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Chapter 243

Rhode had considered the relationship between the Composition Adornment and the Behermes, especially after Lapis’ abnormal actions . If this place was really the historical remains of the Behermes, then it wasn’t strange that the Ophenians would come and dig for their composition skills . Considering the exquisite alchemy skills of the Behermes Family, this was very normal . However, Rhode couldn’t understand why he hadn’t seen such things in the game at Behermes City and yet, this secret artifact that belonged to the Behermes Family would be created by a group of Ophenians .

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Of course, Lapis wouldn’t know the answer even if he asked . Right now, this maiden was like a librarian that was just got a whole inventory of information from books . She had to first categorise the information into each of their genres before digesting and understanding them . Rhode turned his attention to something more important at this point .

Where in the world is this place?

From the surface, this appeared to be an ordinary underground cave, but Gillian didn’t agree to this saying . She flew to the top, but failed because no matter how she flew, she could only spin in circles . With Gillian’s knowledge, she definitely knew the reason behind this: this place was an enchanted field . It was apparent that the previous battle in the Behermes central control room had activated or discovered this enchanted field, which allowed them to enter . So, in order to leave this place, there was only one way out .

“Find the central point of this enchanted field and either close or destroy it . ” Rhode made a decision instantly . “Let’s go . ”

Since this underground tunnel was part of the enchanted field, then there would definitely be a central point . Rhode had no doubts that as long as they found the central point, they would be able to leave this place . He had to say that he felt an unshaped pressure on himself . In here, Rhode had no way to speak to Gillian and Celia through spirit communications . He tried to summon spirits here and eventually failed . This was a strange and rare situation which alerted Rhode to be on his toes . At this moment, his heart was filled with curiosity and doubts because in the game, it was rare that a Summoned Swordsman would fail to summon any spirits . Even if they were in forbidden jails that Mages created using countless magical seals, Summoned Swordsman weren’t restricted in their summonings . However, it was totally different now, so Rhode had to find and understand how all this came about .

Gillian realised this situation too . Fortunately, as a core card, she was no longer a pure summoned spirit, which was why she wasn’t influenced by the pressure . And she had proven to Rhode that her ability to control her own element was still active in this space .

Although this underground tunnel was filled with twists and turns, Lapis seemed to know where it was heading . The maiden, who always hid behind the last person, finally led everyone for the first time . Based on her knowledge received from the Behermes central control room, Lapis finally understood this place now . This place used to be a forbidden area for the Behermes Family and their original place of existence . Also, deep in Lapis’ heart, there was a soft voice encouraging her to move towards the path .

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But, this time, Lapis didn’t choose to remain silent . She explained her body conditions to Rhode and Gillian, at the same time, apologising for her rude and ignorant behavior from before . After all, no matter what, Lapis’s covering up of the truth had affected Rhode and the mercenary group a lot . However, Rhode wasn’t furious with her over that and that comforted her .

This was the reason why the maiden was able to lead them courageously .

The pitch-black tunnel appeared never ending . If it were in the past, Lapis would have long been apprehensive . But now, she advanced forward with the new information in her head and her thoughts on another matter .


Lapis gently touched her lips . She could feel waves of heat flushing across her face . Oh lord, this was the first time she had encountered something so thrilling . Of course . She was regretful for slapping Rhode . Back then, she was traumatised and could only react instinctively . Actually, she didn’t intend to hit him at all . Although she was indeed stunned by his sudden actions, she unexpectedly realised that she wasn’t feeling angry at all . Instead, every time she recalled that kiss, she would feel her heart beating faster while her cheeks flushed . That soft, overwhelming sensation would once again reappear on her lips…

What am I thinking?

The maiden shook her head hard to erase this filthy thought from her head . However, she realised that this wasn’t easy at all because every time she saw or heard Rhode’s voice, she would instantly recall that incident .

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But… Is that a kiss?

Lapis felt weakened from her head to toes . Back then, her whole soul seemed to have left her body . Her brain was emptied and she didn’t even wish to move . She greedily wished that this comfortable, lovely sensation would stay forever . Not to mention, Rhode had also used such a high level of french kiss on her, which was too much for an innocent and inexperienced maiden like her to handle .

“Master, that was indeed too much . ” Glancing at Lapis’ back view, Gillian grumbled softly in the back . “I can guarantee that Miss Lapis hasn’t returned to her senses even now . After all, you stole her first kiss . ”

“I clearly remember that I already apologised and received a tight slap for it . ” Rhode innocently spread out his hands in response to Gillian’s lecture . “What do you still want me to do, Gillian? Do you expect me to marry her? But, now that you’ve mentioned it, I have yet to settle it with you on how you stole my first kiss . Maybe I should consider prosecuting you and seeking mental compensation?”

“That wasn’t even your first kiss, Master . ” Gillian flung her tail . “Besides, the whole of myself is already yours, so what other compensation do you want from me? This is too much . ”

The fox-eared maiden chuckled while rejoicing in Lapis’ misfortune with a cheeky smile . She turned back and narrowed her eyes at Rhode . “But, Miss Lapis’ reactions were indeed amusing . It seems that she doesn’t hate you . Master, work harder and bring her to bed! Just as the saying goes… Conquer a woman and you can conquer the world . You must assert your manliness so you can succeed in conquering the whole continent!”

“I don’t remember such a saying . ” Rhode twitched his eyebrows, and just as he was about to correct Gillian’s mistake, he quickly gave up .

As for Lapis… Rhode admitted that he didn’t hate her . Although Lapis wasn’t as stunning as Gillian, she had this pure and cute charm of hers, which lured Rhode into kissing her . But it would be another matter to go to bed with her . Although, from the perspective of desire, Rhode had no objections since he had many relationships in the past and had already experienced everything, he would rather save future troubles, just as he did in the incident with Anne previously…

As both of them quietly discussed, Lapis suddenly came to a halt and timidly stared at the tunnel before her . After a few moments of silence, she spoke . “I—I think… it’s in front . ”


Rhode lifted his head and shifted his gaze forward . The chaotic tunnel had reached its end . However, it seemed that there was an accident here, which alerted Rhode of the possible dangers .

A huge metallic door stood silently as though waiting for guests to enter .

“Lapis, stay behind me . ”

Rhode drew his sword . Although the maiden had the Composition Adornment, she had no idea how to utilize it at all . In this strange yet dangerous environment that was prone to ambushes, it was definitely not suitable for her to practice her skills here . That was why Rhode immediately moved her to the back .

Lapis blushed as she extended her hand and tugged onto Rhode’s clothes . The black-haired young man’s skinny and tall stature seemed to bring so much sense of security to her, just like a strong, secure wall .

At the same time, the maiden didn’t notice Gillian’s gaze, which was filled with smiles .

“Be careful and get ready to defend yourselves . ”

Rhode strode forward . He grabbed the metallic door handle and inhaled a deep breath .

Then, he pushed it opened .

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