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Chapter 294

Rhode remained calm even though he had mix feelings . Although, in the game, there were several missions when ordinary NPCs would suddenly emerge and confess — “Haha, I’m actually a spy”, “Haha, I’m actually a Demon Lord”, and “Haha, I’m actually…” — those were only plots and players weren’t too into them . At most they only felt like “Damn, this is over exaggerating!”

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However, when you were in the situation yourself and the person was your companion for a long time, even if you were an experienced player who couldn’t get more familiar with game plots, you would still have unexplainable feelings deep inside your heart . In other words, you couldn’t differentiate if it was good or bad . Games were games and players knew that .

This was an indescribable feeling .

Rhode was dubious .

He knew that Lize was a Cleric when he first met her . After he came to this world, he got to experience some things that only mercenary groups in this world would go through . Being a mercenary involved risks, and due to this, even Marlene, who had joined the mercenary group later, was always aloof and drew a clear line between her and the mercenaries . Besides, she didn’t intend to stay for long from the start . This was normal as both parties held different statuses, and while a short period of interaction might be fresh and interesting, things might get more difficult in future .

Nevertheless, because of this, Rhode found it pretty hard to accept that Lize was actually a princess . If Lize truly belonged to the royal family, she wouldn’t be in a mercenary group to begin with . Even Marlene, who had joined the mercenary group temporarily—her identity was still the Senia Family’s heir . For such a person, even if she wished, her family would definitely disapprove of her being a mercenary . A person of her status had wishes that money couldn’t buy, such as beliefs and faiths .

However, Lize had spent so much time in a mercenary group having fun, which was unbelievable because the royal family would definitely disprove of such matters . It would be unbearable for a member of the royal family to become a mercenary .

And what made Rhode most suspicious was that, in the game, he was familiar with Munn Kingdom’s history, but he had never heard of Munn Kingdom having another “Her Highness” . This could explain another matter, which was that her presence wasn’t influential in the game, and no missions were related to her . As a player, Rhode wouldn’t know . Of course, perhaps the endless flow of information in the royal family’s library might contain this information, but to Rhode, there were much more important things to check on than a NPC who had nothing to do with the game or any missions . Even though Rhode was termed the ‘Walking Library’, his knowledge consisted of only the games . He was here for the game, after all, and not to study history .

“I knew you would come, Lize . ”

Rhode poured a cup of tea and placed it before her . The young lady hesitantly lifted the cup and stared into the red liquid with a complicated glint . Lize’s feelings were equally mixed, but unlike Rhode’s, her feelings were not only messy but also fearful .

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That’s right, fearful .

Ever since the first incident on the floating boat, Lize had lost all her companions and at that moment, Rhode had supported her to stand back up on her feet . Afterward, it was also Rhode who assisted her to rebuild the mercenary group and even Lize couldn’t believe everything that happened thereafter . They were a small little mercenary group of Paphield but now, they were representing the Paphield Region and were about to stand in the most sacred arena of all mercenaries — The Midsummer Festival stage .

Lize believed that if her leader was looking over them from heaven, he would be glad to see the mercenary group reaching such a step . Also, she was sure that if Rhode wasn’t here, everything wouldn’t be possible . In fact, deep down in Lize’s heart, she had accepted Rhode’s presence . But, for unknown reasons, she couldn’t bring herself to address Rhode as “Leader” like Anne did… This indeed was an awkward matter which Lize had often heard many people discuss . However, Rhode wasn’t mindful at all, but… what about now? Was she about to confess the secret that she had been keeping in her heart?

The young lady placed the cup on the table .

This is my apology and something that I must do .

“Sorry… Mr . Rhode, I have been keeping my identity a secret all these while . But I don’t mean to lie and in fact… I thought I could give up this identity forever . ”

Lize paused and lifted her head .

“Just as you thought, Her Highness Lydia and I are sisters, but… we have different bloodlines . ”


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Rhode widened his eyes in astonishment . Could it be that Lize was the offspring of a scandal? But wait, Munn Kingdom had always been under the rule of a queen .

Then… What’s this…

Before Rhode reacted, Lize raised a question .

“Mr . Rhode, do you know how to inherit as the Archangel?”

“This… I’m not too sure . ”

Rhode was slightly taken aback . He quickly searched for the information in his head to no avail . He didn’t know information on the reproduction cycle for angels . Lize continued .

“The inheritance of an Archangel . The angel’s spirit resonates with its own bloodline to summon the unawakened spirit . From there, along with the growth in powers of the resonance all the way until maturing stage, the previous Archangel will leave the surface of this world and its powers will blend into the new Archangel’s body due to their bloodline relations . In other words… the Archangel’s heir does not need help from anyone . The heir is a result of powers and spirit, which has nothing to do with reproduction . ”

“There’s still such a thing?”

Rhode was surprised . Even though Lize’s description was less elaborate, he could understand the meaning behind it . In simple terms, an Archangel actually reproduced asexually? What an anecdote…

“Yes, that was how Sister Lydia was born . She inherited the pure and holy spirit from the previous Archangel, and my mother’s bloodline, to become the new Archangel heir . ”

Lize looked down as she spoke .

“But, even though she’s the Archangel, she needs love too . When my mother was ruling, she fell in love with a famous and reputable noble . As a result, they gave birth to me . ”

Lize’s voice shook and was filled with hopelessness .

“However, at that point of time, my presence meant nothing to the royal family because the heir of Munn Kingdom only required an Archangel . With a mix of human and angel bloodline, I didn’t have the ability or rights to take on that position . I was destined to become an ordinary princess, unlike Sister, who held powerful abilities, smart brains, and a bright future . But, this was the start of a tragedy for Sister…”

Rhode gazed at Lize . Then, Lize gave an explanation .

“My mother treated Sister and I with grave differences . Maybe to her, Sister’s birth was just part of her ‘obligation’, whereas I was a result of her love . Needless to say, I, with the bloodline of human and angel wouldn’t be as smart, as powerful, as noticed, nor have as wonderful a future . To my mother, this seemed too sorrowful for me, so ever since I was born, my mother never stopped loving me, and pampering me… She cared so much for me that Sister never felt such love before . ”

Lize revealed a bitter smile .

“For the same thing, my mother would praise me when I did well . Whereas, when Sister did well, she would be treated as expected because, as a heir of the Archangel, such matters shouldn’t be any challenge for her at all . But when I failed, my mother consoled me and never reprimanded me . Whereas when Sister did something wrong, she was harshly punished . But I was clear that Sister always tried tried her best . Even though she was blessed, she also wished for mother’s love and concern, but Mother only gave it to me, as she felt the need to make up to me . As I didn’t have such a bright future like Sister, nor such powerful abilities, she thought I should naturally should receive compensation in these areas . ”

“Sister’s hard work has never been repaid, but she never showed any disappointment . Every break, she would come to my room and listen to stories of mother and I . It was as if she could feel mother’s love this way… Sister was the real angel, but I hope she never hates or reprimands me . That way, I would feel better . However, Sister has never done so, until… until Mother reached the end of her life and disappeared from this world . ”

Lize paused for a moment and bit her lips .

“Mother has always protected me because when she was in love with the noble . There were many objections within the royal family who felt that the respected Archangel shouldn’t mix around with humans, which would bring down her reputation . However, for the sake of love, Mother ignored the objections and got together with the man she loved . But, even so, Mother wasn’t someone who was blinded by love . She knew what it meant to Munn Kingdom, so she always protected me well and not many people were aware of my presence . However, after Mother passed on, my position within the family got awkward . While Sister didn’t comment much, the nobles felt that my presence within the royal family was like a taint, and it was the same for my father . In the end, for the country, he chose to sacrifice my presence but fortunately I was young back then and not many people knew who I was . Therefore, father deported me out of Golden City and I began my life as an ordinary human being . But before I left Golden City, Sister found and told me that if I wished to return to Golden City, she would accept me no matter what . At the same time, she warned me; once I decided to return, it meant that I have accepted my identity . I didn’t quite understood what she meant by those words, but I didn’t think that I would have the chance to return to Golden City again . ”

Lize slowly lifted her head and let out a long sigh .

“Afterward, due to some accidents, I joined my leader’s mercenary group and serviced them with my powers . Just like Marlene, I didn’t intend to stay for long, but after so many incidents, I decided to live on as a mercenary . To me, this signified the abandoning of my identity…”

Lize looked at Rhode with complicated eyes and regrets .

“But, I wasn’t able to abandon this identity, after all… Since I’m still back here . ”

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