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Chapter 185

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This time, followed by a deep roar, the ground shook . At the same time, white billows of smoke also emerged from the pipes . For quite awhile, the entire room was filled with smoke and a choking smell . Anne narrowed her eyes . She covered her mouth while fanning away the smoke around her . Rhode also quickly backed down, but as he retreated, he threw the green card in his left hand forward . The Spirit Bird who hadn't shown up for a long time appeared from thin air and soared in the air . It flapped its wings to raise a whirlwind from the ground to clear the smoke .

Shortly after, the smoke dispersed and the ground stopped shaking as the deep roar disappeared . Everything had returned to its peaceful state . However, Rhode didn't think so . He looked at the passageway before him, and shortly after, an image appeared in his mind . It was a white, wide room . In the center, there was a tall, huge golem quietly standing there . Its eyes emanated a faint blue light while electric current constantly flowed throughout its body . The storm was setting and the dangerous aura had gotten thicker .

Rhode shifted his gaze away and pondered for a moment . Then, he shook his head and sat on the ground .

"Let's get some rest, Anne . "

She nodded and sat down . She had began to feel tired after all the battles . It wasn't physical, but rather spiritual . Although Anne was accustomed to concentrating in defense, it was a whole different matter compared to running a marathon . As a veteran who had experienced many adventures, of course, Anne wasn't behave like a nervous rookie due to the sudden changes — Being overly cautious might kill her . If they didn't take a break when they could, they would be too tensed for the upcoming battles and commit mistakes . No one would be able to take care of their corpses if they were dead…

Although this place was apparently strange, there were no dangers ahead . Since that was the case, it was meaningless for them to be overly cautious . Not to mention, Anne also trusted Rhode a lot . Since Rhode was confident that there was no lurking dangers, there were no reasons for her to doubt him .

Rhode drank up and felt his strength restoring . He thought that it was fine to treat this quest like a usual dungeon in the game — Where there would be some pressure on the time limit at most . This was why he only kept killing the monsters along the way and didn't loot their corpses . He could leave the loots to after the battle since the corpses wouldn't disappear . However, he had forgotten to consider that he would also be exerting physical power rather than mere brainpower . But, this was not a problem for him as long as the rhythm in battle was well controlled .

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Rhode stood up to observe his surroundings . Then, he walked toward the pile of broken golems and started searching . His target was very clear: the Gargoyle's Heart . This was the best reward that he could get from this ruin . As a level 10 dungeon, the equipment here was basically useless to him . Even though he could take them back for his mercenary group, it would only be a waste of space to him . However, the mercenaries wouldn't want to waste them at all . On the contrary, these things were meaningless apart from being sold to make some money .

To him, it could still be considered pretty good .

Because Rhode was really careful when attacking the two Guardian Golems, the Gargoyle's Heart was still intact . However, the two Guardian Golem that Anne had destroyed really made him worried . Her brutal fighting style simply couldn't guarantee the intactness of Gargoyle's Heart . After looking for it for a long time, Rhode eventually found three intact Gargoyle's Hearts, as well as one broken piece that turned into a half .

Although it wasn't not fully collected, it was still a very good result for Rhode . The next question he needed to consider was which card should he choose for the three Gargoyle's Hearts . He knew that the next opponent wasn't easy to deal with . Although it was only a level 10 dungeon boss, its characteristics were very troublesome for a Spirit Swordsman .

Core Guardian .

It was created to guard the Sphere of Mystery . Unlike those mass piles of junk, the Core Guardian had very strong defense and offense, meaning that they had a high physical resistance and magic resistance . It flaw was that it only had a single skill attack, which also depended on how it was used it . The siege hammer only sloshed back and forth—no wonder people would look down on it .

One of the most common methods players used to conquer this labyrinth was by using lightning magic attribute . Because it was said that although the core guardian had a high resistance toward fire, water and earth, its resistance towards lightning was only so-so . Although it was not its weakness, it was at least more effective and lethal compared to other magical and physical attacks .

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However, Rhode didn't have a lightning attribute summon spirit . Celia was a light attribute and Nether Tentacles and the Centaur Knight were dark attributes . It was impossible for him to summon Gillian—the Flame Killer also had a fire attribute . The only one that could get close to it was the Spirit Bird, but it only had a wind attribute and wasn't related to lightning attribute at all .

But Rhode's only hope for now was the Spirit Bird . When it leveled up, it might be able to gain the lightning attribute . Then, it would be easier for him to finish off the core guardian . However, it would be too much of a disappointment if nothing happened once it leveled up . Not only did he have to waste a Gargoyle's Heart, he also wouldn't gain anything… This kind of thing often happened to the Spirit Swordsman . Rhode had never used the Spirit Bird card before, so he didn't know what would happen once it leveled up . It's said that even sparrows could turn into phoenixes . But in many Spirit Swordsman cases, such a thing rarely happened . To the contrary, the situation where phoenixes shed off its feather and turned into hens were more often seen…

After thinking for a moment, Rhode made his decision . In any case, the Spirit Bird was also a wind element card; at least it's success rate was a lot higher than the Flame Killer . Although the fire elemental attribute magic also has a chance to gain a lightning attribute, the probability was too small and it would be a gamble . If his memory served him right, there were only five fire spirits that could gain the lightning attribute .

In 7 years, there were only five spirits that were successful among hundreds of thousands of players .

Those successful players really should have tried buying lottery tickets .

Rhode wasn't interested in the lottery, so he quickly made a decision . He put the other two Gargoyle's Hearts into his spatial bag and one remained in his hand . Soon, a system prompt appeared before him .

[The Gargoyle's Heart was detected (Magic Item) . Do you want to use it? ]

Yes .

The dark red gem was broken and disappeared under faint light . Seeing Rhode's action, Anne was suddenly in high spirits . She curiously looked at the card floating in Rhode's hand . It was her first time seeing Rhode do something like that; naturally, she was very curious about it . But judging from Rhode's serious expression, she knew that it was a crucial moment, which was why she didn't ask any questions even though she was curious .

[Target? ]

Spirit Bird .

[Target - Spirit Bird - Forced Evolution]

[Level upgrade completed]


Yes .

Rhode answered . At this moment, the green card that represented the Spirit Bird was floating in his hand . Dark red light circled around it and the card rotated in the air, absorbing the red light . When all the light from the Gargoyle's Heart had been absorbed, it suddenly burst out a dazzling light, then quietly floated back into Rhode's hand .

[Sky Deck Fifth Place: Soaring Spirit Bird . Light & Wind Elemental Attributes . Can be fused — The child of wind who soars in the sky . Level: 15 . Fury spirit of the skies . Ariel Properties .

A spirit fused with the wind .

Messenger of the storm . Lightning Properties]

Nailed it!

After seeing the last sentence, Rhode felt relieved and relaxed a lot . He was even felt happy that he had successfully gone through this . This painful joy could only be tasted by a Spirit Swordsman . As for other jobs, they would never be able to understand why Spirit Swordsmans thought of upgrading spirits as playing Russian roulette… For Spirit Swordsmans, the thrill was everywhere . They didn't only feel the thrill from adventure and killing monsters, they even also felt the thrill when upgrading spirit levels . From this point, it could be seen that the Spirit Swordsman job wasn't as boring as a Knight or Shield Warrior… However, it was another thing to say whether this special feature was welcomed by the people .


Rhode noticed something strange . He scanned the description and puckered his brows .

Light & Wind attribute .

What's going on?

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