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Chapter 277

That mercenary was not the only one who made such a move . Soon, the crowd saw the remaining two mercenaries also run out of the smoke and scrambling to jump out of the ring . They chose to forfeit and surrender . Unlike those who previously chose to surrender because of their incompetence, these mercenaries behaved so positively as if they were going to seize victory . Even more puzzling was that they did not say a word and quickly ran away without a trace . They didn’t even give the others the chance to laugh at them .

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Not only were spectators surprised, but even Rhode was too . He knew that Randolf was going to experiment with his new equipment, but everything escalated so fast that it was beyond his expectations . In fact, Rhode even had some doubts because judging by the faces of those three mercenaries, they were not hurt at all . The equipment that Lapis made was supposed to not have any effect towards one’s mentality, but the three of them actually surrendered so quickly .

With this in mind, Rhode frowned, then he turned around towards Lapis and asked, “Is the thing you made so powerful?”

Upon hearing Rhode’s question, Lapis carefully stood up and stared at the scene in the ring with an uncertain expression . Then, she thought for a moment and shook her head .

“It’s definitely quite powerful… but I limited the danger so it shouldn’t be life-threatening . ”

When Rhode heard the answer, he was even more puzzled . He looked at the smoke and couldn’t figure out what had happened . It was no wonder; although Rhode had transmigrated here for several months, but his perspective was still that of a player’s . It was just like how he didn’t hesitate to stand on the front lines to reduce casualties and give the mercenary group a higher chance of survival . He believed that only he could minimize the danger and this was also why his men respected and loved him . However, unlike from what Rhode had thought, this action not only made his men respect him, but also his courage . Standing on the front lines was nothing for him, but the mercenaries had a lot of things to consider . Death? This problem was not big; there were a lot of mercenaries who died during a mission, but what if they got hurt? Or lost their limbs because of an injury? What would they do after that? These mercenaries relied on their body to earn money; if they died, then so it be . After all, dead people had no need to spend money . But if they were still alive without hands or legs, how would they survive and eat? They had no ability to make money anymore; they could only live like a common homeless person or a starving beggar in the streets and live in poverty . That’s why mercenaries really cherished their body . However, for a player like Rhode, he never really thought about similar problems . Injury, or even losing limbs—these kinds of ‘problems’ had long been abandoned by players after experiencing countless deaths . So, when Rhode stood on the front lines and faced the danger, there was no “What if my limbs were severed? How would I live in the future?”

But for these mercenaries, it was a very common thing . They could accept it if they were injured in a dangerous task, but getting injured in this meaningless warm-up match? Moreover, in this challenge match, if the opponent wasn’t dead, then the other party wouldn’t be responsible for it . That’s why it was impossible to get any compensation; they could only blame their bad luck…

In that case, it would be natural for the three to give up the match . They were the elites of a mercenary group; why would they sacrifice their arms and legs for such a meaningless battle?

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Because of the difference in perspectives between them and Rhode, Rhode was unable to understand the reason they gave up . In his opinion, the challenge match should be dramatic; the opponent should be hit until they were unconscious . And for him, this was a very ‘realistic’ thing to consider .

Indeed, even if a player was beaten to a vegetative state in the ring, he would still turn back into a normal person afterwards . However, he forgot to consider that such a system didn’t exist in reality…

And this match had ended inexplicably . The remaining two mercenaries were distraught by the previous three . They didn’t understand; those three people obviously did not suffer any injuries, but they still chose to give up . Although it was indeed strange, but after seeing the previous battle, they found out that the rest of Starlight was also strong . That’s why they had long lost the idea of fighting back and chose to forfeit .

Therefore, Randolf become the second person who wasn’t able to complete a 1 vs . 5 battle . But Randolf hadn’t even done anything yet .

Rhode was very dissatisfied with such a result . Originally, he thought that the other party would bring out their full power and desperately try to suppress themselves . Under such pressure, naturally, they would be able to expose his subordinates’ problems . But now, it seemed like the other side was not made up of fools . After all, this was not the Midsummer Festival, where they could instantly rise to fame after victory . This battle had no pressure and no benefits; that’s why unless they saw a chance to win, it was better for them to forfeit . That was certainly different from what Rhode had expected . But what could he do? It was not like he could force the other side to fight seriously as if this was a formal battle .

Rhode finally realized that he had been a little thoughtless about this, but he had no way to change the situation . Lapis immediately pulled Randolf in as he came down . She began to question the use of his equipment and no longer said anything to Rhode . Rhode was thinking; since the other party forfeited so adamantly, would there be a need to fight the next battle?

He hadn’t yet thought about the answer when he could already feel a gust of wind blow towards his ear . He subconsciously looked up and found that Anne, who had already been waiting, directly jumped into the ring . She was holding a fine gold shield in one hand, and her other hand was placed on her hips . She looked up aggressively to watch the people in front of her .

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“Boring, boring, boring! Finally, it’s Anne’s turn! What are you guys waiting for? Coming one by one is too troublesome! Come on, attack together! Anne isn’t afraid of you guys!”

It seemed that she had been suppressing herself for a long time . She finished that sentence in one go, then smashed her heavy shield to the ground . Followed by the thumping sound, she tilted her head and looked at her opponents with excitement . Seeing Anne’s attitude, those five elites were a little dissatisfied . The two-handed swordsman frowned and coldly snorted .

“Girl, don’t speak nonsense . You think that just by your ability, you could defeat the five of us?”

“Is that not the case?”

Hearing the two-handed swordsman’s question, Anne didn’t back down . Instead, she carefully observed the five people before her, crossed her hands, and asked . “From what Anne has seen, you guys seem to be weak… Even if you guys attack together, Anne will still be able to handle it . ”

Hearing Anne’s words, the mercenaries’ complexions turned dark .

Such confidence . Did she really think that she could defeat the five of them? Did she think that she was a mage?

“I advise you to be careful when you speak, Miss Anne . ”

The two-handed swordsman’s face was still and serious, but his tone was very cold .

“Giving your opponent respect is very important for mercenaries . Or did the Mark White mercenary group’s former leader forget to teach you that?”

“Of course he taught Anne . ”

Although the two-handed swordsman had said it in a mocking tone, Anne did not seem to be bothered by it . She only nodded, then looked at the five of them with a puzzled expression .

“What Anne should respect is Anne’s opponent, right? But in Anne’s opinion, you guys don’t have the strength to be Annie’s opponent . ”

Hearing this sentence, the two-handed swordsman could no longer contain his anger . And it wasn’t just him; the four behind him were also very angry . If Anne talked with a ridiculing expression, then they would not be so angry because at most they would only think of it as a provocation . However, the way Anne said it didn’t seem as if she was deliberately provoking them . Her expression was unusually serious . It looked like she really did think so . To the five of them, she was completely ridiculing them and didn’t even put them in her eye!!

“Very well . ”

The two-handed swordsman waved his hand and the five of them jumped into the ring .

“Then let’s see if we are qualified to be your opponent!”

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