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Chapter 229

In the end, Lapis didn’t make them wait for long . When the sun had risen, she had already woke up; naturally, she didn’t tell Rhode what had happened to her . While explaining the reason she fainted, she looked very panicked . Even she herself was also aware that she was unable to explain it properly, and besides saying sorry, she couldn’t say anymore…

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However, Rhode did not intend to spend much time on such a trivial matter . The most important reason was that they almost reached Unicorn Peak; no matter what kind of secret it was, Rhode was sure that he could find the answer once he arrived there .

The Unicorn Peak was located on the southwestern border of the Paphield Plain . It was a desolate place where wild beasts lived . Certainly, just like others inaccessible places, the Unicorn Peak also hid ancient ruins, which were common throughout the Dragon Soul Continent . Especially in this magical era, cities that were destroyed by magic or because of an explosion would sink into the depths of the earth and someone would dig out the icy stiff dead bodies there to get what they needed .

They were called tomb raiders .

Walking through the bottom of Unicorn Peak, he looked up toward the steep peak and then deep down . It was a sharp, beautiful peak, like a unicorn ready to fly through the sky from afar . That’s why it was called Unicorn Peak . However, to Rhode, it was no different from a coffin . Every time he explored the underground ruins, it would be as if the ruins itself were a decayed corpse and they were gravediggers who opened the coffin to look for buried objects . From this point of view, it could be seen that players were even worse than Ophenians . At least Ophenians would try to protect these ruins, but for players like Rhode, the fantastic frescoes and ancient writings on the pillars of the walls were clearly not worth as much as magical equipment .

“Sir . ”

As Rhode started to doze off, a voice pulled him back to reality . Rhode turned around and looked at the Ophenian elder who was looking at him .

“We have reached the destination, you see…”

“Let’s keep going . ”

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Rhode answered without hesitation . He knew what the elder was worrying about . If they were usual mercenaries, they would have set up a camp in here first to rest and send people to investigate the surroundings . However, Rhode didn’t need to do that . These Ophenians were too eager to get what they want—as was Rhode . It wasn’t like he had never been to Unicorn Peak before; he knew this place like the back of this hand . It was just that he wasn’t too sure if the Composition Adornment had something to do with these ruins, since players wouldn’t waste their time here like an NPC to look at every fresco and the ancient writing in here .

If he came here alone, even if there was information regarding the Composition Adornment here, he still had to consider whether he had time to look for it . Since there were so many free laborers here, he certainly didn’t mind laughing at their hard work . The sooner they found it, the better it would be .

“I will divide my people into two groups . I will lead one of the group to investigate the ruins first since it might be dangerous, and the another group will protect you . You can do whatever you want here, but I will say this in advance: if the situation gets too dangerous, I will definitely retreat . No matter what valuable things you find, it still isn’t more valuable than your life, right?”

“Thank you for your understanding, Mr . Rhode . ”

Rhode’s answer clearly exceeded the old scholars’ expectations . They had brought their student across the continent and met lots of mercenary groups before . However, those mercenaries clearly didn’t realize just how important their job was . Even when exploring the ruins, old scholars needed to work really hard to ensure that their research could proceed smoothly . Those mercenaries didn’t even understand what those ancient languages and frescoes meant . They even looked at them in disdain . Holy Spirit above, just thinking about it made the old scholar felt sad . The history had given them so many treasures, but those mercenaries actually didn’t know how to cherish or respect it .

At first, the elder thought that Rhode would be hard to talk to like those other mercenaries . After all, standing from each other’s point of view, there was nothing wrong with Rhode’s decision . They were risking their lives to complete the mission, but it didn’t mean that they would sacrifice their lives so easily . Facing these unknown ruins, it would be strange for them not to be cautious . However, the elder just didn’t expect that Rhode would actually be so considerate of himself and agreed to their conditions, which made these scholars feel relaxed . It was rumored that Rhode was a noble; at first, he didn’t really believe in it, but seeing it himself now, he agreed . Only those knowledgeable nobles would understand the significance of those frescoes and ancient words, but…

Thinking until here, the old scholar began to feel a little uneasy, but soon he shook his head and threw aside his thoughts .

Their most important priority now was to complete their own duty . He would have time to think about it later .

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After answering the old scholar’s question, Rhode turned around and waved his hand toward his mercenaries . Soon, Shauna and Kavos arrived before him .

“Leader, what can we help you?”

“Let them tidy up . We need to keep going . ”

“Keep going?”

Hearing Rhode’s words, the two of them couldn’t help but feel surprised . They glanced at each other and Shauna decided to spoke first .

“But… Leader, isn’t it too risky? This is the first time we’ve come here, and we still don’t know what’s inside . We should send some people to investigate first and see what happens…”

“That’s fine too, but we’ll waste too much time and I’ve already made my decision . You just have to follow my command . ”

Hearing Rhode’s answer, Shauna and Kavos glanced toward each other once again . If Rhode were talking to other people, this kind of answer would have made them feel extremely dissatisfied . However, judging from their experience in fighting alongside Rhode, they decided to shut their mouth . No matter what, Leader once brought them to Blackrock Depth and killed the Devil; there’s should be no problem here .

Because of that, Shauna and Kavos no longer said anything, even though they felt a little bit uneasy .

“Very well . ”

Seeing that both of them no longer questioned his order, he began to assign their duties .

“Kavos, lead your team together with me . We will investigate the ruins . Don’t worry, I know the Unicorn Peak very well; there is no special or troublesome monster…” Having said that, Rhode paused for a moment, trying to remember the monsters in this ruin . Ah yes, there was no special or bothersome monster . Well, at least for him .

“Shauna . ”

After recalling his thoughts, Rhode quickly turned to the other side .

“You are responsible for leading the rest of the mercenaries and protecting those people . After we finish investigating the ruin, they are allowed to enter it . But you should be careful; don’t let your people touch something that should not be touched . If you have any questions, you may ask Gillian . I will let her go together with you and if she orders anything, just follow her and think of it as my order .

“Yes, Sir . ”

Shauna just simply couldn’t refuse Rhode’s order . She was very clear that Rhode was very familiar with Gillian even though she had just entered the mercenary group . It wasn’t just Marlene—everyone in the mercenary group felt that Rhode was more intimate when he was with her . He would sometimes laugh and joke with her, which something that he had never done with other people besides Christie .

Not only that, Gillian was also extremely strong . Seeing her fight last night was enough to make people respect her . Remembering those burning flames, Shauna couldn’t help but shiver . Holy Spirit above, since she was born, she had never seen such a terrifying sight . The fire broke out and spread to every corner of the camp mercilessly, burning and turning everything into dust . Followed by Gillian’s intensifying movements, the fire that seemed to burn the entire forest suddenly dissipated, as if the flames returned to her body and disappeared completely . Not even the slightest warmth was left; people couldn’t help but to feel a chill down their spines .

Remembering that moment, Shauna couldn’t help but shiver .

“Very well . ”

Rhode didn’t know what they were thinking about . After making sure that there was no problem, he clapped his hands . “Now, let’s get going . ”

In the meantime, he secretly issued an order toward Gillian on his mind .

… Remember, pay attention to those guys and Lapis, report to me immediately if something happened .

Of course, Master . Please rest assured; everything is under my control .

As usual, Gillian’s reply was full of confidence .

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