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Chapter 223

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Lunar year, the 15th of the month of fire moon .

It was the 76th day .

Today, the weather was very gloomy and everyone looked so down . Leader did not force us to continue; instead, he found a place for us to rest . Honestly, I was very nervous because I was afraid that I might arouse leader's suspicion . I really don't know how to explain it to him . That was why every time everyone was resting, I was really afraid that leader would look for me . I know that leader is a very good person in spite of his serious face . But I still didn't tell him the truth because this is our family's curse and I don't want to involve others in, including Brother Randolf . However, I'm a little bit worried about how long can I kept this secret . I'm also really scared of Sister Gillian . Every time she looks at me, I felt as if she can see through me, as if she knows my true identity and my cursed bloodline . I keep telling myself not to have such wishful thinking since many years have passed . No one should remember our existence, except for the hunters that lived in the forest .

I know it's very despicable of me . When I heard that leader was going to the Unicorn Peak, I immediately thought of an idea . I wanted to use his power to complete the thing I should have done . This might be the so-called "taking advantage of someone"; I have also regretted this decision and I feel worried and very uneasy . However, I still have to do it in the end because this was my destiny . I have already decided . When everything ends, I will tell everything to the leader . I hope that he will forgive me… I hope the holy spirit will forgive my egoism .

We have almost arrived at the Unicorn Peak .

I can already vaguely hear that they are calling me from afar, ]waiting for me, waiting for everything to come to an end .

The hunters are also getting closer and closer . I have to do it before they find me… This was Father's last wish and the dream of our entire tribe .


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The cold wind blew through the tent gap . The girl couldn't help but keep trembling . She tightened her cloak and anxiously looked around . The sky was already dark, and it was relatively cold outside—even the bonfire swayed in wind . Occasionally, the sound of insects around the forest could be heard . It was already late, so the Ophenians had returned to their tents, leaving the mercenaries guarding outside . The mountain wasn't safe since it was full of bandits and wild beasts . Although Lapis was also the member of the mercenary group, she didn't have to stay have to be on nightwatch . Even though Lapis wasn't a caster like Lize and Marlene and needed rest, the potions she created, including the low-grade ones, were very useful for the mercenaries . To many of them, it was enough to save their lives whenever they were in danger . Because of this, a lot of mercenaries respected her and didn't say anything even though she wasn't on guard .

Of course, from another point of view, it was not too reassuring to let her stay on guard .

"Ah, Lapis, are you sleeping?"

Suddenly a voice sounded from outside the tent . Lapis couldn't help but be surprised at the sound of this voice . She immediately hid her diary and stood up .

"Sister Gillian?"

"Hihihi, I knew it, you haven't slept . "

After hearing Lapis's reply, Gillian entered the tent . She dressed seductively as usual . It was as if the icy cold weather didn't leave any marks on her white skin . Gillian proudly raised her right hand . She was holding a wine jug and two wooden cups .

"How about it; do you want some? It's really cold here, so be careful not to catch a cold . "

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… What she said didn't really sound too convincing .

Looking at Gillian's shoulder, Lapis opened her mouth, trying to say something . But in the end, she said nothing . She had always been timid and not good at communicating . In the Mark White mercenary group, Lapis had no other friends beside Randolf, Anne, and some others because she had never actually interacted much . Moreover, she wasn't strong, so she had always been a hindrance to her comrades . That's why in the Mark White mercenary group, Lapis didn't have many friends; there's no one who liked her except for Randolf, Anne, and a few others .

She thought that she was going to experience the same thing when she first came to Starlight . Afterward, she found out that she was wrong . Because of Rhode, she didn't have to risk her life fighting every day . She just had to stay in her room and do what she liked . Not only that, the other mercenaries also never laughed at her or scolded her like in her previous mercenary group . To the contrary, they were very nice and showed respect toward her . She was no longer a hindrance here…

Lapis really loved her current life . She felt really reassured in Starlight . Everything there was comfortable . There were people who liked her—even loved her—and she didn't have to go on a dangerous mission to risk her life… If she could, she really hoped to stay forever .

Thinking until here, she dozed off a little . But she quickly recovered and took the wooden cups . Gillian slightly laughed while sitting before her . Then, she placed the jug in her hands on the bonfire . Soon, a fragrant smell spread around and the room was filled with the scent of wine .

"Where is the leader?" Holding a cup in her hand, Lapis curiously asked . She looked at Gillian, feeling a little bit uneasy and puzzled… She seemed to be looking for a topic .

"Master wanted to be alone for a while, so he told me to get out . " Hearing Lapis's question, Gillian's mouth twitched .

"It's the truth; Master is a very ruthless person . Because the weather is very cold, I thought of warming his bed . But he actually rejected me mercilessly, and I'm really hurt by it . A man can just never understand a woman's heart, right, Lapis?"


Hearing Gillian's answer, Lapis was totally speechless . She lightly coughed, awkwardly . She had no clue how to answer Gillian's question . However, it didn't seem like Gillian cared about it either . She just skimmed the subject slightly, then reached out to pick up the jug . Lapis was looking at Gillian as she poured wine into her cup . Seeing the liquid, Lapis hesitated for a moment, then cautiously sipped it .

The hot liquid instantly dispersed the cold air around her body . She closed her eyes comfortably; she could also feel the coldness in her body being expelled . When she put down the wooden cup in her hand, Gillian's beautiful face suddenly appeared before her .

"Ms . Gillian!"

The sudden intimidation made Lapis shrink backward as she distanced herself from Gillian .

However, Gillian didn't stop, still looking at Lapis carefully .

"Well… you're a very cute child . Why do you wrap yourself this tight? Isn't it a waste of beauty? Beauty is a woman's weapon . It's only effective when shown . If you hide it, it will make a lot of people cry . "

"I, I'm not used to being looked at…" Lapis said, subconsciously tightening her cloak again, just like a child rebelling against her parents . "You don't have to worry, Sister Gillian . There's nothing wrong about it . I'm accustomed to such a life . I think I don't need to change anything . "

"What a pity . "

Upon hearing Lapis's reply, Gillian took a step back and drank the wine in her cup in a very elegant pose . Then she turned her head again to look at the girl in front of her .

"It's really a pity; I didn't expect you to lack this much confidence . Really is such a pity; back then your perfect tribe was very proud and confident…"

"Eh?!" When Lapis heard this sentence, her body immediately became stiff .

The heat around her body seemed to have disappeared completely, replaced with extreme coldness, as if she were in an ice cave . Lapis blankly gazed at Gillian and didn't know what to say . After a while, she forced herself to smile a very awkward smile . It was even less natural than a smile carved by a rookie craftsman on a statue .

"I, I do not understand what you mean… Sister Gillian, I'm just an ordinary mercenary . I don't know what you mean by perfect tribe…"

Hearing her answer, Gillian only gazed at her silently . When Lapis became restless because of this, she laughed .

"Actually, I only said it casually . I suddenly remembered that such a legendary tribe once existed . They were very proud and confident . Personally, I think it's a very admirable trait; don't you think so, Ms . Lapis?"

"Is, is that so…"

Seeing Gillian's reaction, Lapis couldn't cope any longer . She replied carefully, not knowing what more to say . Suddenly, a sharp scream broke the silence in the camp .


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