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Chapter 284: 284

After seeing her for the first time, Rhode wasn’t surprised, perplexed, or stunned; instead, he felt a headache .

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With one glance, he could see the wings behind her .

In this world, there was only one race with that type of wings, and that was the demon race .

Right now, Rhode felt that the name ‘Holy Sword Card Deck’ was getting more and more untrustworthy . First an angel, and now a demon? Holy Spirit, who thought up this brilliant idea? Luckily, it was two weapons and not two people, else he was certain that there would be no peace for the rest of his life… The deep hatred and hostility between demons and the angels didn’t even need to be explained . Fortunately, after reading the attributes of this card, Rhode already had been mentally prepared, so he would not feel extremely helpless because of the current situation . At most, he was just a bit of depressed because his bad feelings always came true .

Right now, the purple haze dispersed and her figure could be seen completely . From her appearance, she was not much older than Celia . Her hair was composed of violet curls in two long ponytails . Unlike Celia, this demon maiden didn’t wear armor or robes suitable for combat . Instead, she dressed up like a noble lady, wearing a black velvet gothic skirt with blood red lace lining contrasting with her delicate white skin . It could be seen that her skin was well-maintained .

Under her skirt, black stockings wrapped around her two slender legs, which were clasped in black boots . It made her look even more attractive and charming . Dark red was painted on her eyes, her thick eyelashes were beautifully shaped, and her lips were covered in pink lipstick . She gave off a dangerous charm that made people willing to die just to indulge her body .

If Celia could be said to be holy and beautiful, and Gillian was hot and attractive, then the girl in front of him was a third kind of beauty totally different from them: beautiful darkness . This was something that was could only be possessed by the devil . She was born in darkness, grew up in darkness, and clad in pure darkness, making people unwilling to make eye contact . The pure beauty itself was a dangerous and fatal temptation . Once people sank in it, there would be no return . There was no need for language or gesture; just by being there, it would attract countless people . The same went for the girl in front of him . He could be sure that if she appeared in public and played a little trick, there would be a lot of men bowing at her feet .

Currently, one of her hands was holding onto her skirt, while the other one was placed on her mouth . She looked like a highly educated young lady . Carefully observing her, Rhode noticed that she was wearing the bizarre ring that Rhode had gotten on her index finger . Unlike the elegant and calm Marlene, she showed a different side of a noble lady—softness and petiteness—making men had the desire to protect her . She portrayed a type of character who would be easily caught by a monster in a story .

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“You are the owner of this lady? You look like an interesting gentleman . ”

“Dispel your wings and halo charm . ”

Her voice was soft and sweet, filled with temptation as if she were powerless, lying naked on a bed made of silk and soft velvet, ready to be served . Just hearing her voice was enough to make men lose their senses . However, Rhode was not moved and coldly gave an order . He spent years in Blackrock Depth and accumulated enough experience and knowledge of demons; just by listening to this sentence, Rhode immediately determined that the other party was clearly a high race among demons .

The evidence was that when he heard she speak, there was an illusion that they were mingling with each other, and a sensation of enthusiasm and burning feeling could even be felt . It was only through a sound and not action; even the language could achieve this purpose . It seemed like this summoned spirit was very troublesome .

Although he felt something when he heard her voice, his years of experience with women played a big role in this kind of crucial moment, so he quickly calmed down and coldly issued an order . He knew that although she spoke like that, she wasn’t really trying to seduce him . She just wanted to test him . Demons were also a race that respected orderly manner just like angels . But unlike angels, they wouldn’t follow a person unconditionally just because their status was higher . They would conduct a test to find out whether that person was worthy of them or not . If they passed, then the demon would follow the order unconditionally, but if not… then sorry .

After all, pulling tricks secretly was something they really good at .

Because of this, when Rhode saw her for the first time, he noticed that she had activated the halo charm . Else, there was no way for someone like him, who had seen tons of beautiful girls, to feel like a virgin boy .

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As expected, after hearing Rhode’s words, she slightly smiled . Although there didn’t seem to be any movement, but the wings on her back and the charm that shrouded around her gradually disappeared . Even so, she was still as indifferent as before .

“I didn’t expect my cover to get blown this quickly . It’s really surprising . ”

“It’s not my first time seeing a demon . That trick won’t work on me . ”

Rhode coldly answered as he gazed into her eyes . It was also very important to look directly into her eyes because there were various hidden powers in demon’s eyes . Not looking at other races in the eye might just mean disrespect, but demons thought that people feared them and would easily trample on someone who didn’t dare to look them in the eye .

Although it was said that the summoned spirit should be completely obedient to the summoner, judging from her previous behavior and her race, Rhode decided to be on the safe side and be more careful . Otherwise, in case something really happened, it would be even more troublesome .

But Rhode didn’t expect to see her face actually flush; she slightly bowed to avoid his gaze . What was going on? Seeing this scene, Rhode was baffled, but she did not wait until he understood what happened . She bowed head, gently lifting her skirt while crossing her legs, and paid a perfect courtesy to Rhode .

“Hello, sir, my name is Celestina Andernette . You can call me Celestina, and I hope you won’t forget it . ”

Although Celestina’s tone was very respectful and courteous, no matter how Rhode listened to it, it still sounded a bit arrogant . However, he was not really surprised; given her status and race, it was very normal for her to sound so .

So Rhode didn’t really mind and nodded to express his understanding .

“Okay, I will call you Celestina, but . . I think you also know very well that you are my summoned spirit . ”

Hearing Rhode’s answer, Celestina proudly raised her head and smiled with self-confidence while looking at him . Then she folded her hand elegantly, and said, “Of course, Sir . As a high-level demon, this lady understands her own identity, but also expects you to understand this… I can follow your orders, but…”

“It’s non-negotiable . ”

Rhodes waved his hand and interrupted Celestina’s words . He coldly gazed at her without any trace of concession or weakness .

“You are my subordinate—my summoned spirit—so you must obey my orders . Of course, if you satisfy me, I do not mind giving you a little reward . Do you understand what I mean?”

Hearing this remark, Celestina’s complexion slightly changed, but soon, she returned to normal .

“It seems, Sir, that you really do know how to deal with demons . Then, this lady won’t say much or waste our time . But Sir, I would like to remind you to not to confuse this lady with Cella . Although she’s my little sister, this lady isn’t as naive and stupid as her . The trick you used on her won’t work on me . I hope you understand my point . ”

Speaking until here, Celestina once again lifted her skirt and bowed .

“Well, have a nice evening, Sir . ”

After she finished her sentence, her figure once again was shrouded by purple haze and she soon disappeared again . She transformed into a card and hovered in the air .

But at this moment, Rhode was dumbstruck . He slowly took the card and carefully confirmed it . Then, he shook his head . Celia was Celestina’s younger sister? Holy Spirit, wasn’t this joke a little too much?

For the first time, Rhode felt like his worldview had somehow gotten distorted .

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