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Chapter 257

Dazzling blade rays flashed .

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What seemed to be an incredibly normal sword strike forced the knights away, and some of them even took a few steps back from the overwhelming pressure . They were terrified and insecure .

Because they witnessed the long sword that appeared before them .

It was a dazzling sword blade made of crystals that emanated a faint radiance . Cornelians and other precious gems were inlaid on it, along with golden lines and silver threads spread in a spiral . An oddly eye-catching beautiful maiden with her wings wide open was carved on the sword hilt with a holy brilliance . As far as the eye could see, this sword seemed to be a perfect masterpiece made of luxury, grace, beauty, and divinity . Something that shouldn’t exist in this world .

However, the sword wasn’t the reason why the soldiers were stunned . Instead, it was the owner of the sword .

In the whole continent, only one person could treat such a luxurious item as a weapon .

“Bloomed beautiful flowers should be admired and not trampled . They should be loved and not ravaged . Any act of violence to destroy beauty is the biggest sin in this world . ”

A breathtaking beauty gradually emerged in midair . Six pairs of wings of light unfolded behind the maiden’s back, releasing an incomparable, holy radiance . A white, muslin gown drooped nicely in place with her slender, beautiful stature . An armor made of silver pressed up against her skin, releasing radiance as equally glaring as her dewy skin . Even in the dark, wet, and desolated alley, her existence was as bright as the sun .

At this moment, the knights stood in places with ashen complexions . Their weapons had already dropped to the ground . After all, on this continent, and in this country, everyone but a newborn baby knew who this maiden was .

“Destroying beauty is a sin . To tarnish is even more intolerable…”

Dazzling blade rays flashed once again .

No one saw what happened . Not even Anne, Lize, or the knights that were surrounding them . Everyone closed their eyes after the golden ray of brightness flashed . After Anne and Lize opened their eyes, all the soldiers surrounding them were nowhere in sight to their amazement . All that was left on the ground were combustions of golden flames .

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Lydia sheathed her sword as she approached the maidens . At this moment, there were only four of them left . Anne looked at the Archangel who had suddenly emerged before her in bewilderment . However, Lydia wasn’t mindful of her rudeness . Instead, she presented a appeasing smile at Anne . She carefully sized her up and shifted her gaze to Christie, who was laying semi-consciously in Lize’s arms . Lydia was astonished as soon as she saw Christie’s face . Then, she narrowed her eyes pensively and turned to Lize .

Lize couldn’t help but shrink her body and lower her head .

“Sis… Ah, no, Your Highness . ”

“I would prefer you to address me in another way, Lize . ”

Lydia extended her hand to the maiden who lowered her head and lightly fondled Lize’s hair . As she carefully combed the messy hair from the running, Lize remained quiet with her head down . Only until Lydia withdrew her hand did Lize then lift her head .

“Thank you for saving us, Your Highness . ”

“You’re welcome . I was just passing by… and they were my actual targets . ”

Lydia took a glimpse of the surroundings, but there was no one else in this dark alley .

“I knew those Southern rats were plotting something, but to think that they actually did something like this…”

Lydia paused and turned to Lize .

“Lize, do you not intend to return?”

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“Yes, Your Highness . ”

This time, Lize bravely lifted her head and welcomed her gazes . She gently bit her lips .

“I don’t belong to that place . You should be very clear about this, Your Highness . ”

“I understand your thoughts, Lize . But…” Lydia paused and glanced at Anne, who was looking at them at a loss . “… You have to understand that no matter how you avoid or escape, your identity won’t change . And the people around you would be drawn to it as well . Have you prepared yourself for when that happens, Lize?” Lydia let out a sigh . “I can only tell you one thing . These people are from the Bier Family . I think you get what I mean . ”

“Bier Family?”

Lize had a look of disbelief .

“Why were they trying to capture me?”

“You should know the reason why, right?”

This time, Lydia didn’t answer Lize’s doubts . She revealed her elegant, gentle smile and caressed Christie’s tiny face . In an instant, a surge of holy energy swiftly emanated and got rid of the fatigue in the little girl’s body . As soon as Lydia’s finger came into contact with Christie, a beam of purple light flashed, forcing Lydia to twitch her brows and she returned to her usual self almost immediately .

“Although it’s true that the sun rays are dazzling, betraying it will also lead to your fall… Lize . Don’t ever forget that what you bear is not only honor, but also responsibility . ”

Lydia inclined her head toward the side and after giving her advice . “I’ve always trusted you, Lize . So then… Goodbye . I will take care of what’s to come, but only this time . ”

The Archangel extended her hand and gestured . Then, she faded away into thin air and disappeared to nowhere . Specks of warm, holy radiance were all that remained in the air that illuminated this dark alley .

Lize hugged Christie closer while staring in the direction Lydia had disappeared to . She extended her hand and grabbed the light dust floating in the air with a complicated expression . The heartwarming light dust fell to her palm, flickered, and gradually disappeared without a trace .

“And also my… responsibility…?”

The maiden said softly as she clenched her fist . She gritted her teeth .

I will not escape from it, Sister Lydia .

One of these days, I will work hard… but now, now, please allow me to continue keeping this secret…

“Sister Lize?”

The voice dragged Lize back into reality . She lifted her head and saw Anne looking at her with a puzzling expression . “You… what were you and Her Highness Lydia talking about just now? How come Anne can’t understand a single thing?”

“Anne, this… I need your help . ”

Anne blinked her eyes curiously .

“What is it about, Sister Lize? If it’s something that Anne can do, then Anne will try her best to do it . ”

“Today… everything that we’ve gotten into today, I hope you can keep it a secret . Don’t reveal it to anyone, not even Mr . Rhode . Okay? I don’t want to lie to him, I only hope… When there’s an opportune timing, I will tell him myself . ”

“Not even Leader?”

Anne was surprised . She frowned and pondered seriously for a moment . Eventually, she nodded hesitantly . “Alright, Sister Lize . Anyway, Anne doesn’t understand what you two were talking about just now… Even if Leader wants Anne to talk about it, it would be hard to… Since you don’t wish to talk about it, then Anne won’t . ”

“Thank you, Anne . ”

Lize let out a sigh of relief . Then, she lowered her head to see Christie in deep sleep . Lydia’s divine powers had gotten rid of Christie’s pain and fatigue . Her pale and even greenish complexion had turned into a ruddy tone .

“Let’s go, Anne . ”

Lize carried Christie toward the end of the alleyway . At this moment, two figures emerged and approached them . Lize and Anne, who were already feeling relaxed and calmed, tensed up instantly . But, after clearly recognizing their faces, the tension within them immediately turned into astonishment .


“Mr . Rhode?”

Rhode and Gillian walked into the alley . He approached the three young maidens with a serious expression and frowned as he observed the surroundings as though he had discovered something . Then, he turned to Lize and Anne with a puzzled look .

“What exactly happened?”

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