Joey stepped onto the arena, the cheers stopped and was replaced with a series of laughter .

Compared to the steady and calm Golan, Joey was like a country bumpkin who hadn’t seen the world . He peered left and right and stooped over like a guilty thief . The audience burst into laughter and Golan let out a sneer .

Joey was totally numb as he instinctively followed Rhode’s command and stepped onto the arena . He was even more confused after hearing Rhode’s final instructions to “lose properly” .

What? How do I lose properly? Do I even have a chance to win at all? But, how should I fight?

Joey felt embarrassed . He wished to escape, but Rhode’s ice cold eyes staring at him were like long swords fixating him to the ground .

It seems like I can’t run away .

Joey gritted his teeth, lifted his head, and stared at Golan .  Since I’m going to lose anyway, I’ll let you have a taste of my medicine!

Joey didn’t expect that his solemn expression turned out to be more of a joke to his opponent . Golan let out a sneer even though Mobis had advised him to not belittle the members of this mercenary group . But it seemed that this lad’s behavior was nothing more than a newbie’s .

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Do I even need to be careful of him?

Although Golan ignored his leader, Mobis’, reminder, he had to raise his spirits and bow respectfully . Joey, on the other hand, stared blankly and only until Golan finished his greetings did Joey returned from his daze . He hurriedly extended his hand and replied in an inappropriate manner .


Joey’s ridiculous actions once again triggered a series of laughter in the crowd . Although they thought that Starlight must only be here to go through the motions, it seemed that they were rather interesting . At least they brought them entertainment .

Marlene’s expression turned sour while Lize hopelessly lowered her head . But they couldn’t be blamed, because, after all, Joey’s behavior had indeed thrown the face of the mercenary group . Marlene wished that she could be the one to finish Joey for embarrassing the mercenary group .

Only Rhode remained expressionless with both arms tucked in front of his chest as he stared coldly at every movement in the arena .

At this moment, the judge in charge of this competition and the member of the Mercenary Association had arrived at the arena . They exchanged a few comments regarding the dos and don’ts of the competition and stepped to the side . Then, they raised their right hands and swung down in unison .

The battle began!

“Rest assured, I will defeat you painlessly . ”

Golan revealed a relaxed smile as he dashed forward in a split second . Two shimmering, ice-cold blade lights drew an arc in the air!

Joey stared blankly at the arcs falling from the sky .

Then, at this moment, he instinctively moved .

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Golan opened his eyes wide .

He witnessed the foolish little thief dodging between the gaps and leaping backward in lightning speed . He only felt his vision flash and when he reacted, Joey had shifted to a position that was more than ten meters away .

What’s going on?

Golan was stunned . Although this attack wasn’t his best, no one could escape his high speed and technique . But now… This little Thief actually evaded his attacks?

Joey was surprised by his movements too . At this moment, his face was full of amazement . In fact, he was dumbfounded . He had the urge to close his eyes and be defeated by the opponent, but just as Golan swung his sword, he realised something incredible .

Why is he so slow?

Although Golan didn’t give his all in that attack, his attack speed as a double-handed swordsman shouldn’t be disregarded . The audience saw two afterimages of blade lights, but the two blade lights appeared in slow motion in Joey’s eyes . How could he not evade such a slow attack?

Golan was shocked that this unremarkable-looking thief dodged his attack .

Is this an elite of a guild? They shouldn’t be this weak, right? Joey asked inwardly .


Golan didn’t know how Joey dodged his attack, but this peaked his curiosity . He lifted his head and smiled .  That’s right, he’s a newbie .

Golan had struggled in the mercenary world for years, so he could instantly recognize a newbie . Not only was this kid nervous, but his eyes were also wandering . He didn’t look like someone who would disguise himself, so was that a coincidence?

Golan puckered his brows .  Yes, I must have probably too casually and didn’t put enough pressure on him .  So then, time for me to get serious .

Golan returned to his senses . Then, he dashed forward in a blink of an eye . This time, he had given it his all . He brandished his swords and streaked arcs of blade light in midair once more!

The next scene was an eye opener . Joey desperately dodged left and right while swinging his daggers pathetically . Golan increased his speed and his two blade lights grew ever brighter . The audience yelled out his name in excitement . Golan had this match in the bag and what about that worthless Thief? What else could he do other than dodge?

Golan was slowly becoming flustered . He had used 90% of his strength, but this newbie-like Thief parried them all! He clearly felt that every strike from his sword was blocked or struck away by the newbie’s daggers .

This kid… How is this possible? It might be coincidental once or twice . But… Could this even be considered a coincidence?

Golan’s heart sank .

It was just as Golan had thought .

Although Joey’s movements were indeed at a loss from the start, he quickly realised that the opponent’s attack didn’t seem to be as vicious as he thought . It felt just like a high school student nervously stepping into the examination hall for an important exam . He gritted his teeth and flipped his exam paper around before realizing that it was as easy as primary school mathematics .

What’s going on?

Joey couldn’t figure out the current situation, or perhaps he didn’t notice that he had been through training sessions with the most skillful Thief in this whole continent in the mirage . After experiencing the true rain of blows from the very best, Golan’s attacks were as light as drizzle .

But… Instinct couldn’t win him fights, after all .

As an experienced mercenary, Golan was quick to realise that this newbie was only a newbie .

Even though Joey parried and blocked Golan’s attacks, the latter sensed doubts and hesitations in his eyes . Golan believed that the reason why Joey defended against his attacks was solely based on instinct!

But even so, this was enough to stun Golan because, although his double-handed sword skills hadn’t reach a master’s standard, his standard wasn’t too low too . At this moment, his attacks were easily blocked by this newbie .

This kid… Before he pulls himself together, I have to quickly end this fight!

After making a decision, Golan stopped his attacks abruptly and leaped back to throw a kick .


Joey eventually didn’t react . He subconsciously stopped brandishing his daggers and hesitated for a moment . Since he had blocked the opponent’s attack, should he launch a counterattack or defend?

But wait, Leader wanted me to lose, right?

Before Joey thought of an answer, he saw a fast approaching foot…


Golan’s foot landed heavily on Joey’s stomach and thrusted the latter away . The crowd exploded into ear-deafening cheers . Joey flipped in the air continuously . Then, he balanced himself before landing, but it was too late .

After he landed, the cheers had gotten louder . He lifted his head and realised that he had landed below the arena while Golan looked down at him from above .

Joey had lost .

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