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Chapter 219

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When Rhode touched the bright red card, hot flames surged out like a wave . They spread around the surrounding and quickly engulfed the room . Suddenly, an explosion sounded and the flames broke out from the window . In a few seconds, the entire room had completely changed .

When the flame dispersed, Gillian appeared before Rhode .

"Master, long time no see…!"

The girl waved her hands . At the same time, she was shaking her ears and tail . Her beautiful face revealed a warm smile . Any man who saw her right now would definitely become intoxicated . However, Rhode's face was still expressionless as usual . He only waved his hand to get rid of the smoke in front of him .

Everything went smoothly .

Even if Gillian was an Elemental Lord, she was still a card . According to the rules, there was no level restriction in selecting a designated Core Card, which was why there should be no problem in selecting her . But it did not mean that everything was perfect . There were still some restrictions . Although Gillian had received the Core Card power, her rank would be suppressed to Rhode's level . Gillian could only slowly recover her strength as Rhode leveled up and enhanced his strength . Of course, she could still regain her original strength, but Rhode would need to pay the price, and even then, she could only regain her powers temporarily . Everything was still the same as before . To summon her, Rhode still had to pay a price . Fortunately, the restriction only sealed her power and not her IQ, which was enough for him .


"Gillian . "

"What's the matter? Master?"

"Do you have to create this much ruckus when you show up?"

Rhode looked at the surroundings . Everything in the study room had been blown up by the fire, including the desk and chairs . Only the ashes were left on the floor . When he asked this question, Gillian only shook her ears and innocently smiled .

"This is, of course, Master . As a Fire Elemental Lord, I should start some fireworks to match my identity when I appear, right?"

"… It also means you did it on purpose, right?"

"Of course, Master!"

Facing Rhode's cold question, she proudly replied . Gillian continuously swung her tail back and forth, as if she had accomplished an important mission and very proud of it . Seeing Gillian's reaction, Rhode was speechless . Then, he reached out his hand and pinched her ears .

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"Aw! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…!!"

When Marlene and the others arrived, they only saw Gillian screaming at Rhode, who was mercilessly punishing her .

"Mr . Rho, Rhode?"

Looking at the girl who suddenly appeared in Rhode's room, Marlene and the others felt uneasy . They looked at Gillian but did not know what to say . They were familiar with her since the scene back in the Twilight Forest was very unforgettable . A Level 50 Mage was easily turned into ashes and nothing was left of him . It was the first time the three of them saw what was called absolute power . The mage who almost killed them was easily crushed by this girl as if he was nothing but an insect . From that moment on, Gillian's character as a strong and frightening being was deeply etched into their minds .

However, looking at the scene before them… Gillian was screaming, begging for forgiveness, even almost crying .

"I think you guys still remember her . "

Rhode completely ignored the three people staring at him . He let go of Gillian's ear and started to introduce her to everyone .

"She's Gillian, my subordinate . From today on, she will join our Starlight mercenary group and fight alongside all of you . "


Hearing this, Marlene's body hardened . The only person who clearly understood Gillian's real strength was Marlene . Marlene knew that she was an existence who could even make a Grandmaster Mage tremble . She was at least at the Legendary level . Such a strong person would actually fight alongside them? Was this a total joke?!


Before Marlene could react, Gillian happily jumped toward them and hugged Christie who had appeared and quietly looked at Gillian without anyone realizing .

"Aaa, how soft, how cute . I've always wanted to hug her . She really looks like a doll . I can't hold it anymore… Master, can I have her?"

"Certainly not . "

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Rhode coldly replied and tightly grabbed Gillian's collar, forcefully separated her from Christie, who just stood still because she did not know how to react . When Christie was finally separated from Gillian, she immediately ran toward Lize and hid behind her . She only showed her head while looking at Gillian in fear .

"Ah… so cute, just like a bunny…"

Looking at Christie, Gillian's eyes once again lit up . But, before she made her move, Rhode immediately stopped her from trying to create trauma in Christie's heart again .

"Lize, go and arrange a room for her . "

"Ah, yes, Mr . Rhode . "

When Lize heard her name, she finally nodded as if she had just awoken from a dream . However, hearing Rhode's words, Gillian's mouth in dissatisfaction .

"There's no need for that, I can just sleep together with Master! To tell you the truth, my skill in bed is MAX . Don't you want to try it?"

Hearing Gillian's words, Rhode said nothing and waved his hand . Seeing his gesture, Gillian's joyful expression disappeared, replaced with sadness and uneasiness . She tightly clenched her hands and put it on her chest while looking at Rhode with an uneasy expression .

"Master, you really don't want to? This… I…"

"This is my decision . "

Although her grieved expression was enough to make people feel heartbroken, Rhode did not fall into her trap . No matter how perfect her acting was, Rhode could still see her true intentions by looking at the wagging tail behind her . She was a wild beast, after all .

"Or should I build a kennel for you?"

"There's no need . Although we're relatives, there's still a difference . "

Hearing Rhode's words, the grievance on Gillian's face immediately disappeared and turned into a warm smile . She quickly jumped toward Lize and held her arm intimately .

"Then, let's go, Little Lize . I hope you can be a good housekeeper and provide me with a good room . I don't want a room that is too far from Master's; the third floor is alright . That way, it will be more convenient for me to sneak into Master's room at night . Ah, that's right, it will be better if there's no one living below . I don't want to hear any noise . Bothering people who are sleeping isn't good, isn't it?"

"Ah?? Yes… Please, come with me . "

Lize had never encountered such an unusual person before . Lize was completely ordered around by Gillian, blankly following her and leaving the study . When they left, Rhode helplessly sighed and turned around toward Marlene .

"Marlene, help me look for someone to tidy up this room and rearrange the furniture . "

"Alright, Mr . Rhode . " Hearing Rhode's order, Marlene quickly responded . But soon, she showed a hesitant expression .

"That… that girl she…"


"No, nothing . "

Seeing Rhode's eyes, Marlene hesitated for a while and decided not to ask in the end . From their previous conversations, it could be seen that they were very close and had long gone past the relationship between master and subordinate . In fact, it was also strange that a person of a Legendary level would be Rhode's subordinate . In her opinion, Gillian's identity was not as simple as Rhode's subordinate . She might also be Rhode's lover .

Marlene's guess was not illogical because even though she had followed Rhode for a long time, Rhode had never advanced with any intimate movements to any of them . He had always been polite and maintained a distance with women most of the time . It was really unimaginable seeing Rhode pinch a woman by the ear and even speak mercilessly to her . However, Rhode actually did that .

This situation was not uncommon among the nobles . Many of them worked together in their own interests, arranging marriages between their descendants Although it was very rare to see a person who held such enormous strength like Gillian, it wasn't uncommon . If Rhode's identity was just as Marlene had guessed, then it would not be weird for Rhode to have such a powerful subordinate around him .

But if that were the case, what should she do?

Thinking until here, Marlene was shocked . However, she quickly calmed down and revealed a serious expression .

"If there's nothing else, I will excuse myself then, Mr . Rhode . I need at least two days to fix up this room according to your requests . Meanwhile, I will look for someone to arrange a new room for you . "

Having said that, Marlene bowed and left without hesitation .

What happened?

Seeing Marlene's figure, Rhode was surprised . It was not that he wasn't aware of the change in her mood, but he just did not know the reason why . At first, he still wanted to ask, but he actually didn't even have the chance to because she directly left .


Just when Rhode was feeling puzzled, Anne, who had been silent this entire time, suddenly sound relieved and fell onto the ground . She sneakily turned her head around toward the corridor and patted her chest .

"Huft… Finally, it ended . It really scared Anne . "

"What happened, Anne?"

Until then, Rhode finally realized that Anne was being strange . Gillian's personality was quite similar to Anne's, so he thought that they would get along quite well . However, he did not expect Anne to stay silent and not even dare to breathe around Gillian . Right now, Anne didn't look like she had just seen a comrade, but rather a God of Death instead .

"Anne also did not know what happened . "

Hearing Rhode's question, Anne shook her head and stood up . Her legs were slightly shaking, and she was clearly still frightened .

"When I saw Sister Gillian, it was as if Anne was being glared at by a frightening wild beast and almost eaten . Anne was really afraid and did not even dare to make a sound . It's really weird, Anne also doesn't know what actually happened… Anyway, Anne only felt really scared; it would be better if Anne did not defy Sister Gillian . "


Hearing Anne's answer, Rhode frowned . However, he wasn't surprised since Anne was a half beast, and Gillian was also a beast . Considering that she had a strong aura, she naturally also exerted an absolute pressure to similar races . It was no wonder Anne could sense her strength since she was instinctively sensitive and her race was also similar to Gillian's . It was just a little bit surprising that it would be this obvious .

However, Anne's response was completely different .

"… But… Christie does not seem to be afraid of Sister Gillian…" She raised her hand timidly and said . After pausing for a while, she hesitated for a moment and continued her speech . "… And… I think Sister Gillian is very familiar . I think I have seen her appearance somewhere…"

What's going on?

Hearing until here, Rhode was getting even more confused .

It seemed that Gillian's appearance had brought them a much bigger surprise than he had expected .

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