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Chapter 230

Deep in the forest .

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Several naked people stood on the slippery grassland . The cold rainstorm seemed to have absolutely no effect on these people . They just looked down towards the four dead bodies that were lying on the ground with a pained expression . Rhode didn’t have any respect towards the dead bodies . In the game, he usually left after searching the body for loots and the rest would be taken care of by the system . Ever since he came to this world, he had never changed that habit . He searched inside the bodies, and after making sure that there was nothing he needed, he turned around and left . As for their bodies? Wasn’t leaving them there to feed the wolves the best choice?

The silence lasted for a long time . Finally, a Druid slowly sighed . He lowered his body to close the female Druid’s eyes . He also stroked her hair and straightened her body . The people around him looked at him, and nobody spoke . They knew what that dead woman meant to this man .

So they had nothing to say .

After a long time, someone spoke out . “Don’t be too sad, my friend …”


Hearing these words, the man suddenly stood up and glared at the Druid who spoke and clenched his fist .

“Sad? No! I’m not sad! I’m angry!”

He opened his arms and roared aloud . The birds, who had been quietly resting in the forest, were frightened by the sudden roar and flew away . They were chirping and circling in the sky . This scene made the rest of them felt a little dissatisfied, but looking at the man’s distorted expression, they chose to stay silent and say nothing .

“Whoever did it, I’ll definitely kill them . I swear by my name and soul—I have to kill those *ssholes myself!”

“Calm down, my friend . ”

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And at this time, another Druid spoke . His voice was as low as the billowing thunder in the sky . It echoed through everyone’s chest and could not help but make everyone tremble . The Druid who had gotten angry and emotional was also stunned for a moment . He closed his mouth, but the burning anger in his eyes clearly showed his dissatisfaction .

“Anger is a poison; calm down . Don’t let it affect your emotions . If you cannot see reality clearly, then your oath is no more than a joke . Now you have to calm down, and only after you have can you move on . ”

Hearing these words, the man went silent for a moment . He bowed his head, clenched his fists, and went back to the crowd . Until then, the Druid who had spoken previously walked out towards the four bodies that had been neatly arranged by his twin brother and carefully observed them for a moment . Then, he spoke .

“What do you guys think?”

“The opponent’s speed is very fast . ”

Soon, a Druid answered .

“We have checked the bodies; except for Brown Bear, everyone here was killed through their vital points . There’s no sign of resistance or struggle at all…” Having said that, the Druid paused as if he was worried about someone, but he soon continued . “Even Red Hawk was immediately knocked down by the opponent and killed without any resistance . ”

“It doesn’t seem to be a surprise attack . ” Hearing until here, the Druid that was observing the body shook his head .

“And judging from the wound, they were killed by the same weapon . The one who was attacked first should be Brown Bear, and the three of them were attacked not long after . I found Brown Bear’s wolves dead nearby, so the opponent must have come in contact with Brown Bear first, and Brown Bear used the wolves to block the opponent so he could escape . At this time, the three of them came and were killed…”

Having said that, that Druid stood up and came to the side . He stretched out his hand and soon, the wild grass and vines grew and enveloped the four of them in . After doing that, the man lowered his right hand and continued .

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“The opponent is only one person, but he has the ability to kill three Druids instantly . It’s very rare to see such strong warrior . It seems that our previous judgment is incorrect . Among the Oriole’s protectors, there’s a Master Swordsman . ”

“And the opponent is very cruel and evil,” another Druid said . He looked at the ground . It might have looked just like an ordinary ground, but no one would have thought that four dead bodies were buried underneath . Druids upheld their teachings to not commit suicide, but Brown Bear actually chose suicide . It meant that he would rather violate his own beliefs than get tortured by his opponents . It could be seen just how terrible the situation was .

No one spoke; they just looked at each other . The severity of the matter exceeded their expectations . Originally, the Druids thought capturing the Oriole wouldn’t be a difficult task . But reality didn’t go as they planned . So what should they do? Continue? Or stop here?

In fact, these people were well aware that the threat they encountered might more than just this . They also investigated the terrible fire that occurred in the camps nearby . Seeing it, they couldn’t help but tremble . They couldn’t understand why the fire seemed to have naturally dissipated, which was not normal . Even powerful mages could only release the spell—not control the spell . They could cast a fireball to set fire to the forest, but they wouldn’t be able to take back the fireball they released . Logically, it was absolutely impossible . However, the traces that were left behind told a different story . Judging from the traces of the burning fire, it was huge enoughton burn half of the forest were there no interference from an external force . However, looking around, they couldn’t find any trace of fire or ash .

To these Druids, this situation was extremely weird .

A strong master swordsman and a mysterious mage . This was enough to make the Druids fell cautious .

Because of that, they also felt indecisive . Besides the Druid who was angry because he lost his loved one, no one wished to move forward . Although it was their mission to track down the Oriole, if they couldn’t figure out the situation and rashly moved forward, it might be them who would get buried next .

That possibility also existed, right?

“Egret, bring your clan to continue tracking down the Oriole . From these traces, they must have gone to the Unicorn Peak . I’m afraid they are aiming for the seal below the ruin . I want you immediately bring your people to follow them and prevent them from entering the ruin . However, don’t go head-to-head with them . ”

“Yes, Elder . ”

A Druid replied immediately . Upon hearing his response, the man who was known as the ‘Elder’ nodded with satisfaction . Then, he walked towards the Druid who was shaking in anger while clenching both of his fists . The Elder reached out his hand to pat his shoulder and said in a low tone .

“Calm down, Vulture, my friend . Anger can’t bring her back alive . We also suffer the same loss as you do, just rest assured . We will avenge her . Our companions’ deaths won’t be in vain . Our Storm Clan will surely destroy those who try to destroy us . Regardless of whether it’s the ‘distorted’ or those with an evil mind, everyone will be punished . ”

“I… I understand what you mean, Elder . ”

Hearing the Elder’s words, he lifted up his head . His eyes were filled with anger .

“But, I beg you, please let me join Egret’s team . I want to kill the person who killed my loved one myself . I promise that I won’t disobey your order . I only… I only want to know… who killed my lover!”

Having said that, the man seemed to have gotten more emotional

“Elder, please agree to my request; I promise there won’t be any problem . ”


Hearing the man’s words, the Elder hesitated . After thinking of a while, the Elder shook his head in the end .

“I can’t agree to your request, Vulture . ”


Hearing this sentence, the man stepped forward as if he wanted to say something . But soon, he looked towards the Elder’s hand, which was holding his right shoulder, in surprise .

“I understand your feelings, Vulture . I have always thought of her as my daughter . I know you are angry, but do you think I am not? I swear to the Holy Spirit above: I really want to kill the person who killed her immediately and let him taste my fury! But I can’t do that now . Because I’m afraid; I’m afraid that once I find that person, I won’t be able to contain my anger and end up attacking him . I don’t have this confidence . That’s why the only thing I can do now is to wait for news and hold my anger until the time for revenge comes… Do you understand now?”

“… Yes, Elder . ”

Hearing the Elder words, the man looked bitter and answered .

“I… understand . ”

“Very good . ”

Hearing the man answer, the Elder released the man’s right shoulder . He clenched his fist and lifted it into the air .

“My companions, my friends! No one can ever go back after killing the people of our Storm clan . We will let them die under the Unicorn’s Peak! But we can not forget our mission—we must not let anger cloud our mind . We must catch the Oriole to end the curse of our clan! Now… ”

The Elder waved his right hand .

“Let’s go!”

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