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Chapter 293: 293

The burst of laughter came to an end .

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Geer was stunned as he stared at the four half-kneeling Battle Angels . He rubbed his eyes and tried to figure out who the young lady was . She didn’t appear unique from any other women he had seen . She wasn’t dressed grandly and didn’t leave a deep impression . No matter what, she didn’t seem to be from the royal family . However, Geer was clear that these prideful Battle Angels would definitely not kneel down for any commoner . So… there was only one truth .

But… When was there another ruler in the Munn Kingdom? The previous ruler had passed on and with Lydia as the current ruler, there wasn’t any possibility for an offspring since she didn’t give birth . Also, this young lady and Lydia seemed to be the same age, so where did she come from?

Not only were the knights stunned, but even Anne and Christie also looked at Lize in astonishment . A stroke of blush and awkwardness emerged across Lize’s face . Then, she approached the Battle Angels .

“… Did Sister arrange for this?”

“Yes, Your Highness . ”

The Battle Angels stood up and lowered their heads respectfully . The leading Battle Angel said, “This was Her Highness’ arrangement . She informed us that if you decided to return here, it would mean that you accepted your identity… so we don’t need to keep it a secret . ”

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Rhode twitched his brows . He turned to Marlene who was displaying a complicated expression .

Lize nodded and let out a sigh .

“But now, I am a member of the Starlight mercenary group . And this will never change . ”

“I understand . But this is Her Highness’ decision and we are just carrying out her orders . ”

The leading Battle Angel replied and moved to the side . Then, Lize lifted her head and approached Geer, who was looking in astonishment .

“You can apologise now . ”

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What happened next didn’t need any explanation .

Although Geer was still doubtful, he had been put down in his place . After all, with the Battle Angels by the side and even though he wasn’t aware that there was another “Her Highness,” the whole commotion couldn’t be made up . This place was Golden City, after all, and was filled with good guys and scumbags . Maybe there was really someone whom he didn’t know . Although this man always threw his weight about, the reason he was able to survive in Golden City until today was thanks to his ability to adapt to situations . Now that he was aware that Lize’s identity wasn’t that simple, he let off his ego and led his men to apologise to Christie sincerely . Not only that, he also apologized for his rudeness . Although Christie was terrified, she accepted with a nod .

On the contrary, Anne and Gillian were dissatisfied . Anne, as a Shield Warrior, was naturally the archenemy of the knights . On the other hand, Gillian had intended to use this opportunity to mess with them, but the knight didn’t provoke her further so she couldn’t find an excuse to do so . Even when the final inspections were over and everyone boarded the chariots and entered Golden City, Gillian was still grumbling over the matter . According to her, that bunch of brainless knights should have stubbornly insisted on their own attitude to find trouble with them . Then, Rhode could attack and wipe them all out . But who would have thought that they only had a lot of talk and yet no actions…

“So boring . Such people are the most boring bunch . ”

No one responded to Gillian because they were captivated by the picturesque scenery of Golden City .

Just like in the rumors, the entire Golden City was full of tall, exquisite sculptures . Flat, dust-free white jade paved the dazzling path . Casual, relaxed green trees and fresh flowers decorated the place . Crystals shining with magical radiance hovered above the top of the stelae on both sides of the path . The crystals also served as a defense system as it filled every street and public square . In normal days, the exquisite crystals only served as street lamps . However, when there were battles, the crystals would be activated and form an enormous defense barrier that protected the entire Golden City . This defense mechanism came from the first Light Dragon . After many generations of modification, this magical barrier had become one of the continent’s most powerful defense barrier . Rhode had seen with his own eyes how difficult it was to break down, even for the Dark Dragon .

However, this was meaningless . Even though the defenses were indeed strong, Golden City wouldn’t be any different from a lone city once they cut off external ties, and Lydia was clear of this . That was why, in the game, Lydia instantly gave up this city, which she had spent years building, and ordered everyone to evacuate before the Undead Army surrounded them when she discovered that the Dark Dragon had attempted to circumvent Golden City and engage in all out attack . Before she left, she had personally ignited an explosion in Golden City to deliver a huge blow to the Dark Dragon . Such a brutal method managed to buy the Munn Kingdom’s civilians some time . But even so, the wounded Dark Dragon didn’t give up . It continued to attack despite its injuries . In the end, Lydia and the Dark Dragon met each other in the mountainous region . In order to shield her civilians from the attack, Lydia stepped up and resisted the Dark Dragon with her Archangel’s powers .

In the end, under the protection of Lydia, all the civilians safely evacuated into the Unbounded Forest in the Country of Trial while she died due to exhaustion .

Rhode couldn’t help but let out a sigh of sorrow . Initially, many players were devoted to the Munn Kingdom for the sake of this beautiful land . However, they failed . The history of the game wouldn’t change, but what about real life? Would this beautiful city also be destroyed like it was in the game?

While Rhode was rueful, the others were fully submerged in the beautiful, dignified sceneries . Even when they reached their destination, they still hadn’t return to their senses .

As Lydia received the right to host the Midsummer Festival from the Mercenary Association, her style in spending money seemed to be much more extravagant . Normally, the association would be in charge of arranging lodging and food for participants . At the same time, they weren’t concerned with the non-participants as much . On the other hand, Lydia instantly assigned every participating guild relatively huge encampments . The encampments were located in areas near the Sacred Arena, with comfortable and secluded environments . They used to belong to the law and order militaries, but as Golden City transformed, the law and order militaries shifted their encampments and left the areas empty . The encampments were equipped with training grounds and well-trained attendants as though they were a high-class hotel .

Starlight had been assigned to the encampment by the hillside of the Sacred Arena . From this encampment, they could easily view the Sacred Arena located just below them . There were Battle Angels patrolling nearby, so they didn’t need to worry about social order .

Although Lydia adored festivals and crowds, she was indeed meticulous in her care . Even though there was a massive amount of people entering Golden City for this Midsummer Festival, there didn’t seem to be any chaos or disorderly situations . As for Matt, he had separated from everyone and wasn’t able to witness this scene after entering Golden City .

Under the lead of the Battle Angels, everyone arrived at their designated encampment . Out of Rhode’s expectations, Old Walker and his men were already here and according to them, they were brought to this encampment after declaring their identities . It seemed that Lydia was diligent in the arrangements for this Midsummer Festival .

After an exchange of conventional greetings, Rhode arranged for everyone to rest and tidy up their rooms while he chose a room at the end of the hallway . After long days journeying, he felt exhausted . Now that he finally had a chance for a break, he wouldn’t let it slip .

At this moment, someone knocked on his door .

“Come in . ”

Rhode opened his eyes and answered . Lize pushed the door open gently and entered his room . The young lady had a hesitant and uncertain expression, but there was an unprecedented determination in her eyes .

“Mr . Rhode, I think… It’s about time to have a good chat with you . ”

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