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Chapter 285: 285

If this happened in game, Rhode would definitely have summoned Celia and Celestina together to take a picture of them and post it on the forum, or show them off in a walkabout as this would undoubtedly be a slap to the game company . After all, angels, and demons were supposed to be archenemies in the game . One had to fall whenever the two met each other . Otherwise, there wouldn’t be an end to it . Not to mention, both of them were also sisters . If Celestina were a fallen angel, then things would be easier to understand, since fallen angels were angels who had degraded due to some unfathomable causes or conspiracies . But she was a true demon, and a high level one at that . In the demon world, where bloodlines and strength were clearly divided, there was no way that there would be a mixed blood demon . However, it was really strange since Celia also didn’t possess any demonic characteristics . It could be seen that she was a purebred angel while Celestina was a purebred demon… But now, a demon actually called an angel her sister . Rhode believed that this huge news would be enough for players to speculate for months and blame the game company…

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Unfortunately, he could only keep such big news to himself . Not only that, he also had to be careful as to not get discovered . Players had no faith in the game, which was why they gossiped and blamed the game company’s settings . But it was different for the NPCs . For them, faith was something important—not to mention NPCs who lived under the Light Dragon’s protection and in a kingdom governed by an archangel . Rhode was confident that if Celestina’s identity was found out, something bad would happen to him . The worst-case scenario would be that he would be driven to the Country of Darkness . He wasn’t willing to give up everything just for this matter .

Fortunately, Celestina was a high-level demon, so her human form was nearly perfect, unlike low-level demons who would still possess demonic characteristics no matter how hard they tried: scales on their faces, triangular ears, lizard-like tails, bat wings, or sharp horns on their forehead . These features were distinct and couldn’t be removed . The only demons who could transform into an exact human were high-level demons like the Grand Duke, the Marquis of Hell, and the Earl of Hell . The typical human could not deal with the likes of such demons .

In fact, Rhode was also curious about Celestina’s identity . From her appearance, it could be seen that she was a noblewoman, but judging from her strength with a level 10 offense and level 9 defense, her values were slightly higher than Celia’s . Moreover, unlike Gillian, Celestina’s level wasn’t sealed .

At this point, Rhode could only classify her as a ‘potential card’ .

A so-called ‘potential card’ meant that the current card’s strength wasn’t too powerful, but held potential to improve further . For example, an ordinary card could only increase one to two points in offense and defense after leveling up . However, a potential card could increase up to three, four, or even more points . The advantages were obvious .

Putting this into consideration, Rhode had a general understanding of Celestina’s identity . She might have been born a noble, but her bloodline hadn’t been awakened . That was why now she wasn’t that powerful yet . From their previous interactions, Rhode realized that she wasn’t as ruthless as other demons, which proved that she didn’t have much experience in that regard .

If that was so, it would be better for him . A little demon like her was no big threat to him . On the other hand, senior, cunning demons were much more threatening… But in this current situation, Celestina hadn’t yet shown any signs that made him worry .

That was good .

Right now, Rhode had begun to think about how to ‘train’ this proud little demon into an obedient summoned spirit .

After he threw aside this thought, he began to once again look for equipment that was suitable for him .

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However, he didn’t know that at the same time in the Munn Kingdom, another thing was happening .

The white jade floor of the pavilion reflected brilliant light under a warm, magical radiance . It clearly showed the splendor and beauty of the room . Lauren was overwhelmed by the crystal cups that were inlaid with golden borders and the delicious black tea served in it . The fragrance of herbs combined with the unique bitterness of black tea gave off an unusual and refreshing feeling . However, Lauren currently didn’t have the mood to enjoy it, and the reason was very simple .

“I understand your intention, Your Highness . ”

He lowered his head to look at the graceful reflection on the ceiling .

“As the leader of the Munn Kingdom Mercenary Association, I represent the entire Association in apologizing to you due to the continuous incidents that happened recently . I have sent someone to investigate this matter and can guarantee that I will report the most satisfying answer back . ”

“I hope so, Mr . Lauren . ”

Lydia put down the teacup in her hand . At the same time, she stretched out her hand to pick up the cake on the table . On the surface, it seemed like she was just having afternoon tea with a guest, but no one actually enjoyed it .

Even though Lydia wasn’t old and had only been reigning for a few years, she still left a very deep impression on everyone . Even people like Lauren, who had been the Munn Kingdom Mercenary Association’s leader for decades, didn’t dare underestimate her just because she was young . Not to mention that he had also noticed that the incidents happening recently were quite troublesome .

The incidents that happened to the Paphield region could be said to be unprecedented . It had almost destroyed the Mercenary Association’s foundation and also affected other regions . Luckily, the top four guilds suppressed this matter .

However, he also didn’t feel relieved because he knew very well that some things were caused by those top four guilds…

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Of course, the incident itself actually wasn’t too serious . However, after he had gotten the report, he noticed something serious . He could see that some people were trying to use mercenary groups and mercenary guilds to do something; naturally, it was something that the Munn Kingdom didn’t wish to happen .

On many occasions, Lydia was actually a wise ruler . She adopted mostly laissez-faire principles and seldom regulated things that weren’t under her authority . But now, she actually asked about this issue . It showed that the problem had extended to an area under her authority and cause a consequence in her area of jurisdiction .

Thinking of this, Lauren couldn’t help but feel secretly startled . Although the tea in his hands exuded a sweet smell and the cream mousse cake in front of him was appetizing, Lauren feltl a chill down to his spine . He even began to suspect that Her Highness was doubting his poor management and intended to find someone to replace him in the Mercenary Association!

However, Lydia’s attitude still made him feel somewhat relieved . Judging from her appearance, she was about the same age as his granddaughter, but he was unable to even lift his head in the face of this strong ruler .

“Of course I believe in your ability and I look forward to your response . After all, we have both worked together for so many years, and certainly, I don’t wish for this to change…”

Hearing until here, Lauren finally felt relieved . He understood what Her Highness meant and it was already enough for him . However, before he could express his enthusiasm and persistence, Lydia, who was originally lazy half-lying on the red velvet sofa, suddenly chuckled .

“But before that, I wish for you to help me with something, Mr . Lauren . ”

“No matter what it is, as long as it’s within my reach, I’ll definitely help . ”

Hearing until here, Lauren was spirited up and even lifted his head up to look at her respectfully . However, the next thing he heard almost made him lose his composure .

“I hope the Midsummer Festival can be held in the Golden City . What do you think about that?”

“This . . ”

Hearing Lydia’s suggestion, Lauren was a little bit surprised . He took a deep breath .

“Your, Your Highness… This, this is a little bit difficult because previously, the Association decided for it to be held in Clayschild . I have also already published the announcement and prepared for it since long ago…”

“This is not a problem . Of course, I know that you worked very hard for this matter . ”

Lydia laughed and stopped Lauren’s words . From her face, it seemed like she was just an innocent little girl .

“But I think this kind of festival will be more lively if held in Golden City . Don’t you think so too? Please rest assured, Mr . Lauren . I will open the sacred arena as the venue for the Midsummer Festival . Not only that, but I will also prepare everything that is needed for this Midsummer Festival . Of course, we will also make a full compensation for your loss . ”

The way Lydia said it sounded trivial, but she did have the ability to do so . Although she only reigned for the past few years, everyone could see that she had the ability to manage the country . The country’s wealth had been increasing under her reign . Of course, she also had a flaw: not limiting her spending . According to her theory, since she earned the money, it was her choice how to spend it . This was also the reason why many people criticized her because even though the Munn Kingdom’s GDP per capita had multiplied several times under her reign, but as a country’s leader, she shouldn’t use it for her own luxury and should be diligent and economical instead . Since she was an archangel, didn’t she know that ‘greed’ was a sin?

However, she never cared about this!

No matter how people criticized her, she still did things in her own way . The money she spent had never been little, and even some people even found the statistics . Every year, Her Highness would spend at least a million gold coins on her ‘hobby’ . It was easy for her to give off the impression of a lavish ruler .

However, compared to the Munn Kingdom astronomical annual income, that was worth almost nothing . Strictly speaking, her spending was almost the same as those nobles . If she were a little bit more lowkey, no one would have criticized her in this regard . As usual, Lydia’s personality was that she prefered righteousness, so why should she be sneaky like a thief? No wonder a lot of people didn’t like her, since no matter in which era, there were always people who hated the rich . Not to mention that Lydia was the ruler of a kingdom . Her identity was inherently sensitive, and it also caused all kind of rumors about her .

In the game, Lydia’s character was very popular among players . Rather than completing quests from NPCs, players liked to accept them from Lydia better because she gave more generous rewards . If they did well, they would even get extra rewards . This naturally made the players have a very good impression of her . Not to mention that she was also adept at making big appearances, and it satisfied many people’s self-esteem .

Of course, Lauren had no qualification to do so and didn’t even dare to reject her request . He knew that she had another intention in doing so . She would even opened the sacred arena to the public! Holy Spirit, that place was the sacred land of the Munn Kingdom’s knights!

Lauren wasn’t stupid; if he accepted Lydia’s request, then this Midsummer Festival would certainly become the center of attention and would also increase the Mercenary Association’s reputation!


What made Lauren curious was why Her Highness made such a request . Although she enjoyed it and had come to the Midsummer Festival several times, she had never requested to hold it on her own . This time, what was Her Highness planning?

Surely, even though he was curious, but he wasn’t stupid enough to ask about it . He wanted to reject the offer, but he knew that it was a suggestion that he was unable to reject, because it was clearly not a suggestion .

“I understand, Your Highness . I will immediately make preparations . ”

“Very well . ”

After getting Lauren’s agreement, she smiled .

“Then I still have another small request for this Midsummer Festival…”

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