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Chapter 184

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The metal claw rushed over, followed by the whistling wind .

Rhode dodged to the side and escaped from the golem's attack . He swung his sword toward the opponent's head . Although chopping off its head wouldn't deal a fatal blow, it was still the golem's control centre . The Gargoyle's Heart provided the energy for driving the gear while the magic runes on its head could be used to adjust this force . If he could attack this part, the golem body would move like sports car with broken brakes; in other words, it would be completely finished .

Rhode's counterattack was fast, but he still didn't succeed .

When Rhode's sword made contact, the golem suddenly shrugged and transformed back into a brass ball . It rolled to the side at the same time and escaped from Rhode's attack . However, Rhode's sword didn't stop there . To the contrary, he took the advantage of the empty space to shift his position, escaping from another golem's attack . At the same time, he lowered his sword and heavily knocked the brass ball's outer shell .


Anne retreated back . Her eyes widened and she looked at the two golems before her in disbelief .

Maybe because the guardian golem's body looked fragile, unlike Rhode, Anne didn't choose to dodge when she was attacked . She thought that the golem wouldn't be too powerful, and as a shield warrior, it was also difficult for her to dodge here and there like a swordsman…

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That was why when she saw the two golems rush toward her, her first reaction was to lift her shield . Anne simply thought that if she could block their attack, it wouldn't be difficult for her to finish them off using the shield .

However, when the two golems heavily collided with the shield, Anne realized that things were completely different from what she had thought .

The Rock Heart on her shield was instantly activated due to the huge force . A layer of stone-like barrier stretched over Anne's body in a blink of an eye, forming a solid shield . Anne could be considered as an experienced warrior . After she noticed these changes, she immediately retreated and escaped from the powerful force . Not only that, Anne bit her lips, trying to supress the numbness from the impact of the shield…

But that was just an accident .

Anne soon made a counterattack .

She shouted, then grabbed the shield with both hands and pushed forward . The reason that Anne retreated before was because she had underestimated the golem's strength so she was unable to push back . If she was serious, even the two golems' combined strength wouldn't be a match for her . They were quickly pushed away, and Anne took advantage of the situation and turned the shield vertically from side to side . With strong surge, it directly hit the opponent .

If they were human, seeing Anne's aggressive attack, they would have long been scared and clueless . Unfortunately, Anne's opponents weren't humans, but two golems .

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Facing Anne's attack, the two golems didn't push their way forward . Instead, they shrugged their body and transformed back into a brass ball, quickly rolling back . Anne didn't expect that they would transform, so her attack direction was a little bit too high . The strong surging power only passed by and didn't hit the golems . But at this moment, the two brass balls that were rolling back suddenly jumped up and bounced back off the corner wall . They passed through the air, rushing toward Anne . Not only that, the two balls were blooming in the air like flowers . They unfolded their hard, metal limbs, and the sharp metal blades in their hands looked extremely menacing .


Seeing this scene, Anne was surprised . She didn't expect that these seemingly weak things were so flexible and so difficult to deal with . Now her center of gravity had completely deviated, and she simply couldn't turn around quickly . Although Anne's strength was very powerful, she still couldn't defy the laws of physics . Fortunately, Anne was currently covered with a thick layer of stone armor . At least it would ensure that she wouldn't be seriously injured .

Anne intended to close her eyes to withstand the attack when suddenly a figure stood before her and blocked the attack . The sword danced around like a whirlwind in the air, rushing toward the guardian golems .

Rhode had been watching Anne for a long time .

As a veteran dungeon clearer, he was clear on how to deal with those two . The best way to deal with such a tricky enemy was to attack their weak points . But they also knew that he knew their weak points . Although they lacked brains, the people who made them were not idiots . It was certainly impossible for them to devote so much effort just for people to easily destroy them . So they also spent a lot of time designing the golems to protect their weaknesses .

The guardian golem has two weaknesses: the head and the artificial soul gem on its chest . Neither of these two were easy to deal with, and the guardian golems weren't humans, so they had no neck—their heads were located in between the shoulders . The heavy metal shoulder armor protected the head very well . Not to mention, the artificial soul gem in the center . Layers of stacked metal armor protected it nicely; under normal circumstances, it would be unlikely for him to have the opportunity to attack the core .

That's why he could only wait until they gave up their defenses and launched a full scale attack . If they did, Rhode was sure that he would be able to seize the opportunity .

Finally, he caught it .

The guardian golem that had completely unfolded its body didn't expect something to happen halfway . It tried to use the heavy metal armor to block Rhode's attack . However, Rhode had finally found such a good opportunity; how could he let it pass?

The red, sharp sword was thrusted into the gap before the guardian golem managed to close the gap . It easily pierced through the guardian golem's head . There was no slight hesitation in Rhode's sword . He moved his right hand, flipped his sword, and strained the gap like a venomous snake . Followed by this movement, the guardian golem's head was lifted high and sent flying in the air . But Rhode's attack didn't stop there . He flipped his hand back down . Red light appeared and created an L-shaped trajectory, shooting toward another guardian golem beside him .

At the same time, the guardian golem had transformed back into a brass ball . It looked flawless without any gaps, except for the long sword piercing it . Unfortunately, it only looked fine .

In the next moment, the golem suddenly collapsed, crashing to the ground and turning into a pile of debris .

Although the whole process seemed long, it only took about 10 seconds . Anne only saw that Rhode suddenly appeared and light flashed by . Afterwards, the golem completely collapsed, and another one had crashed down, turning into a pile of debris . She didn't feel happy about Rhode's performance; suddenly, she could felt a dangerous aura . As a shield warrior, she was sensitive toward this kind of thing . She hurriedly turned around and lifted her shield to block in front of Rhode . At the same time, the guardian golem that was originally entangled with Rhode, but was "abandoned," suddenly rushed toward him .


A huge impact once again came through, but this time Anne had already made preparation in advance, so the attack wasn't effective . To the contrary, she shouted, holding the shield in her hands and forcefully waving it to the left . This was called learning from mistakes . In the previous battle, Anne was unable to do anything, but this time, she wouldn't give them any opportunity . She grabbed the guardian golem that collided with her shield and immediately launched a counterattack at the same time .

Before, I couldn't hit you because you ran fast . Now you come to me, there's no way I can't hit you again .

And the reality was the same as Anne had thought .

The guardian golem was finally unable to escape Anne's attack in a dashing manner like its other two companions . It was sent flying by the shield and not only that, it also hit its other companion behind like a cannonball . The two metal golems heavily hit the wall, turning into a pile of junk .

When Anne was serious, two mere magical creatures wouldn't be a match for her .

Seeing this scene, Rhode was secretly shocked . He knew that Anne was strong, but he didn't think that she could even smash the golem apart just by relying on her strength… Although those golems were old, they were still quite good; it was difficult to injure them using his sword . Unexpectedly, Anne could directly smash it with her shield…

Before Rhode could speak, a low sound once again echoed .

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